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  1. Got mine today....very nice. Thanks!
  2. mmgestes

    Coin codes?

    That was it....thanks for your help!
  3. But the burning question for me is what does that quote mean? Thanks! The Rock Chalk Chant has been the battle cry of KU fans for over 100 years. This strange, traditional chant, which is among the most famous of all college cheers, was started by E.H.S. Bailey, a professor of chemistry. Bailey wanted a cheer for his Science Club. Returning from a convention in Wichita, Bailey and some associates patterned the yell after the rhythmic cadence of their train rolling along the tracks. On May 21, 1886, Bailey submitted the cheer to his club. Originally, the chant was "Ray, Rah, Jay Hawk, K.U." repeating the words three times. This yell was used by the science club the next year and there were frequent allusions to "The Science Club Yell" in the student newspapers An English professor suggested that "Rock Chalk" be substituted for "Rah, Rah" because it rhymed with Jayhawk and because it would be symbolic of the chalky limestone formations found on Mount Oread. The chant was adopted as the college yell after the state oratorical contest in Topeka in 1886 because KU student yells for the their winners were enthusiatic, but unorganized. By the Fall of 1887 the yell was know as the offical yell of the school as the student newspaper reported on November 4, 1887, "Every college of importance in this country has a college cry. In every town in which a college is situated, the midnight air resounds with the hideous yells of the student, symbolic of victory, defeat, or devilment. The students of the University of Kansas use their yell but little and it is only admidst great victory that "Rock-chalk-Jay-Hawk, K-U-U-U floats throught the midnight air reminding one of a band of Apache Indians." By 1889 the form of the cheer had changed to the drawn-out cadence repeated twice, followed by three staccato repetitions.
  4. The coins look great...will be anxiously awaiting their arrival.
  5. mmgestes

    Coin codes?

    I just received one of the old Wyoming coins as a prize in a cointest. This is not the newest 2007 Wyo coin but the old coin (the one that caused such a stink a while back). I can not find where to activate it. I have tried several places, including coincodes.com and didn't see the coin listed there. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. I am on the same page with DanOCan........ As a member of Wyoming Association of Geocachers (WAG) it is a consensus of our group that finding your own caches (not a topic here) and logging a cache more than once is not an acceptable practice. We have had much discussion on this at our own Forum site. I, myself, will only log a cache as Found once. On repeat visits will Write a Note. As the owner of several caches we have one cache in particular that has had a few repeat visits where there have been multiple Found logs. After a polite email to the cacher the logs have always been changed from Found logs to Notes Written. I would and will delete these multiple Found logs if they are not changed. Recently we are having problems with another cache and the logs not being signed but being logged as Found. We changed the cache page and asked that anyone finding the cache sign the log for credit. If this doesn't help then we will put a note on the cache page saying that signing the log is mandatory or logs will be deleted. My two cents worth.......
  7. Envelope with sunshine was in the mail yesterday....wonderful! They arrived on a snowy, windy day...just what was needed to brighten my day! Thanks again!
  8. We will replace a logbook or a ziploc baggie if the cache needs it. We always appreciate if someone does that for us too. There have been a couple of instances when we got to a cache and the tupperware type container was crushed or cracked and if we had an extra in our geocaching box we would replace with a like container, especially if weather conditions warranted it. At these times we always made a note in our log about this and then contacted the cache owner. To us, that is just good caching etiquette. Never, ever have we considered replacing a missing cache. There was a cache in our town that had been abandoned. It was the first cache placed in the town and our county and one of the very first published caches in the state. This cache is at a historic spot and is deserving of a cache placement. We had been doing maintenance on the cache for several months and after several unsuccessful attempts to contact the cache owner, who had actually taken it over for the original person who placed the cache, we were finally able to adopt the cache. Cache maintenance has its rewards too.
  9. I love those last two color choices by dimkasmir. Especially the first one with the purple center! It would be really nice if you could go with a glitter center. I still would like an antique silver or nickel metal.
  10. Oh....I likey! Very sentimental to me too. I met my husband in Wichita. On one of our first dates we walked along the Arkansas River and ended up at The Keeper of The Plains statue. Special! Order sent.
  11. I know that purple was already mentioned...how about an eggplant purple. With an antique silver finish or maybe nickel. Dang...too late. Picked up one of your coins in Feb 2007 at an event in Green River, WY.
  12. mmgestes


    Born in Hutchinson - Raised in Buhler. Transplanted to Lusk, Wyoming almost four years ago. Toto, we are definitely NOT in Kansas anymore!
  13. mmgestes


    We had a TB dropped in a cache in the Kansas City area a year ago. A cacher went to look for the TB and it was gone. Since then the cache has been archived. We just considered the TB lost. A couple of weeks ago we got an email that the TB had been found in another cache in the KC area....almost a year after being dropped in the now archived cache. Would love to know the journey it has been on in the past year. Discoveries are nice...they let you know that your trackables are still "alive and well". We got lucky with this last bug. Sometimes they will turn up...even a year later.
  14. KansasSon.....I am a KansasDaughter, tho I have been transplanted to Wyoming. Started caching a year and a half ago with my husband and daughter. We are TRULY addicted. Trips anywhere take twice as long and ALWAYS involve geocaching. Was in KS at Christmas and it took 8 hours to drive from Hutchinson to York, NE. You are going to love this new hobby. The first finds are great but the ones to come are just as awesome. We are coming close to #300. It keeps getting better and better. Congrats on your first find!
  15. Just ordered "TFTC" tags for our Wyoming geocaching mobile. If you ever see us...honk, wave!!!!
  16. Where are you in coin development? Are the coins about ready? Anxious to hear where you are at with them.
  17. Initials and Last Name. Wish we had been a little more creative when choosing our caching name. Used it after finding and logging our first cache and never thought to come up with anything else.
  18. I like wyogeo.com too, for a domain name. Catchy, simple. Easy to remember. Go for it!! As far as a state group name: WYAG - Wyoming Area Geocachers (???) The others mentioned were good too. Like KKTH3 said, something we can build a nice logo around. Rubicon, we can make a donation to help set up a website too. Let us know what you need. Isn't this exciting????
  19. If it is okay with Rubicon, can we have some time at your event in June, to discuss a future state event? Most of us are on the road to getting our local clubs forming. OldWyo in Green River and Kimba and I in the central-southeast part of the state. Of course, Gillette's group is going strong. TH&G brought up some very good points and maybe those of us who are together in June, who are interested, can discuss it more at that time. I really like the idea of one big state event per year with our other local group events scattered thruout the year. We can make this work. Geocaching is great in Wyoming!
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