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  1. thanks for the response - hmm... now you got me thinking. GSAK "appeared" to upload them to the gps see more later in my older 60cs I had a pine tree icon for my own caches. so what do I do? 1 - delete all caches in gps 2 - set the display in GSAK to show only my own caches (double click green button) 3 - in the 60csx press find button then Geocache button. 4 - go to menu select not found - verify empty 5 - go to menu select found - verify empty 6 - in gsak send list of placed caches to gps 7 - in gps got to find GC - menu to alphabet 8 - shows empty - no one home - nada --- to verify for myself, I set gsak for mine and not-found - total shows 697 when sending to gps, the 'dos box' shows the count going to 697 goto find alpha and none of my own caches show. the menu has only 3 choices - 1 - name 2 - nearest 3 - found or not found as a toggle nothing for placed caches you said > my owned caches to my 60CSx with GSAK and from the GC.com website. I can get them from gc but they get loaded as unfound which isn't much help gsak is set for the park/tree icon for placed icons - there seem to only be a few icons in the gps but the tree is one now having gone through all this, it is really frustrating me because I am a computer professional and I think i should know what the heck I'm doing.
  2. sorry but you lost me - what plug in? have not heard of a plug in - can you offer some details? thanks added - I got a plug in from Garmin for their own program but that was for their own software added ok - got the plug in - that works but they are not listed as my placed caches - only unfound
  3. ya, I download my PQ's into GSAK - been using GSAK for years - just keeps getting better. I sent ONLY my placed caches - using GSAK - shows it going out - it seems the 60csx just won't display them and that sucks. I'll try from my cache page and see what happens. I'm trying to see if there is a way to mark them as found but haven't found a way yet I saw it earlier on something, but there is no send to gps link/button on my own caches page I figure I am missing something, but I just can't find it
  4. have Garmin 60csx - and using GSAK I lost my old cs and bought the csx recently the old cs used to show me my own caches so I could find them the new csx does not show me the placed caches - only options are found and not found and by name - by name does not include placed GSAK shows loading combination of both placed and not found how do I get my placed caches to show in the csx??
  5. Nice job, but I noticed that all the pics aren't there. Whould we email you the pics that you don't have? Hey Rex and others - the above link no longer works - try this one - there are several pages now - see link on bottom of each page - http://jdavis955.home.comcast.net/CoolCach...tainersPG1.html
  6. now that's neat idea! I have been using clear caulking compound and real pine needles, oak leaves, and what have you. Have not had a chance to use rocks yet but I'm looking for the right place. It seems to be holding up fairly well. I bought some cheap 'potpourri' at the dollar store - that looked pretty good. Also phony moss (model railroad) worked well. Most of mine are like these above - http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=2423002 cc\
  7. well nice to know it's not just me - cc\
  8. I use that $1.00 a tube caulking and a rubber glove and put all manner of forest floor detritus on it. There should be a couple photos back above a ways. The cover depends on where you want to put it. I once use an old flat metal can that I got the ubiquitous CD web offer in and covered it with pine needles - you don't think I put that under an oak tree do ya? worked great! cc\
  9. Go to your local dollar store and buy some stuff that both kids and adults would appreciate. Just use the golden rule; put in a cache what you would like to find in a cache. One of the best soruces for swag and cache making supplies too. cc\
  10. used to be I could drag the icons for the separate forums to another web window - now the icons don't work - have to drag the link itself. tnx - cc\
  11. while this does not help much with your question, I wonder if their support is "off shore", out-sourced. I work in tech support and I'm an electronics 'geek' so I end up calling support lines often. It is my experience that the support described by your excellent description comes from organizations with this out-sourced support. And just try to get it escalated or talk to a supervisor. As a holder of a degree in electronics, that is, someone who only calls support when I have to (and guess what I do read that free manual (RTFM) - when I have to <grin>, I resent being asked to 'reboot my computer and other useless make work exercises. Spend way to long on hold only to be given the run-around and not get the questions asked. Sure glad I have not had to call Garmin's support line. cc\
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    Ahhhh.... Back to normal (whatever that is <grin>. Thanks Jeremy! cc\
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    ya I know but that makes ALL the text big on the page - let's hope it is just a bug - interesting - I tried that on this forum page it id did not work. changed the page like hitting back and forward buttons - cc\
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    I have been away for a couple weeks due to weather and work. What is happening to our cache pages? Why is the text so small you need a magnifying glass to read it? I didn't set my cache pages up that way. Looking around and I see others are like that too so I assume they all are. Even the lead in page to the forums is in dinky text. I can read the logs but there is no chance I can read the cache pages now? Can't see how that would save memory so what's the problem here? Count my negative vote on this one. And ya I made this the smallest just to see how it comes out. Oh ya! same no-read-um text. do I have to go back to all my cache pages and put in some kind of html to make them readable or what? The cache pages are not even consistent - of of your stuff is readable - you just made our stuff small. Like I said - wassup with that?
  15. Nice Job Sputnik - I would also like to point him to a couple of my old posts - I have had good luck with both USB and serial ports on 3 different gps units - current is the 60cs. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...ndpost&p=974744 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...dpost&p=1423844 cc\
  16. the trouble with a simple check sum is that it does not correct for a simple transposition error. ...123 adds the same as 132 and that puts you quite a ways off. I will always answer anyone who writes to confirm coordinates. I also did some web searching on how to do a more accurate check sum - used that on one of my caches after a fellow local cacher suggested it. The distance idea is not a bad idea either. It depends on typing in the coordinates correctly and you need two sets. It too does not allow for some errors (on the same radius - different angle with the same distance) but these might be hard to make. cc\
  17. CrazyL200, is it possible when you inserted your converter in the back you stuck it in the UBS slot just above or just below the one you normally use (many times there are 2 side-by-side). Also, if you have a USB hub plugged in (likely since you have a port numbered 19) the numbers get moved around. Here is how to find the correct number in Windows XP: Click on Control Panel, System, select the "Hardware" tab and click on the "Device Manager" button. Click on the little + in front of "Ports (COM & LPT)" and you should see your device in the list with the port number identified. Hynr is correct. I have 4 USB ports - 2 front and 2 rear. I now have two USB>serial units and found some interesting things. I did a little experiment following a weird ocasion: I had unknowing plugged the USB connector in to the one on the left front. It would not work because I had GSAK set for COM5. Turns out that I have COM5,6,7,8 depending on which port I use. Then oddly when I insert the other converter recently given to me, in the COM5 port (front right) it comes in as COM6. It all has to do with the drivers and when you insert it in a different port you have to reload the drivers. So it is important to know which USB port you are using because it determines which COM port it is. Now, as to the COM19 that is just weird to me. I have never seen anything like that before. Even on special systems with 8 added COM ports. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers? cc\
  18. check out this one from Harbor freight - same features - uses C cells http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Disp...temnumber=93112 I have 2 they are great -
  19. check out this one - only $12 - I have two - two levels of LED + the Xenon bulb. great light output - 3 C cells last forever - http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Disp...temnumber=93112 cc\
  20. Ya - this is the bane of cache hiders. I too have a log where the person said he put it in a place easier to find. Talk about hutzpa! [n] hutzpa - aggressive boldness or unmitigated effrontery There ain't much we can do about it. Most of my caches have instructions about closing and replacing the cache properly. good luck - cc\
  21. check out this site and these combos - http://www.batteryspace.com/index.asp?Page...TS&Category=200 I've purchased many batteries, charger, and other goodies from them. The chatger at the bottom is very good. cc\
  22. It's kind of a moot point now. how's that? it's still on my cache - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...af-9bd82fe56c12 cc\ I checked it this morning and I'm not seeing him on that page. gone now thanks - cc\
  23. I know it doesn't seem to look right but as this field is actually a string (as per the Groundspeak name space), that is the correct sorting sequence. If it were strictly numeric then it would be in the numerical sequence you would expect, but I don't want to change that column to be strictly numeric. As GSAK allows for other GPX files to be loaded (not just from Groundspeak), some may contain Id's that are not numeric. this is because, as Clyde said - it is an alpha sort (not numeric) you can make it come out "right" be editing and adding leading zeros so all entries are the same length. not likely, but that's the drill - been there done that - cc\
  24. It's kind of a moot point now. how's that? it's still on my cache - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...af-9bd82fe56c12 cc\
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