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names of geocaching organizations

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I need help here in filling out some missing groups. If your group has a web page and it is not listed there, send me the info and I'll include it in my list.


Geocaching groups


If your organization has a Yahoo or MSN group presence let me know also. I have been considering making up a page for those groups but they are a lot harder to track down so I've been putting it off for the time being.


Thanks :anibad:

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I recently started a group called the MAGC (Military Assoication of GeoCachers).


Our site is: http://www.militarycache.org


Our location is "world wide" and is open to US military, friendly nations, those who have served honorably in the past and those who support us


Another person (Infact a MAGC member from Canada) Has a great list of geocaching groups

http://members.shaw.ca/caching/pages/groups.htm He has done a great job organizing it.




aka Falcon Loader

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York County Geocaching Society




This group was put together in 2005


Right now we have around 50 members and were still growing! If your ever in the York area drop us a line!

We have monthly meetings every 4th. Thursday of the month with prize drawings and monthly newsletters. And sometimes get together for some group caching.


Right now we are working on a "mystery" event called CoPaTo (COunty PArk TOur) this will be a mystery event with 8-10 new caches will be placed in York County's major parks, with information in each cache that will lead you to the final "mystery" event!

This is just now in the works and the final is looking to be sometime in Sept.




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Not much around where I live - kinda in bewtween larger groups like WNAG, UTAG, Big Sky, and whatever is down in Colorado. I prefer to call the local group GWLIMH, though its easier to go by our log name of KKTH3.


The area is growing, though. I wouldn't be surprised if an organization forms up within the year.


What side of WY? I am in the SW and was wondering if there is a group started for here yet?

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In the process of starting a group in central and southeast Wyoming (Niobrara, Goshen, Platte, Converse, Natrona, Albany and Westin Counties) but anyone else is WELCOME to join. We are still in the recruiting process. No website yet. We will be call NORTH PLATTE RIVER GEOCACHERS.

Will send more info as we get formed. Looking at posting our first event towards the end of the summer 2007. Will meet at other events already planned by fellow cachers and other new state groups being formed until then. Geocaching is Great in Wyoming!! :huh:

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The Military Association of GeoCachers is up and active. We have 224 members within a year and still growing. If you are active duty, retired, prior service, family member of a military member or a supporter, you can join. We are responsible for the 2006 MAGC and 2007 BRTango MAGC coins. We have lots of talented people that can help with just about any problem you have. Check us out at www.militarycache.org

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Maine actually has two Geocaching groups. In addition to Geocaching Maine, there is also the Maine Geocaching Association. Many Mainers belong to both groups. :P


Although relatively new, the MGA has been growing and is very active.

We sponsor somewhere between 10 and 14 geocaching events a year, often in the form of one an "MGA coffee meet". These official events are either put on by the MGA or by it's members throughout the year. In the summer, the MGA put on a GeoRallye event, which is loads of fun! It is to become an annual event! Our website features forums, general geocaching information, and geocaching Podcasts, among other features. Registration is free. :o


Maine Geocaching Association



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I'll add our little Butler, Pa group. We're not really organized, just got things going this month. It was a team effort naming it so far. So, we're BACON (Butler Area Cachers of Note) for the time being. Have a web forum at http://bacon.freeforums.org/index.php. our IT tech. and appointed president is working on web pages for the group.


We have groups to our south which is TriGo and to our north Oil Region Cachers and North West PA cachers.

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We were formed in 2004 but I took it over in November of 2006. Since then we have had meetings by monthly and a CITO. We are having a BLACK HILLS GEOBASH in June 8-10,2007 at Lake Sheridan. We are located in Keystone, SD but have meetings in Rapid City,SD. Check out the waypoint GC10VWH for more info on the bash.



http://groups.yahoo.com/group/black_hills_geocaching is our group site- anyone can join free

http://www.blackhillsgeocaching.com is our web page


I am the owner/host of the sites- you can email me at silvrhawk_@hotmail.com

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I should've added our group a long time ago....anyway here we go.


Atlantic Canada Geocaching Association





The Atlantic Geocaching Association (ACGA) was formed in February 2006. Originally, gathered as the working group for the "1st Geocache in Canada", the working group decided to form the ACGA and focus on supporting the geocaching community in Atlantic Canada. We are registered as a non-profit association and currently have 254 patch carrying members from all four Atlantic provinces (New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island).


Our main event is the annual celebration of Canada's first geocache, GC11AQT & GCV46W.

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