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  1. Please provide a way for me to get back to the old way of searching. I am sure it was done with the best of intentions; the result is as if someone took a syringe and is sucking the fun out of geocaching. This is most disappointing. Your beta testers should have seen this coming; it really is not helping me at all.
  2. Yes, having the same problem here in NE USA. Unfortunately missed the PI Day events because I could not find the start times or cache pages. This upgrade bombed horribly.
  3. Yes, the math can be quite confusing. Here is an example of how I attempt to minimize issues: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=a9cf8e10-e5a0-4b48-97f1-5fcd022b854d Note an example and the use of geochecker to confirm the final coordinates.
  4. I welcome cachers to fix up any of my caches in need of help - from replacing a cracked container to adding a new log or a pencil. It can become quite costly to drive 30 miles just to add a new log! As for others' caches in need of maintenance, I will always add a new log if needed. If I find it to be an exceptional area, I will replace with a new cache container if needed. For more complex caches, the CO really needs to do the maintenance. Make sure the cache is not over-filled and preventing the lid from getting a good seal; you may need to remove some items. Check the seal to make sure it is in good shape. A cache that is not water tight will only lead to a repeat performance and should be taken out of service. Should I come across a cache with inappropriate items, trash or moldy stuff I remove them. A note of caution here: one cacher's trash is another cacher's treasure... Food, candy, adult toys, scented candles must go. Always inform the CO in the log just what you did. If it could provide spoilers, I send it in a private message. Should you remove the old log, you can go the added step to offer to send it to the CO. Some opt to leave the old log and place it in a plastic bag if there is room for it. Items to carry: Rag to wipe out the container Pencils Logs (various sizes) Duct tape Spare cache Gloves Plastic bags Bison tube gaskets
  5. The Central Connecticut Cachers is coming up on thier 4th annual event; that will be 49 consecutive montly events. We were curious as to if this minght be some sort of caching record. Also, how have others celebrated this type of milestone? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b4-891cb1476e6b
  6. Wow, this is very powerful stuff. Thanks. I have a nuvi 255W. How do I delete all or some of these cudstom POIs stored under extras from my nuvi?
  7. Here is a bookmark I've put together for historical Connecticut caches. http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...e9-33aaaa86e7e2 You are awarded a medal for finding 20 caches from the CT History Cache bookmark list at http://forums.ctcachers.com/medals.php
  8. Central CT Cachers’ Nite Out http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#...gid=41357604838 The Central CT Cacher's Nite Out is an evening gathering of caching enthusiasts usually held the first Tuesday of every month; in a new and exciting place every time. Mark you calendars now! Everyone is welcome to attend…you don't have to reside in CT, and you certainly don't have to be an experienced cacher… new folks are most welcome! Each event features a new or rotating hosts every month. Locations are kid friendly, have no admission fee and within the Central Connecticut/Greater Hartford area.
  9. Hello We are planning a few summmer road trips and one of them may take us to the mid west. I'm wondering if there is a date yet for the Geo bash. We've never been, but if we are headed to the area this summer we'd like to try to combine events (we are in CT). Thanks. I have to submit requests for vacation time by Feb, hence the early inquiry.
  10. This is awesome! I just had to wish you the best of luck on your journey! I dream about long distance hiking one day. Right now, work beckons, kids need me, and I'm too far away from retirement, not to mention way out of shape. Will definitely be following your trail journey. Last year while doing the CT portion of the AT, I met thru hikers whose trail journal I also lived vicariously through...all the way to Katahdin. Remember, your family and friends will be watching your TJ with bated breath. katydid Also, when is the Long Trail Festival, that sounds like fun, too.
  11. Wow, 6000 finds! That's awesome! Congratulations and here's to the next 6K.
  12. If spring is just around the corner, can summer be far behind? That can only mean one thing: more events! Here's a place to post upcoming event information and links for both New England and the Northeast. Here are a few to get started: SNEG Spring Forward MA April 1 Spring Fling CT Sat. April 21 Dust off your Camping Gear CT Sat. April 21 Geo Jamboree 5 CT June 9-10
  13. We are going and driving down. Other CT Cachers also going that I know of- zingerhead, skippermark, CraiginCT
  14. How would I go about deleting someone else's bookmark from my cache page?
  15. The further one gets from civilization the more we tend to be civilized. Remote caches are the greatest.
  16. Geo Joe brings up a good point. I've replaced damaged cache containers in the past. Usually when it's noted for a while in the logs, the cache owner has not been active and it is a good location. When I am out and caching and it appears to be a new problem, I would likely try and fix it if I had the stuff with me. If it is a so-so hide, I would inform the owner and use my containers for a new hide in a better location - my$0.02.
  17. Bring anything that will fit in the cache that is not junk, food, matches or a weapon. The more you spend on the item the better. Gold coins, currency or gas cards are always appreciated. Many of us that try and make a living off of caching need generous contributors such as yourself. Also, you don't have to trade if you don't want to. As long as your trading up you won't get any complaints.
  18. Handicaching is the best way I know of to rate a cache to take in various levels of handicaps, i.e. a terrain of "2" could be rated here. It also allows one to link ther rating to the cache page.
  19. Perhaps another way of looking at it: Why do so many people have fewer posts in the forums than the amount they think abour caching? Please, no need to answer this question...
  20. This may be of interest to cachers in NE New York: NW CT event page
  21. This is a very broad generalization. Here in CT we get along very well with our letterboxing counterparts. It so happens many of my caches are quite close to letterboxes. Not by design; it just so happens we all seem to enjoy similar spots. I often check up on their letterboxes while I'm checking on my caches. I've also done basic maintenance on their boxes. Also, I've gotten notes from letterboxes telling me if I was having problems with my caches or they are OK. There biggest problem with geocachers as expressed to me has been having their stamps traded out when the cacher thinks it is a geocache. From my experience, the two hobbies compliment oneanother quite well.
  22. Far Better than Worse marriage Numismatist’s Nook coins
  23. So Stupid, It's Magnificent Where do you think they hid the cache? Paul would be proud. So Stupid, It's Magnificent Article Do you have any TBs that would enjoy this spot?
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