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  1. If you lay down under a bison and look UP...... (just sayin')
  2. This lady, who is searching for "stuff" finds a geocache along the Thames. (at about 13 minutes).
  3. Take your niece, nephew, neighbor's kid (with permission), and teach them something. You might even develop a nice little group for the activity.
  4. Why does man always go to extremes??? Uncontrolled human nature. At least you aren't trying to control a country.
  5. Do they have a WalMart?
  6. Perhaps my most fond remembrance was the day that I tried for an ftf, and the cache didn't exist... or did it? Further review of maps led me to believe that one number was off, and the cache was straight north a few miles.... in a State Nature Preserve where it was illegal. I believe I was the only one ever to get credit for finding it, and I contacted my reviewer who archived it. I drove close to 100 miles, but all "in my area." I felt like a genius.
  7. Yep, it was that moisture in the air that would turn to snow as soon as the sun set. Every morning there'd be another inch or so on the ground. We'd get up in the morning an do P.T. outside. Afterwards, I'd be in the barracks getting changed for work and Willard Scott would be doing the weather. "Coldest spot in the lower 48 right now - Watertown, New York". Still beautiful country up there though. Watertown was -24 last night, mentioned as the coldest spot in NY on the morning news. By the way, did you know all but about 10 of the old WWII barracks are gone? And those are just used for offices and stuff, not barracks. I was up there last Labor Day weekend. I know, beat me with the off topic stick. and have you seen the 2016 Indian Dark Horse?
  8. The local news said you guys are 50+" over normal. Wow! What a difference a day makes. Posted a few hours ago (that lucky Ambrosia), after salting the drive. The Sun melted that 24" or so earlier into 16", that I could fill the bird feeders without breaking through. Sure ticks were out today. Did want to tie up a buncha stonefies for early season trout... and squirrels must be saving a lot of effort to reach up.
  9. They should award a special prize to the first cacher to dig out a cache in Boston. Can't be an inside-the-Mall cache. Must be under at least 20" of snow.
  10. You probably have a Maggie. They never award Maggies.
  11. I'm just wondering why a bike this special is not in a museum.
  12. thank you. If I can't find the original cable for the Vista?
  13. I haven't loaded any coordinates into my Vista in years, by cable. Now my son tells me that I need usb, and my old cable won't and the port on the Vista is too dated... Is this true??? What do I do? I've seldom used it in 3 years, and only loaded by hand. I also have a nice old Magellan. same problem?
  14. I had one nice cache which I eventually gave up on because the squirrel had more time than I.
  15. Oh, my goodness. Where were you 30 years ago??
  16. Quick. I've been out of touch since the surgery.... who is our current Approver in Ohio???
  17. Back when I cached frequently there was one that I never found.... nor did anyone else. I guess I should have left a film canister. Problem solved. BTW, after a couple of years, it was found. But not by me.
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