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  1. These malicious personal attacks perfectly illustrate why you were on my ignore list prior to the recent forums upgrade. If you don't like my signature item, just open the container, move the hamster aside, sign the log, replace the log *gently* under the hamster, and move along to the next cache. (But I do recommend wearing gloves.) There is no need to snipe at me. Oh. Gently. Heh. I guess now I know what I was doing wrong, then.
  2. The answer is in the kool-aid. That's funny - the only thing I found in my kool-aid was a note on the bottom of the glass that said, "You have just been poisoned."
  3. Wait a minute - you mean to tell me that this isn't the "I'm indignant because a reviewer denied my vrtual travelling micro that I hid without permission under the front steps of a police station in a national park that's less than 50 feet away from an active railroad track" thread? Oops.
  4. After reading your post I did a search and only came up with two sites of such. Actually only one was a site the other was just registered to a fictious email address. [Links removed by moderator.] The second is just regiseted but the first is a site. Not much info on it. Looks like it is new. I do think there can be a good use for this by the way. It doesn't have to be porn related. How about a mini liquor bottle from an international flight? I'd be more likely to leave something like an old coin to an adult in hopes that it would travel more. Not that I am against ressurecting old threads when appropriate, but why are you folks even bothering to respond to this obvious attempt by a sock puppet troll to inject life into a 4 year old thread that is and was long dead? Because it was too hot and humid and my sinuses were giving me grief so I didn't want to go outside and play. And it's more fun than cleaning my apartment. we're just having a little, "AMOK TIME".
  5. Hrm. What's this switch do? Oh, yeah.
  6. Sleeping on the couch can be a good thing, too. I mean, you've got the TV right there, it's usually a shorter walk to the kitchen, and if it was chili night for dinner, you'll probably hear less complaining. Okay, sure there's a whole lot less of...well....that...when you're sleeping on the couch, but think of it sort of like camping. It's a little camping trip right there, with all the conveniences of home.
  7. I'm confused - I mean, I know that it says it right there in the thread title that you're NOT TAKING REQUESTS, but........ Are you taking requests for these coins yet?
  8. Nope - looks like someone already has that one registered. So sorry.
  9. Tellyawhat, mdccxxvii: If it's too much of a "tremendous effort" for you to set up a new account and re-log your five finds, I'll do it for you. Just this one time. Not once a year, once a month, once a week, or once every third leap year when the sum of the dates that fall on Tuesdays add up to a prime number. Let me know the username that you'd like to use, and if it's available, I'll open up a whole new account for you, log finds for the caches you already have on your existing account, and send you the password for it. Then you won't have to worry about not being able to change your username, or going through an extrordinary effort to establish a new account, and you won't have to worry about posting here any more. Deal?
  10. They took the forums! They took the whole freaking FORUMS!!!
  11. Still down here, too, so it apparently isn't just you. Moi aussi You're Australian?
  12. Still down here, too, so it apparently isn't just you.
  13. I noticed that, too. I seem to be able to hit other forums, but not OT. Also encountered an error in trying to send a PM to someone about it
  14. Thank you, thank you, a million thank yous!
  15. Add another vote against the auto-append function. If you're reading a thread, and wish to respond to more than one post, your replies to any number of posts get glued together into one huge block, unless someone else interrupts your responses. Is there ANY way to defeat/disable this feature, other than waiting "x" amount of time between postings? What is "x" time, anyway? Can it be adjusted and/or removed? If there's a way to make it a voluntary thing, I can see how it could be a useful feature for occasional use, but to be forced to append your own post, rather than being able to separate your own responses into individual messages is irritating at best, with a great deal of potential for confusion. I've already had several instances where I simply wasn't able to reply to a post because I had no way of doing it without having my response appended to the end of a previous posting, where it neither belonged, nor would it have made any sense. I see this "feature" as fundamentally changing the way that posting/replying is done in the forums, not necessarily in a good way.
  16. Themes are good. So are series. One thing I've learned: People will not read instructions, even if clearly printed on the tag. Making instructions more complex only increases the chances that they will not be followed. Even so, if you have any special requests for your T-Bug, print and laminate a tag with them clearly printed on it, and affix it to your bug. People will NOT visit the tracking page to find out that you want your bug to stay in Arizona before they fly home to Wisconsin with it in their carry-on. Give your bugs a basic goal, and enjoy watching them move around. If they stray from their goal (ie: a bug that wants to see New England ends up in Idaho ), just watch them and see how they get back on track. Don't worry too much about them - it only makes it harder to sleep at night. They'll surprise you, too. A bug that's trying to go from Maryland to California may get there in just a few weeks if someone grabs it on their vacation to DC and takes it home to LA with them. Other times, a bug that's trying to visit new states may end up snowbound for months in a cache placed a few feet from the boundary of a new state. Remember that there's nothing magical about the little bit of aluminum with the number imprinted on it. When you buy a T-Bug, you buy the rights to that tracking number - the tag is just a nice way of displaying that number and letting people know it's a traveller. If the original goes missing, gets stolen, or is washed away in a hurricane , you can either use the copy tag to re-launch the bug, or (my preference) make a new laminated or shrinky-dink tag with the T-Bug logo and tracking number prominently displayed on it. The number is still active, even if the original aluminum tag is never to be seen again. If you're going to have a lot of bugs, I suggest keeping the copy tag around (a spare bit of wire, cord, or ball chain works well), with the name of the traveller written on it for a quick reference to the tracking number. Have fun, and let the tides of Geocaching help (or hinder) them as they may. Travel Bugs are fun.
  17. I thought it was my turn to be Spartacus. Who did the schedules this week?!
  18. This is a test this is another test
  19. I can't even picture this one...can you post a pic of this? In my mind, "Chainmail" and "stress ball" just don't go together. Squeezable chainmail? These are Fergus' sig item, and they're quite popular - we've had people following us around from cache to cache trying to assemble a complete set of juggling balls. They're kinda squooshy because it's just some fabric stuffed inside the chainmail link exterior. er... Yeah. Jeremy types faster than I do.
  20. Mainly because it's been a while...
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