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names of geocaching organizations

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:lol: Since no one's mentioned us, I'll let everyone know about Northwest Ohio Geocachers (NWOGEO) Our website is www.nwogeo.org. Our group meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm at Schlotzski's Deli in Maumee, OH (Toledo Suburb). We usually get about 10-15 people at the meetings, they are posted as event cacehs. We also have an adopt-a-highway that we CITO 4 times yearly as an event cache. I'm not sure when it all started, I've been a member since May of this year.
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The Disorganization of MidSouth Geocachers is a highly unorganized cluster of cachers in and around the Memphis, TN area. Our forums can be found here.


The leadership of the Disorganization of MidSouth Geocachers is unknown and quite possible does not exist. Membership is free and is open to everyone who actively or sporadically geocaches.



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Were called the GeoDawgz It was started about a year ago by my teachers. I am one of the orignal members Most of us are now in 9th graidewe are in a small town in Pa, Montrose we always make jokes when people ask us where were from we say montrose where there are more cows than people.I am sending a photo of the orignal members but im not in it im taking the photo.




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Hey all. I am a member of a not yet organized group of cachers here in Maine. We have a website at www.geocachingmaine.org that was put together by Attroll and Team Trout this past summer. We have, at the moment well over 100 members and growing every day. Come check us out. Haffy6

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Updating our info (previously supplied by 'Cachengrab')


Ontario Geocaching Association


We have been working at it since Jan 4th, 2004.


Our site is currently being 're-done' and the one listed above is a temporary one, but the layout is finalized. Content to be edited and updated still.


Really hoping to get approval for Geocaching in Ontario Provincial Parks, and we have agreements with some land owners, and talking to several others.


OGA - Admin

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Not much around where I live - kinda in bewtween larger groups like WNAG, UTAG, Big Sky, and whatever is down in Colorado. I prefer to call the local group GWLIMH, though its easier to go by our log name of KKTH3.


The area is growing, though. I wouldn't be surprised if an organization forms up within the year.

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New Forum, but not exactly. I use to co-admin on the old Southeast Texas Geocachers Forum which was formed in the early part of 2003, but was part of the Houston Cachers web site that was around earlier than that--I don't know how long, it was before I started geocaching. The old forum and web page no longer exists.


I missed the old forum and decided to start over from scratch with East Side Cachers. Found several files on my hard drive of old Southeast Texas Geocachers Forum stuff which I have linked on the new forum to, I hope, help preserve some of the earlier history of geocaching and geocachers in the Houston, Texas area.


Everyone is East of somewhere! Even though this is a Houston area forum, you don't have to be from Houston or the East Side of Houston to join and participate in the forum, you don't even have to be a geocacher. This is a G-rated, family/kids friendly forum.


Drop by and pay us a visit!


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I'm thinking of starting a Geocaching Club; (I'll still be staying with a great organization, the Maryland Geocaching Society) but also hope to soon start the Military Association of GeoCachers (MAGC) My hopes is that it will eventually be an organization built of Military Cachers from the U.S and our allies and thier families. This would also include Guard, Reserve, Retired and Coast Guard. A basic "birds of a feather" thing. I guess we'll see what happens. :D For info on it, (though it just started tonight, see http://www.aedracing.com/magc

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