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  1. Chestwaders are not high enough. I can't believe it's been 6 years since my search for poor Mr.Thomas.
  2. Hi Guys! I've missed you! A broken back, rehab, and working to catch up again has kept me away from Caching for a few years. I happened to lurk the forums last month and read this thread. My work takes me all over the NorthWest and today, as I fed the beast, a faded copy of "Todays Cacher" caught my eye. I found this cache container! Now I'm afraid that I'm just going to have to solve the puzzle and start Caching again. So....see ya around!
  3. Recieved our full oder in today's mail. Yay! Thanks Ross! Chin-up, Shop99er. They're hitting Tacoma! (did you make sure the bridge was clear this morning?)
  4. Didn't Ronnie say it was "his" land? Buck's Crossing is in nearby Pierce county. Is that the kind of story you're after?
  5. When I looked at the old thread (just past the pics of broken postage boxes), they mentioned pewter and bronze coins. I don't recall reading about any nickel or silver versions being sent. I hope that they will be easier to tell apart than the silver and nickel Screw coins were. Anyway, is to too soon to ask for a progress report? Hope that all is well!
  6. You guys are sure alot of help! A quick Google search suggests that these are used to teach kids to swim by tossing them in a pool.
  7. Please put Kfam down for 3 screws please. Thanks!
  8. Plain calf-high rubber boots might be best for this hunt. The walk to the cache goes through more dense brush and thickets than actual swamp wading. I'd be worried about snagging and tearing some expensive neoprene. Have fun!
  9. Some of my favorite caches are just a mile or two South of your repair shop. The nearest cache looks like The Rose Bud, five blocks away. Do a search from there. Have fun!
  10. Kfam

    Wyoming Geocoin

    Please put Kfam down for 5 bronze and 2 silver. Thanks!
  11. What a coincidence. Just yesterday, we found a YJTB tag that appears to have lost it's jeep somewhere in Mexico. Rather than sending you the tag, can we work out something where you send us a jeep?
  12. And then there's the ca-shay people who have a hard time adding "ing" or "er". Where did they come from?
  13. Sorry to be off topic... Sunrise at an Oregon coast Earthcache
  14. This happens all too often to me when the "Lost Satellite Recption" prompt box appears. The box dissapears just as I push the button to clear it and it marks the Cache as found. It really is a nuisance to reset the GPS to navigate to that target again. I've written to Garmin about this and am waiting for a reply.
  15. This looks like a good trip for #700! Still scanning the thread for a main meeting place and time. Has it been posted?
  16. Got just what we ordered in the mail today. Thanks to all involved with getting these great coins out!
  17. Is it too early to start discussion of an '06 coin?
  18. The menu on the left side of nearly all the geocaching webpages has a link to "My Account". This will take you to your "My cache page". On that page, there is a link to " Find Another Player", which will allow you to send an e-mail to another. Hope this helps
  19. If Little Blue makes it on Sunday, You guys can keep the coins. We're just in it for the glory.
  20. Hey! That cache is just a couple blocks away from me. I'll try to get in the drawing tomorrow morning!
  21. We also experienced the lock-up on recalculating during extensive use on a cache machine run today. We also noticed that there was some difficulty getting the display to switch smoothly between day and night mode then back again. All new quirks since last week's upgrade. I'm sure fixes will be in the works soon.
  22. I think that a couple months ago, someone mistakingly thought that they were considering a GPS enabled pair of binoculars. After further review by forum readers, it turned out that they didn't actually have any GPS features. Would be a cool toy though. I'm sure it won't be too long before we all have them.
  23. Not so fast on today's total count yet. I watched Little Blue bag about 80 caches today. Who had April 3rd?
  24. Wow! She's been racking them up. We'll put our marker on April 17th.
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