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  1. All of Briansnat's! All wonderfully thought out, cleverly hidden (crevice) and they always involve a wonderful hike.
  2. I was hoping to log a Green Jeep last week, but to my shock it wasn't inside when I re-visited High Mountain cache.
  3. Congratulations Brian! I agree wholeheartedly with KBer, we are fortunate to have you in our area. Nicely done!
  4. i've been absent from the forums for some time... i am truly sorry for your loss. i will miss him too. he is the only geocacher i have bumped into more times in the woods than any other. and each time our conversations became more friendlier. i will always remember his memory. he was a good man. Mark aka GeoKender
  5. took you long enough?! eh? best wishes to many more! CONGRATS!
  6. I know they get a lot. A local ranger told me Norvin Green and the Brushwood Pond area of Ringwood State Park are the worst spots for lost hikers. They recently posted signs at all the trail intersections in Norvin Green to help the situation. Perhaps a "YOU ARE HERE." kiosk would be helpful for some.
  7. The husband is the one who notified the authorities. I am glad they came out OK. Thanks to the S&R teams!
  8. I agree. This whole topic is "off-topic".
  9. editted::tyrades what exactly is the point in hunting? meat can be bought in markets and wildlife conservationists can cull the numbers of wildlife populations themselves instead.
  10. Dude! How old ARE you?! Congratulations! I'm confused, should we be passing out cigars or bisquits??
  11. ...a couple of six packs AND beer goggles, she looks sweet!
  12. ...then a red-tail hawk flew in for a 2 fer 1 sit down buffet dinner! Now, that was very interesting! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Congrats! Many doggie bones to you!
  14. ... actually the merry weather people are forcasting this weekend to be brutally hot and humid ...and very close to being the hottest days this summer. (i'm just the messenger.)
  15. Actually, the DEC has removed restrictions on geocaching on their lands and I believe that includes the the forest preserves (Adirondack and Catskills). Brian , Perhaps NFA would have better knowledge of this situation you mentioned. Since it's his neck of the woods.
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