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  1. that is why i made some of mine premium years ago. i still have tiny camo micro that i replace a few times a year. it must cost me 50 cents to replace but i am not far from it,
  2. I half health issues that make me high risk. there are thousands of caches within 50 miles of me. Not risking my self for a geocacher to make a find.
  3. I have a few people contact me re cache maintenance. People need to understand some cachers are mush older and in the at risk category for going into public. One person sent to messages. Some people just don't get it.
  4. I have been a premium member in the past, I am not now because now it requires auto renew on a yearly basis. To me that is a rip off.
  5. Tried that. The only yearly option is auto renew
  6. I just tried to renew my premium member ship I appears there is not longer an option for a non auto renewable yearly membership. As I never ever sign up for auto renew on anything (it is a scam) is there an option to not auto renew on a one year membership
  7. In Folsom California they just got them in stock. They have several pallets of them. I have not check the other costcos in the Sacramento region. We have several Costco here.
  8. Costco now has two pack of ammo boxes 1 50 cal and 1 30 cal $19.99
  9. This is why I never use paypal the few times I have used I had all kinds of problems that took months to fix. Pay Pal is not to me trusted
  10. Yep and there is not phone number to call. I cannot do any caching because I have no way to filter out found caches without GSAK and with a PQ to use that option is useless. I do not own a smart phone or tablet so I do not have the option to use any kind of an app for such items. I am starting to think about some other hobby and just giving up on geocaching.
  11. So I have been trying to renew my premium membership for a few weeks now but the process keeps freezing up and the payment does not go through. Anyone else having this problem. I have contact Groundspeak support a few times but this has not helped.
  12. Modeling clay. Do you mean the stuff that they sell in craft stores? I have tried using in the past. I never found any glue the worked on that stuff. If the base is flat you might try a very thin piece of wood from a hobby shop the is screwed to the base. Then glue the wool to the lid. Your might also have to change the container.
  13. I was trying to renew my premium membership today but the site kept freezing up. Anyone else having this problem?
  14. I carry one of two Nikons, A D800 or a D750, my first lens of choice is a Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 and I might even carry my smaller flash a Nikon SM400. At events I carry both camera bodies and I also add my Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 lens. Plus extra batteries. This is a fair amount of weight but a lot less than when I was in Italy with a 35 pound camera bag on my back.
  15. I have not been able to download any PQs into my computer with my Win 8.1 machine for over a month. I saw this info re PQs "If you don't need the files for your GPS or smartphone, you can also run your Pocket Queries on the search page. This is also a great way to ensure that your Pocket Queries are returning the results you want." Now I do not own a smart never and never will. In the past I have used GSAK to edit then load PQ results onto my GPS. I do not want to log directly onto my GPS. Does any know what is meant by "you can also run your Pocket Queries on the search page"
  16. The log was very quickly deleted and a nasty email was sent to me about me being petty, disagreeable, off my meds, and that he doesn't appreciate my "crazy idiotic log" along with some other choice words and names. After a lot of threats and name calling on his part he archived the cache with this message Anyone else have encounters with crazy CO's? I posted a DNF on a cache that was in a very bad area, next to a dumpster of all things, that may have been in some bushes the were filled with used syringes and live shotgun shells and pistol ammunition. Not only did I let the cache owner know in my post I also called the local police re. the live ammo. I think the owner archived it.
  17. web cache? I did create a new account that I was sent to by the GC web site that is something I have never seen before for PQs. But I also installed google chrome this week. As I recall a few years ago I had problems with the GC web site and google chrome on my old computer.
  18. I have done any caching for a while but I am starting up again. For some reasons I can not download my PQs. I keep getting kicked back to the geocaching web site to sign in when I am already signed in, anyone else have this problem. I am using Yahoo for my mail and windows 8.1, both of which have worked in the past.
  19. I already tred the GSAK forums. When I load PQs into gsak all the found caches are listed as not found, by anyone. ANyone else having this problem. I have been away from caching for several months so maybe something has changed.
  20. I do, I recently set up a series of cache called photo ops There are 6 in the series. I use a Nikon D800 with a 24-70 f2.8 lens as my primary set up
  21. Yeah, a friend of mine got back into the game after a brief hiatus and is in the process of getting his caches back in shape. One of his complaints was that all of his ammo cans had been stolen, even the ones that had concrete poured into them or had things welded to them or had something else done to them to make them less useful for non-geocaching purposes. I won an ammo can at an event recently, and I'm really not sure what to do with it. A regular-size Lock N Lock container would be cheaper to replace, and less likely to be stolen in the first place. I have had ammo boxes stolen that I had chained and locked to trees. So now I no longer hide ammo cans. Even if the ammo can does not get stolen all the contents get taken by cachers that do not replace things that they take.
  22. that depends on the frequency. You can not interfere with a broadcast station (there are low powered FM stations but they are licensed by the FCC) and you can not use the public service portion of the radio spectrum or the business portion. I have heard of cachers that have used and FRS radio but I am not sure how they set this up. FRS radio are cheap. The oter option is to use a Ham radio beacon transmitter but you would need to get a ham radio license which requires a very simple teat. Hams have been doing fox hunts, this is a low powered transmitter that send out a signal but the people looking for the cache with need a radio that can receive the signal.
  23. What irks me is that I do not remember what I already posted in this thread about what irks me
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