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Gpsr Nicknames, Does Yours Have One?


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I don't have a name for it, but I do call it insane when it is fooling around with me! The other day, I was walking toward the cache, and the compass arrow was pointing behind me, away from the direction that the cache was, even though the distance was decreasing. I ended up walking past the cache, because it lost the signal.

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The Team calls ours "the machine."


I don't usually name things, but I used to have a 21 year old Chevy truck (old but in great shape). It was stolen. When I told my friends about it they all said something like "Old blue was stolen." One of them had named my truck "old blue," and everyone knew the name except me... The nerve of some people, naming another person's things....

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Interesting, this is an older thread that I thought I had responded to. Perhaps I'm thinking of a different one that I did post to.


Our PDA is named "Nestor" which is a reference to the Butler in Tintin. We tried to keep to the theme of Butler or Secretary and named our GPS "Moneypenny". She has a woman's voice, and is always telling us where to go and what to do. :(

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