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  1. We had bumble buttons made for our event. Yes . . . geolove IS possible . . . it happens all the time. I LOVE my MOPAR!
  2. Note to Aunti Weasel - keep your rodent claws off my sweet Mopar! Now . . . onto the topic at hand . . . who would I MOST want to cache with?? Why! My sweet Mopar, OF COURSE!! Sheesh However, if, and thats a big IF, I can't have my sweet Mopar for some inconceivable reason I will take this guy (yes I DO have thing for a man in a kilt ) ROWR!!! Is he HOT HOT HOT or what?? AND . . . The kilt IS a requirement!! Hubba hubba!! For thos of you who don't know who that is, his name is Gerard Butler and he played the Phantom in the movie version of the Phantom of the Opera. Sidebar - I admit to a recent and insatiable obsession with Phantom of the Opera and it is making my sweet Mopar NUTSO (moreseo than usual) . . . I cannot get enuff of it . . . I walk around singing the songs. Mopar, much to his great chagrin and frustration, has been caught whistling the songs himself! HA!! I WIN!!!!
  3. If it wasn't for Geocaching, I wouldn't have met my sweet Mopar. We enjoy so much more than just geocaching, though! We both enjoy shooting and hiking and camping and canoeing and kayaking and bicycling and our stupid computers and just lazing around. He doesn't like sushi . . . tho . . . perhaps I should rethink this Anyhoo . . . we have more in common than we don't . . . nevertheless Geocaching does work as a dating service! Good Luck . . . I hope you find someone as wonderful as my Mopar . . . then you can do lotsa stuff together! Happy caching and stuff!
  4. "Sweet Mopar" ... aah, thats so cute. And all along I thought he smelled like motor oil and gun powder solvent. He DOES!!! Rowr!
  5. I carry a firearm 95% of the time . . . anywhere and everywhere that it is legal. It is really comforting to know you can defend yourself if the need arises. That being said . . . I found almost 200 caches alone (and armed). Before finding my caching partner (now hubby) I preferred to cache alone. Now I wouldn't cache without him . . . not because he can protect me but because he's so much freaking fun to be with (and cute, too). So, now I cache with my sweet Mopar . . . armed (no one else is going to protect my hunny!) Seriously . . . the key is to be aware of your surroundings at all times and be prepared to protect yourself. Get a gun or get a dog or one of each . . . whatever works for you. Happy (and safe) caching & stuff!
  6. This is going to have to be the final update to the saga of GeoHo and Mopar using Geocaching.com as a dating service. . . Today is the two year anniversary of the day we met and I am as happy in my relationship now as when we first met! But better news than that . . . we got married on this past Saturday (9/24/05) in the place where we met in the way that we met . . . A geocaching event (see GCM0H0) It was a wonderful day . . . truly amazing . . . the weather was spectacular and the ceremony was incredible . . . a very very special day to be sure . . . though the Cybret (the minister) made me promise to maintain my cache and I am already paying for it! Anyhoo . . . I think Mopar and I qualify as a Geocaching Dating Success Story . . . I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!! Happy caching and stuff! Mrs. Mopar
  7. It finally happened . . . Mopar popped the question at this event.. I know, I know . . . the wedding is planned and only a few short months away but there was never a formal proposal. It was sweet and romantic . . . just like my Mopar! He Proposed!! She Accepted!! (of course ) The Ring (this picture does NOT do it justice) Happy caching and stuff!
  8. They need stuff in South Carolina? How sad is that! Happy caching and stuff!
  9. Holy Smokes! Awesome! Happy caching and stuff!
  10. Congratulations! Love is in the air . . . How cool is this? How sweet it is to have the bestest caching partner ever and have him become my life partner and stuff. I am THE happiest girl in the world! I hope to make him as happy as he has made me!! Happy caching and stuff!
  11. I try to be honest without being rude . . . but sometimes I just can't help it. Sometimes the truth hurts . . . but I'd rather know the truth about my caches than be blissfully ignorant. I would like to think that others feel the same way. That and . . . Happy caching and stuff!
  12. I would love to have posted in the SoCal forums except that I seem to be unwanted there! What's up with that?? If you don't want us to come to SoCal . . . you could at least say so to our faces! Sheesh! Happy caching and stuff?? PS: Don't be mad at US . . . WE didn't bring on the deluge!! It wasn't us, I swear!!
  13. We're actually staying at a hotel near LAX. I'm working in El Segundo . . . everything else is up for grabs. We have no caching plans yet. The last time we were there we did a bunch of caches along Mulholland Drive and had a blast . . . though the June Gloom left something to be desired . . . Suggestions are welcome. . . Happy caching and stuff!
  14. I will be heading to LA for work and I am bringing my favorite caching partner with me to keep me company. Well, Mopar's really along to drive the car . . . but don't tell him that. Anyhoo . . . we'll be in town the 20th through the 23rd. We are free in the evenings and all day on Saturday. We would love to get together with the locals for caching and stuff! Well, I'll leave the stuff to Mopar . . . how about some caching and brews instead?? Until then . . . happy caching and stuff!!
  15. Thank you for remembering! How sweet! Since you brought it up . . . the thread, that is. Here's a recent photo of us at Ebey Bluffs. Happy caching and stuff!
  16. I'm not sure how to feel about that statement. Should I be insulted?? Hmm . . . Happy caching and Christmas and stuff!!
  17. What a great story! Congratulations. Better lovin' thru Geocaching! Happy caching and stuff!
  18. All my finds and pics are posted from the trip! (I'm not behind . . . Mopar is!) Ebey Bluffs was the perfect milestone cache! Happy caching and stuff!
  19. I had an excellent time. I saw some amazing stuff and met some excellent folks! The caching was fun and diverse. Thanks to everyone for taking the time and effort to plan such a great time. Caching, beer, caching and more. Thanks especially to Team Misguided and Hydee & Rostafari for putting us up and putting up with us. We had a BLAST! As a side note . . . with the help and planning of Team Misguided . . . I hit my 600th cache milestone at Ebey Bluffs . . . a perfect place. Thanks again! I hope to make it back again. Happy caching and stuff!
  20. Looking forward to the hike. But . . . PLEASE DON'T HURT ME After all . . . I'm just a girl. Happy caching and stuff!
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