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  1. Lead by example. You're new. Set up a couple of great caches that you'd love to go visit. Others will see how cool they are and try to imitate, perhaps with new ideas you hadn't thought of. And there ya go -- fresh meat to go find. Welcome to the game! Ken
  2. I just had someone log a virtual and send a friend request (??) with what he thought was the answer to 1 of the 3 questions that are required to be answered in order to log the virtual. (Rather than sending a message for some reason.) The answer he sent wasn't really that close, either. So I requested the other two answers as this one wasn't quite correct (I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt to him) and he decided that it would be just fine to post a photo showing the plaque with the answers as part of his log with some snarky remark about me not finding his first answer good enough and maybe THIS will do. It kind of reminded me of some sort of child stomping his foot because he couldn't have the smilie right off, so he'd try to make me suffer for it. I just deleted the log with no further questions or comment. Ken
  3. Where will superheroes change clothes?
  4. Just wanted to register my comment on the whole "Do I find micro's boring" topic. I find them challenging! :-) Ken
  5. It's been a while since I've had a chance to check out the website or do any caching. I DO like what I see with Google Maps, however. Keep up the good work! Ken
  6. MIS, I have no preexisting opinion of you or Quiggle, and I am hard to offend with off-color or scatological humor, but the suspension doesn't seem excessive. The posting was crude and mean. Probably meant to be an edgy joke, but it didn't work. The followup sock-puppet post was obviously cruder and meaner. Agreed. The joke didn't work. (Probably didn't work for you back in Jr. High, either.) It was just crude. Too bad, but it looks like the timeout didn't work for you. Maybe some peer feedback will help you get a grip. And to remain on topic... I have taken a few shots at various caches that have had cameras but have not seen them. It seems like a nice idea, but something I don't see much of anymore.
  7. ditto. And the people who found the coins before I got back home were nice enough to wait for me, too.
  8. Looking forward to this one! And put me down as loving cemetery caches. Our group adopted a cemetery virtual, too. I've always liked wandering around cemeteries and looking at the headstones, the names and dates, thinking about history, etc. Like any other activity in a cemetery... Don't interfere with the primary activities of the cemetery and pass up the cache for later on if you'll be in close enough view of mourners to cause a distraction to them.
  9. I'd sure like to see the "cacher ignore" feature as an option. Sure, make it premium... just MAKE IT! Ken
  10. Yeah, I'd like to see that implemented, too. I don't think a "ratio" is necessary but I also don't think it would be a bad thing for every cacher to try hiding at least one cache just for the experience. That way, there will be metric for them to judge as to whether they like doing it, should be doing it, or ought to just stick to finding.
  11. ke6n

    Change my username

    You know what? I know darned well it is possible. The problem is it is just time consuming and a big pain to do it. There is some new application that "they" decided to buy/use where it becomes a real manual pain to change a username and they don't have an automatic tool that does it. I have an idea, though. What if this was made available for a fee? Say something like $35 to change one's username? You might get some takers on it and the ones who just want to change their username on a whim won't think it is worth it. Both types of users get an answer. I'd change mine if I could pay $35. I don't want to lose my sign-up date by creating a new account and switching everything over. And no, account names weren't set in stone back when I originally signed up like they are now.
  12. (sigh) Yeah, this one has been asked a number of times. Yes, when legal, where felt needed.
  13. Better yet, do these types with a friend.
  14. You make the choice to climb and assume ALL of the liability.
  15. I don't know... I'm just not seeing this rampant destruction that so many seem to be seeing. I also haven't seen a bush or tree killed by a geocache.
  16. I don't think the email should have to come in 'BEFORE' the log. Emailing before, and then waiting for a reply from the owner (which generally may never come) is a bit too much to ask. I usually log, then email right after. Ditto - so that I don't forget either one, and to keep my logs in order. So far no problems doing it that way. You're both reading more into what I wrote than what I wrote. I never said a reply from me was necessary to log it. Since people have been not so diligent in emailing the answers, I was hoping that asking for the email first before filling out the log would help along those lines. If I wanted to require a reply from me to OK their logging of the find, however, I'd be perfectly within my rights. I'm not that anal, though.
  17. I'm getting rather ticked by people who think they can log finds on a virtual that our "team" has adopted. When this happens I send a contact message to the logger asking for the information that they should have emailed to me BEFORE they logged the cache. I'm nice about it and explain that without this information I have no way to verify that they have actually visited the cache. I also let them know that if they don't supply the information their log will be deleted. Some reply, some don't even bother and when I check, I can see that they've been doing more caching since I sent the contact message. So, away their log goes. I send them another contact message explaining that their log has been deleted because they failed to supply the required information and I copy their log message back to them. I guess what really gets me are the people who just ignore my polite message asking for the required information. I'm thinking that if they don't even have the courtesy to send some sort of reply, maybe I shouldn't feel that I have to give them the courtesy of further explanations when I delete and inclusion of their then deleted log back to them.
  18. What's your opinion on the use of capitalization? ee cummings complex maybe?
  19. I agree. It's sloppy. If the photos don't load as thumbnails, they shouldn't be loading as multiple images horizontally. They should only load up vertically.
  20. It is a fun feature and we have considered it for our v.2 implementation of the web site (to be launched sometime next year). Along with the appropriate opt out (or better yet, opt in?)
  21. Gosh, I'm kind of "old school" on kids who haven't learned how to spell yet learning to depend on a spell checker. Maybe it's just me, but I think the kids should learn without that then utilize a spell checker to help keep them in line later on after they've been exposed to everybody else's poor spelling. I have an adult friend who depends on a spell checker and he is constantly writing about our "grope" instead of our "group." There seems to be a lot of "privet" things as opposed to "private" things. There's much too much to list it all, but suffice to say when questioned he will say "I used spell check." Just the other day in person (privately), I asked him how to spell "group." He answered "g-r-o-p-e." The spell checking feature is being misused and reinforcing the WRONG spellings in his mind. I can't help but wonder how using a spelling checker without supersion will do to a younger person who is just learning to spell. To keep it on topic, I like the idea of your son rolling up his sleeves and getting dirty, so to speak, by delving in to writing up the page on his own. I would take that opportunity to review it with him and use it as a teaching tool to help him learn correctly! What better way to make such a thing enjoyable than to learn spelling while having fun with a game!!
  22. Mmmm... looks good! Wish we had something like that out here in Calif. I've never heard geocaching mentioned on TV.
  23. Wow, that kind of surprises me. I'd have expected someone with a geocaching name of "57chevy" to actually be caching with a '57 Chevy..
  24. Or at least some sort of protocol or plan... On the subject of ham radio and geocaching, I'm kind of lucky in that regard. We have about a dozen or so people in our group who have ham licenses. And through talking on the local repeaters to each other, our group seems to be growing. It's fun when one of us is out geocaching and gets on the radio between stops. We find that there are others in our group who are also not busy and we meet up to go searching together.
  25. What is the thrust to weight ratio for that rig????? What I see is a 4 wheeled death seat. You don't dare turn it. It works great on those straight as a line power trails...
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