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  1. Two coins please. I'll take local delivery of the coins.
  2. I'll take one bronze if there are any left.
  3. stbk

    Wyoming Geocoin

    I'd be interested in one silver.
  4. I'd like two, please. Just email/PM me and tell me what I need to do.
  5. stbk

    Wyoming Geocoin

    I'll take one silver.
  6. 50, please. Email to follow...
  7. Don't you think at least one of the images in the banner should be a lightpost? Thanks for putting the site together, Steve et. al.!
  8. Sorry to keep beating on the horse as it goes through its death throes, but I have to weigh in. I couldn't agree more with what Marky said. I for one enjoy all the micros hidden around here. Some are more interesting than others, some are more challenging than others, and sometimes I encounter one that turns me off a bit. Such is life. I enjoy hikes to more remote caches as well, but for many reasons I'm not able to get out into the hills as much as I'd like. One of the unexpected pleasures of caching my way through the valley this past year has been discovering all sorts of parks and out of the way spots that I never would have known of. I also find that I can navigate with confidence across most of the valley, and that's without the GPSr. The fact that I had to poke under a few picnic tables and light poles certainly doesn't bug me. (FWIW, BB, I really enjoyed the library series, micro or not.) I have encountered caches which I felt no inclination to visit, and my response has always been to quitely ignore them. The new ignore feature certainly makes that easier, and the fact that it's private is perfect. A few posts back, someone mentioned the folks who found 20 and then vanished, and wondered why. I happen to know one such person, and I think the reason that he stopped is that he met some cachers (at an event, I believe) that really turned him off. He can't really articulate what it was, but I think it might best be summed up as folks taking the game (it is a game, folks) far more seriously than he liked. He stopped caching right then and there. Food for thought. Steve
  9. Funny thing about the city holiday today. I was caching around near Camden and 85, and was feeling the effects of a Super Big Gulp that I'd had about 90 minutes before. I pulled into a fine city park and headed for the facilities, and found locked doors and a sign reading "All bathrooms in city parks are closed on 3/31 for the Cesar Chavez holiday." Needless to say, I was unamused. I assume the dozens of moms and kids nearby were unhappy about this as well.
  10. Glancing through the logs at "Day on the Gravel", I noticed that WeBeDnD hit 600 at the same spot. Anyone else nearing 600 should take a long hard look at that cache.
  11. The web seems fast enough on my Treo 650 and I can load any web page including pictures. Actually every Treo has had this capability. I've got a nice little Audiovox SMT5600 SmartPhone. It's no Sidekick, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. It browses the web just fine, including pictures. I still have an old Palm with CacheMate, but if I'm in an area with signal I often just use the phone to look at the cache page.
  12. The Yahoo group? (I suppose I could walk back through the 80 pages of old messages on this thread and find more info, but I'm lazy and I bet others would like to know as well.)
  13. One of them (Not Rainbow Camo) went semi-live (meaning it hit my "new caches" PQ but the cache page said it was unapproved) around 8:30 AM. The other three seem to have gone live around 9:45. Too late for my PQs to hit them, but just fine if you can access the website on the road. If this is part of the reason I got FTFs on two of them, then I'd say you did the request properly. Thanks for the nice new caches, BTW. The three that I found were VERY well done, and the one that I didn't find (City Center) seems to have been quite well hidden.
  14. Did it really go live at 10:19? I'm pretty sure I didn't see it at about 10:40. I was logging another new cache that I'd found, and I used a PQ for new caches to get to the entry for that one. When I checked again (as I do every 15 or 20 minutes when I'm online...sigh) at 10:55, there it was. If you'd made the cache easier to find, the hide-to-find time would have been even more impressive.
  15. I got my 60CS (my first GPSr) a couple of weeks ago, and I've had a great experience so far. I haven't had any lockups, and I'm using MapSource CitySelect v5. We've found several caches with it, and it's been quite accurate for us when we're searching.
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