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  1. It would be nice as well to know when and if we could get listed in the regional section. If anyone could help with this I and the group would be very happy.
  2. Well we have a nice lil site out here in the wild west. Its calledGeocaching Colorado Drop into the forum and let us know what you think.
  3. I think we are being ignored I hate being ignored
  4. Nothing, nata, zilch on any reply. Not even a I only update so often or when I get enough requests or no we don't want you posted on the site even. NOTHING after 6 or 7 emails NO WORD AT ALL!
  5. Maybe if we said PLease? or Pretty Please with sugar on top?
  6. I wonder if a gratuity is appropriate for such a service. I know if my ice tea glass goes empty for more then a few minuets when I go out to eat the tip reflects it.
  7. Another email has been sent. Maybe we will here from someone this time.
  8. Well multiple emails have been sent with no responce at all . I hate being ignored I think maybe someone doesn't like us or how well we're doing for being a new group . This might be a dumb question to some. ........but, what is and where can I find this "sticky list"? Hummm I am a member of Geocaching Colorado and I don't even know about the sticky list Well maybe, I am on the ignore list Its at the very top of the West and Southwest page. Here is the link so you can see we are NOT there yet!
  9. Well multiple emails have been sent with no responce at all . I hate being ignored I think maybe someone doesn't like us or how well we're doing for being a new group .
  10. WOHOOOOOO! We hit 100 members. Great Job Guys!
  11. You might want to post over here also. Hope you enjoy your stay in Colo. Its a wonderful place!
  12. Skirts are cute and nice and pretty. Come on ladys set him streight.
  13. Bumpity Bump Bump Bump! We're off to a great start! Thanks everybody for you input and praise! We could have done it without all the great cachers here in CO!
  14. My ham radio! Itll get you out of a pinch when the cell phone is dead. And I can call in for a life line without using my minuets.
  15. Thanks for the good feed back. A lot af hard work went in to it and it seems to be paying off. We have all the best working on things to make a possative impact on the caching community here in Colo.
  16. I would like to personally invite you to check out the web site for the newest Geocaching group in Colorado. Geocaching Colorado is our name and serving the community is our game. Please have a look. - Check out the forums linked in the website and let us know what is useful or what you think will enhance the site. - Land Management links. A resource of land management policies relating to Geocaching and similar activities - CO Cache Archive Recovery Mission. Helping to make sure we reduce the geo-trash left behind. - Benchmark Page. For all you benchmark junkies out there. - Keep in touch with the “Events” calendar. - The photo section will be up and running soon. - Do you have any recommended caches? Feel free to let us know! - Add a GCCO logo to your cache pages if you wish. - Are you a “Stat” junkie? See where you rank in the Caching Stats link. - FAQ’s are a useful tool for everybody as well as the beginner. Got a tip? We are listening. This is a public site for all to use and enjoy. We welcome any input so we can better serve the Geocaching community in Colorado. Cache on! Dave - Dr123d Founding Member and President of Geocaching Colorado
  17. Let me welcome you to join in and get things moving here. At this time we have a few people poping in from your part of the state. If you wish use the west section to orginize things and keep in touch with folks. I would love to see more activity from the other side of the hills in our group. Heck we have a C.A.C.H.E. South why not a C.A.C.H.E. West
  18. Well, This one and this one and this one and this one and this one and you must try this one and don't pass up doing this one and if you're on a roll you can get this one There are a few more in the area but I like these the best Oh wait Those are all mine
  19. And this has to do with caching how? Aye, it has absolutely nothin' ta do wit cachin' ya bilge rat! I meant ta post this in tha San Diego thread where folks are friendlier, but have nay mastered tha forum as of yet. Thar be two caches at this site, an' I were preppin me fellow cachers in SAN DIEGO 'cause I be workin' on plantin' a new cache thar to commemorate tha occassion....but mostly, I thought it would be nice ta meet some o' me cachin' mates at a fun event. Didn't mean ta get yer panties in a bunch mate! My goodness "ya bilge rat! " It was just a question If I would of said WHAT THE H*** DOES THIS F****** HAVE TO DO WITH GEOCACHING Then maybe me panties would be in a bunch, If I wore any under my kilt Oops that wasn't supose to be public knowlage. Oh well, know ya know
  20. And this has to do with caching how?
  21. Bump. Hope to get more feed back on this great idea.
  22. Any Colo people interested come and post your ideas in the C.A.C.H.E Forum
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