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  1. I think I might be a bit more impressed if the site admin knew how to use spell-check. On second thought, no I wouldn't. The ad was yellow and black and said something like "Get paid to put out caches!"
  2. The ad on my Groundspeak homepage caught my eye, so I clicked through. I am not sure what I think about the site, altho I am pretty sure that if caching turned into a hobby that cost every time I went out I would no longer cache. What do you think? Sissy
  3. Aw, maaaan! There are some things in life that we are really better off not knowing about. Or at least happier. I knew I shouldn't do it, but I did. My Username when I'm not tied to CR is scsissy. The first seven hits were for some chick (NOT ME!) who is into guys who wear diapers. I think I have to go take a shower now.
  4. I took the dog out for an evening walk before bed tonight, and the owner drove by! Dog and owner are reunited (after I spoke to him about updating his info with the vet and providing better security). I will miss him!
  5. While CR and I were out walking through the neighborhood today, we were greeted by a fit, unneutered male pit bull. The subdivision is a neighborhood of 2500 single family ranch houses, most of which have fenced yards. This dog still has his tail and ears, so I doubt he was ever used for fighting. He also had a choke collar and expired rabies tag. He followed us a ways, walking ahead of us about 15 feet, running into yards to greet all the dogs behind fences. I soon realized that he was in danger of being hit, and not likely to go home on his own. I asked a man who was working in his garage for a piece of rope, and he gave me a chain that a chandelier once hung on. I called the dog to me and leashed him. We continued our walk with no problems untill we met another man walking a huge rott. I had to pretty much walk the pit on his hind legs past him. The other man just stopped in order to maintain control of his dog. Needless to say, I'm glad I had leashed him. I called the vet's # on the tag and was given the owner's info. I was also informed that they had received a call about the dog last week. The owner's phone is disconnected, and hasn't lived at the address of record for more than a year. I tell you all this because I need some help, and with several of you being dog experts, I know I'll get it. CR does not want a dog. Period. I would really like a dog, but I am not a big fan of slobber and smell (this dog stinks)! Is there a way to get him to slobber less? I have two cats. I brought the dog in, and as long as I am in the room, he will lay on the towel I put down for him. He is very interested in the cats (who are avoiding him), but knows I want him to stay on the towel. How do I get him to stay put when I am out of his sight? When we are in the back yard, he wants to go and greet my neighbor's jack russells. I have a privacy fence, so he wants to race along the back edge and get them barking. I have walked back and retrieved him, the first time by pulling him back with his collar, and the second by going out and scolding him and making him walk back to the patio. As long as I am out there with him, he will stay on the patio and leave the other dogs alone. Is there a way to teach him that it is never ok to mess with the other dogs? Is there a way to get his attention without having to walk back and stand in front of him? He does not respond to his name or to any other verbalizations when he is intent on the other dogs. If I could get the smells under control, I might have a shot at getting CR to let me keep him. Sissy
  6. Better you than me! As long as he keeps the angst on the forums and not in the house, I'm a happy camper.
  7. That's a risky assumption. Though I appreciate your attempt at a helpful suggestion (we may never get anywhere with this topic without some fresh ideas), I for one would not be happy with that answer ... unless ... You are right, I should have added the word "possibly" after the word "would". If I understand you correctly, each finder of an ALR cache would therefore have two options: Comply with the ALR and get a special smiley, OR Find the cache, bypass the ALR, and get a standard smiley. Is that right? The problem I see with this proposal is that it would forcibly remove the owner's intent to create a non-cheatable and non-bypassable challenge. The only fair way to implement your idea would be to apply the same system across the board, including puzzles, multis, five-star terains -- any type of challenge that someone might conceivably object to. Example New puzzle cache options: Solve the puzzle to obtain the cache coordinates and get a special smiley, OR Inform the owner that you're invoking the Challenge Avoidance Rule, obtain the cache coordinates from the owner, and get a standard smiley. I suppose the new smiley could also denote those who solved the puzzle vs. those who phoned-a-friend or intuited the cache spot. You would have to rely on people's honesty. Personally, I do not care how they find my puzzle or multi-caches, if the logbook is signed, it has been found. For obstacle caches (boat, difficult) If the logbook isn't signed, then this is not an issue. I thought this was about caches being found and the finders not being able to use this site to record that fact. Not about caches not being found and attempters wanting credit for a find.
  8. Does there always have to be someone at fault? When someone was clever enough to by-pass some stages of one of my caches and found the final, that was my fault. If I post the actual coords on the most popular caching site, and I know that some folks take advantage of the benefits of being a premium member.... When caches are found by muggles, or by cachers scoping out a place for a new cache.... I guess being a purist, I would call the first instance a NOT FOUND. He didn't sign the logbook. I guess this is where I realise that we will just have to agree to disagree on this issue and hope I never have to personally deal with the situation in real life.
  9. And if someone stumbles across this cache (didn't read the cache page, found out walking the dog, whatever) what are they to do? I know your answer has been to not log it as a find, but that does not help those who use the site to track actual finds. With the additional log type, that person could log it as found, while one who has over 1000 finds would log it as found plus.
  10. Unfortunately, my schedule is a little different from CR's. It is also not what most normal people have. I have to sleep at odd times to be able to work. I do not know from day to day what time I have to report. I will not know what time I have to be at work tomorrow until around 4pm today. I do not spend nearly as much time on these forums as CR does. The main issue as I see it is how to satisfy logging the fact that you found the cache vs. logging the found cache with ALRs. I have endorsed the only solution that I can see that would satisfy both camps. Was there another question I was supposed to answer? If so, could you repeat it? Edited for a better choice of words and spelling.
  11. I'll ask you the same questions that I asked you in the other thread when you championed this idea: The thread that you closed before I had a chance to reply. My reply: The panty-smilie would be a new log type. If you find the cache, but for whatever reason do not comply with the ALR, you log it as "FOUND IT" and get the traditional smilie. If you find the cache AND complete the ALR, Then you log it as hmmm...."FOUND IT + "? and get the panty smilie. I am not advocating two separate finds or that the ALR be recorded alone. Will this make the ALR optional? Perhaps, but the distinction gets made as to whether the finder participated or not. If the hider is trying to provide more fun to the community, and the community agrees that this ALR is more fun, most logs will be "FOUND IT +". If the finder can't or won't perform the ALR, then that would tell me that this is not something he thinks will be more fun. The argument for ALR's includes that the placer is just intending the cache be more fun for the finder. It seems petty to delete a "FOUND IT" log if the cache has indeed been found, but the finder disagreed with whatever the fun was. How is it more fun for the finder if the ALR is something he cannot or will not do? I know the intention can't be to try to make the cache more fun for only some finders.
  12. How is that different than making the task a request, and letting the finder mention in the log that he did the task? Are you suggesting getting credit twice? One for the find, and another for the task? If that is what it takes. The traditional yellow smilie would be to acknowledge the fact that the cache was found. The panty-smilie would be to acknowledge that some additional task was completed. There wouldn't be much of a difference for people in camp A, but those in camp B could point to the number of panty-smilies they have to show just how much fun they are having.
  13. The only way I see for this issue to be resolved to satisfy both camps here is for a new kind of cache log. One that acknowledges that the finder performed some additional task. Changing the type to a puzzle or mystery cache still does not allow for the accidental finder (for whatever reason) to accurately maintain his stats on this site. If this one issue can be resolved, all the others mentioned in this thread will go away. Thank you Fizzy for giving words to what I was trying to say.
  14. I also would like to see a new super-smilie. Adding an attribute does not fix the problem of an accidental find. If I find a cache and sign the logbook, I would like to be able to record it on the site. It is how I keep track of the caches I visit. As an aside: part of the problem, for me at least, is being required (not asked) to perform an ALR. If the cache placer requests the log be in iambic pentameter, I will do my best to comply. I may even get a chuckle out of the attempt. But being told I have to do this puts it in a whole different catagory. Most of the grown-ups I know, and even most of the kids, do not like having how they are going to have fun dictated to them. Sissy
  15. Thanks, guys, for bringing me into this thread! It has been a bit since I have felt strongly enough to bother posting to the forums, but I cannot let anyone else speak for me. Our account is exactly that-OUR ACCOUNT. CR posts under a second account because we do not always agree, and I am generally non-confrontational and just a nice person. BUT, I do not like to see the bashing being delivered, and since I do not let CR speak for me, how can you think I would let a stranger do so? I do agree with CR, NewEnlandN00b and Jeremy on this issue. Found is found! Find one of our puzzle caches without solving the puzzle (cheat, get hints, stumble across it while out with your dog, it's all been done.) If you sign the logbook and tell me about it by posting an on-line log of the correct type-FOUND IT, in my book it has been found. Find one of our multi's by skipping some steps (cheat, go with buddies and split up the work, intuit where the next stage is without having to use the rope ladder, call someone for the final coords, find it while hunting or doing park maintenance-also all been done.) If you sign the logbook and tell me about it by posting an on-line log of the correct type-FOUND IT, in my book it has been found. Additional Logging Requests-no problem. The problem is making it a requirement. I cannot un-find a cache. I would like to be able to use the listing site as a tool to keep a record of which caches I have found. Easiest way is to use it as intended, and log my finds. I love the new panty icon idea. But the easier way to keep both camps happy is to change the requirements to requests. Those who want to participate in the hider's ideas of more fun can, and those who don't can still maintain a record of their finds. Plus you get the bonus of having the folks who do not want to play along show themselves. If your extra fun is easy and fun, there won't be much non-compliance and those who don't will look grumpy. If your ALR's are annoying or tedious, you will get lots of non-compliance and maybe should re-think your idea of fun. Sissy
  16. That's funny, because CR did talk me into getting one. I wanted a Prius, but would have had to assume some debt for it. Haven't had a car payment in a looong time (drive a '91 Previa that was a gift from my folks), and couldn't bring myself to go to the bank. This is what I got and I drive it 16 miles one-way down the interstate to work and back. Every day. Even when it rains. Lowest temp, 20degreesF. The speedometer shows 100mph, but I chickened out at 93! Sissy's scooter
  17. I think the second L stands for "lame", but the rest of the hermit crabs' guess makes sense to me.
  18. When listing puzzle caches, make sure you have the cache at the spot the code solves for and not the spot you are going to put the next puzzle cache! One of our local cachers was out looking for one of my caches 15 minutes after it was posted. Spent an hour searching before e-mailing me to ask if he had solved it correctly. When I saw the results he got for the code, I realized I used the wrong spot. DOH! They got me back though, by placing this cache: GCMRYA My log is the first one, and refers to the fact that not only did they usurp the great spot that I found, but also used an ammo can that WE painted and donated at a meeting!
  19. "American Science and Surplus sells imitation bison capsules for 3 for $3.75." (Never have figured out how to do the quote thing.) Plus $5.95 for shipping=$9.70 Or you can get 5 REAL bison tubes for $10 and no shipping charges at Sissy-n-CR.com.
  20. Hmmmm.... Wasn't it about this time last year that one of the letterboxing sites started a rumor that they had been purchased by Jeremy? My guess is that letterboxer.com could very well have its "debut" in about 48 hrs. Payback time, perhaps?
  21. Before my hubby and others let this get out-of-hand... (not that HE would ever do such a thing ) Please know that we sincerely wish you guys the best with this new endeavor. The SCGA Geocoin that we are finishing up with is the second endeavor with coins that I have been handling the shipping for. (The first was with Quintus van der Merwe's South African Geocoin, acting as his US distributor. It made more sense for the US company to ship them to someone in the states for distribution than to ship them to SA $$$ and then back to customers in the US $$$.) I know first hand exactly what you guys are in for . The misunderstanding comes from the intimation that this coin was not an open effort. At the last SCGA meeting we attended, and to my knowledge, the last one that was held, we told everyone that the place to discuss the design was on the SCGA forums and gave the web address. I know we talked alot about that other disagreeable issue that was and still is troubling our state's geocaching hobby, so this info may have gotten lost. We accepted all input given through that forum. (Which is why the coin does not have the latin translation of "We do not piss on our graves" on it. ) At the time this coin was conceived, none of the steering committee members seemed to care one way or another whether they were trackable or not. The trackability issue came up after the coin was finalized, and agree or disagree, the decision stands. No one was forced to buy the coin. Anyone who bought one and is now regretful of it, you can put it on eBay. I understand some have gotten a 300% roi. And now for the good stuff... If you liked how yours was packaged, I can provide you with some of that great foil bubble wrap material. Better yet, I'll tell you how to get your own supply. Go to the produce manager at the nearest Piggly Wiggly, and ask him to save the packaging that the fresh herbs come in for you. Of course, he may remember to do it for you if you actually shop there . Good luck, and I can't wait to see the new design! Sissy
  22. Got most of the orders packaged today. I will make a quick trip to the post office in the morning with all orders placed before Jan 7, 2006. I have the day off from work tomorrow, so I should be able to get the rest packaged up and to the post office by noon. And D-man, you wouldn't want that loveseat, I heard their dog wee-wee'ed on it! Sissy
  23. I have been working on getting your coins out non-stop since I got home from work today. I made a quick trip to the post office with what was ready about two minutes before closing time. Then came home and got more ready to go out tomorrow. And I still am not done! But it is getting late, and I have run out of the little forms for insurance and one type of envelope that I use, so I am calling it a night. If you placed your order before Nov. 23 at 13:42PST, yours either went out today or will go out first thing tomorrow. I am hoping to get the rest of them finished over the next two days. I will keep you posted. Sissy
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