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  1. Richard, that is in fact my daughter. The year is most likely 2004 or 5. My family and I moved to Maryland in 2007.
  2. 4leafclover


    I remember this sentiment well, sir.. and I am sure that those who knew Brian feel the same as we all did when Eric passed. I, too, only knew Brian from the forums, but I knew from those who knew him personally what an amazing man he was...
  3. Wow. We moved her north of Baltimore nearly 2 years ago. I have seen and heard of Druid Hill Park, but never really looked very closely at it, either for caching or from the historical perspective. From what little I know of the area, I do suspect that the safety of the area may well be the reason why the lack of caches exists. However, I have to thank the OP for bringing this cache, and it's page to my attention. I think I just found my "current fascination".
  4. Good lord, people will find ANYthing to gripe about.
  5. under "cache maintenance" here: http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx
  6. at least MY thread had the cute little heart icon in front of it.
  7. I know people get smilies to show up in their sig... I can't figure it out.
  8. is there a way to get an image to show in your sig?
  9. *sniff* I miss you guys.....
  10. Elaur, PLEASE be sure to check into NEOGEO, and their forums at www.geochums.com . It will be invaluable to you. Good luck!
  11. She DID, Jim! Hopefully she'll give you mine back. Now...who am I gonna give all this spongebob stuff too????
  12. I just happened to catch this. Now I'm going to have to travel a lot further for your 2k event. Seriously though, it sounds like this is going to be a great new start for ya, and congrats on the new job...I know that's been a long time coming. Thanks, Marc. I'm just sorry I won't get to say goodbye to the lot of you....
  13. man...I killed the Midwest forums for an entire day....
  14. I heard that, but thought it was just an ugly rumor. Someone make you an offer you can't refuse? Now where am I gonna get four-leaf clover bubles? Wish you the best out of your move. Hey, does this mean you have a whole new set of caches to go after? Yeah...not a rumour. I was just not sayin' much so I didn't "jinx" it. But, it is confirmed that I will be starting the 29th of this month, so I plan to drive down on the 27th. I have a whole mess of stuff that I had been collecting for GeoBash, but I won't be able to make it this year. That is an expensive way to add another state, isn't it? FyrMdc Actually, I added it to my map when they flew me in to interview. But there are a couple other states in close proximity.
  15. I am too. For the last year, I have been in a Northern KY suburb of Cincinnati. At the end of this month, tho...I move to Maryland.
  16. Bjorn74 and Mr. 0 occasionally poke their heads in.
  17. This is a great picture and gets my vote. I also place a vote for nolefan9399 .
  18. Looks like the Owings Mills area will be getting a new cacher in the next month or so. French! I got a verbal offer yesterday.
  19. I happily refer you to this post , made by yours truly. ~curtsies~
  20. If the state is so big it requires more than one volunteer, then I agree with Doug that the additonal volunteer should be a Hoosier...not somebody 23,764 miles to the east of us. are those miles calculated using DST?
  21. In my opinion, you each log it as a find. Different people have different opinions. You do what YOU feel comfortable doing, basically.
  22. I happily refer you to this post , made by yours truly. ~curtsies~
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