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Gpsr Nicknames, Does Yours Have One?


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My kids call it 'the pointer'.


It usually goes something like this:


Emily: Dad, can I hold the pointer?

Katie: I want to hold the pointer.

Emily: I asked first.

Katie: You held it last time.

Emily: did not.

Katie: did too.

Emily: did not.

(Katie pinches Emily)

Emily: Dad, Katie pinched me.

Katie: Did not.

Emily: Did too.

(Emily pinches Katie)



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The dingus. But, then, that's what I call everything when I can't immediately remember its name because I'm old and I peaches. It's tuesday, I want my peaches. We always have peaches on tuesday. Zzzzzzzz.

Two little old ladies outside the Home:

"Dear, let's get up and take a little walk down the hall."

"Why, Honey, are you thirsty?"

"Thursday, dear? No, it's Friday."


Nope, none. Just gps, and frankly, I'm a little worried about some of you. :rolleyes:

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my GPSr does not have a name. nor does my car, my guitars, nor any of my bikes. i naturally regard with suspicion any person that names these things, and i am esecially suspicious of people who refer to them by these names conversationally. doubly so if they use terms like "the love of my life" to describe an object.


my only exception to this rule was the one friend whose car ( an ancient gigantic white boat of a car) was named moby.

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my only exception to this rule was the one friend whose car ( an ancient gigantic white boat of a car) was named moby.

I actually haven't named inanimate objects, but when Vermont issued me the license plate 6A666 (totally at random), my Land Rover was dubbed "The Antichrist" by my friends, and has retained that moniker for the last 18 years.

I can't imagine naming my GPSr.

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I almost forgot about that one.

My father dub our Magellan 2000 "Jips" many moons ago.

Over the last year or so we've been calling the GPS, "The Device"

Two weeks ago I went out caching with my niece and she called it the "Jips", we've since re-adopted that term.


BTW, I'm glad to see so many cachers use curse and swear words for their GPS, all along I thought the missus was directing them towards me. :laughing:

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I have thought of calling my GPS the Liahona


In a book somewhere The Liahona was a faith based Ancient GPS Navigation(GOD based), that would orient the people in the right direction for the promised land, and if they lost faith, it would not point in the right direction. In the book, the Liahona was a brass ball with a pointer.


Sometimes I feel that way too, if my GPS is not leading me to the right spot because I have lost faith.

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