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  1. Maybe it was this one. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC6V0HH
  2. Howdy Neighbor. It looks like the site's count is correct. I only looked at your profile and see that you logged 20 caches on the 16th instead of 19. Also, when I look at your geocaches found and add the numbers (excluding benchmarks) I get 1902. That stinking arithmetic always gets me too.
  3. You might try to contact mo_town_man. They did some caching together before she graduated and headed to Houston. Hope this helps.
  4. I think Dot Plotter and Keystone, when DP lets him, do a fabulous job publishing caches in WV. A reviewer being familiar with an area isn’t a necessity. However, cachers being familiar with the cache placement guidelines is. You might think “I don't believe there any reviewers of new caches in my immediate vacinity (sic).” because of placement problems more so than the lack of a local reviewer. (Just an observation of mine from info garnered over the past couple of months.) Being a fellow West Virginian I appreciate your interest and offer of assistance but I believe we’re covered pretty well. One word of advice though. If the Frog does come banging on your door, RUN.
  5. Try This Site. Fairly easy learning curve and more maps than just Google.
  6. Might try geocaching dot com/pocket/ Takes me there but didn't test it. Already had my PQ for today but then the cheapjeep decided it didn't want me to go caching
  7. You had to use a drill? Well, it was cold, hard cash.
  8. I'm curious SWV, what are your favorites the other 11 months? I normally go the roni-roll trailmix route too. Haven't found an energy bar I really like but this thread has at least given me some choices to try.
  9. This a little OT but here's a recounting of a caching trip on a very difficult and time consuming multi. It appears this group was definitely not interested in just upping their find count nor lying about their numbers. This did take place quite a while ago though.
  10. Dolly Sods Wilderness There are some great traditional caches in this area too.
  11. Thanks. You explained everything in waaaaay less words than it would've taken me.
  12. The retrieved log was deleted for some reason.
  13. Thanks for the input. After thinking about this I suppose they'll have to retrieve it again anyway. If it's showing as being in the cache they can't drop it because it's probably not in their inventory. Being their first, and so far only TB, they might be a tad confused. I'll fire off a note. Thanks again, this was a new one for me.
  14. I have a little different twist to this problem on one of my caches. TBJX8F is listed as being in my cache GCZ5RP. I went to *mark item missing* and saw that there was a *retrieved* log posted in February. My question is how can I get it off the cache page. I don't think marking it as missing is a good choice since it was retrieved and should be shown in the hands of the retriever.
  15. Just stumbled across this one. Man O'Day I'd be a little ticked if I decrypted this in search of aid.
  16. You mean like this one: This is the log book for Geowoodstock 5 No, that was the log for GW5, not the log book. They were two different entities.
  17. Is that new with the latest guideline upgrade? The only reason that I ask is that we all have found a 'magnetic sheet' cache and I was wondering where in the history of geocaching that those fit in. I always thought the magentic sheet caches fell under this from the GC/faq "A cache can come in many forms but the first item should always be the logbook. In its simplest form a cache can be just a logbook and nothing else. The logbook contains information from the founder of the cache and notes from the cache's visitors. The logbook can contain much valuable, rewarding, and entertaining information. A logbook might contain information about nearby attractions, coordinates to other unpublished caches, and even jokes written by visitors. If you get some information from a logbook you should give some back. At the very least you can leave the date and time you visited the cache. " Emphasis mine and if I'm wrong it won't be the first time. Edited to add that this wouldn't be considered a traditional cache though.
  18. Since Quiggle is also a cache reviewer I think his opinion carries some weight.
  19. Looks normal here. Seems you did everything correctly.
  20. Regardless, it seems this part of a previous post is still being ignored by the OP
  21. Maybe so, but that's not what his log says. Please read my post carefully. I explained why he posted the "needs maintenance" log, based on the response he received from the reviewer. So the log I quoted is an untruth? The ammo can is actually in place?
  22. Maybe so, but that's not what his log says.
  23. I only know of one. Pretty easygoing but I think he'd be a bit ticked if someone tried to weight him down and throw him in a creek.
  24. Looked around and this post informs what ubb is good.
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