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  1. Is the site down today or what? I've been trying to get on all day with no luck.
  2. Cachers love to eat so make it a meet and greet at a local establishment where you know the food is good. If you host it they will come.
  3. Sounds like a great idea if the price were competitive. I'd be in for some from Georgia
  4. Not Stone Mountain Park, But Rather The Surrounding Areas Like Memorial Drive, or LITHONIA, Conyers, DECATUR. Thanks Anyways ! Not that I am in close proximity but put out some more yourself, as I see you only have 1 to your name. I have none but just moved to the area. The more you put out, maybe others will follow suit.
  5. Was able to attend the pre presentation for the Charlotte NC area bid and looks like you guys have 1 great presentation. Can't wait to see who gets picked and surely there isn't a better presentation. GO GCGC and YoGO. Good luck, you've got my bid.
  6. There are a lot of states that require only a rear license plate and was wondering if there is a source to buy a plate for the front of the car of a geocaching rendition?
  7. I will be moving to Georgia ths coming weekend and will be needing a new avatar with the background state of Georgia instead of SC. Would anyone be willing to help me with this? My photoshop skills are limited. Thanks
  8. Hey all. Previously I had asked for someone to come up with an avatar and the one I have now will be obsolete this coming weekend when I make my move to Gainesville GA. Is there anyone out there with some skills who can come up with a similar avatar for this site to match the one I have currently for SC. Thanks
  9. Moving to Gainesville Georgia this weekend so will be looking for other cachers to hook up with to cache soon.
  10. Is there a place where one can download milestone award certificates to print out? Can't seem to find it using the search function. I have a friend who will be celebrating his 1K milestone soon and wanted to print out an award certificate along with giving him his "Gold Ammo Can" Thanks Haffy
  11. Haffy

    Critter shots

    This guy was sunning himself along side a trail at Landsford Canal State Park here in Lancaster County SC.
  12. I have only just begun geocaching personally. I do have a few finds, but I found them with other cacher's before I started this account. This account is for my summer camp kids who I will be introducing to geocaching through a one week camp. So I haven't logged anything here. Perhaps I should start a personal account, but I haven't yet. I would love to attend an event, but there don't seem to be many in my area that have coincided with my schedule. Is there a way to connect with cachers in my area? Through members or something? Thanks for the info nordicman! I have had good luck with contacting people who seem to find a lot of caches in the zipcode where you currently live. When I moved to SC from Maine that is what I did and got some great responses and now have some great friends here in the south. It seems geocachers are the greatest of people and love to help others just as yourself. It worked for me anyway.
  13. My job transfer is taking me to Gainesville mid May and hope to meet up with some Georgia cachers.
  14. The only problem I see with it is that not everyone has a CD player in their car. I don't and know of many cachers who don't as well. Like the saying goes "Make it and they will come"
  15. How come you have been out of the loop for so long? GPS died, switched jobs and had to go through an academy, wife got pregnant, wife had baby, baby growing... life i guess But i got me a new GPS and i'm back in it for the win-it Where are you located? Just check out my profile.
  16. How come you have been out of the loop for so long?
  17. I've had a Yellow etrex for about 4 years, used it in the UK and out here in the Nevada temps of 100f plus for a summer, it's still stuck solid. The new VistaHCx I got just over a year ago... the band is sliding all over the place after just one summer of Nevada. We never use sun lotion on our hands, so that excuse is a load of bull, it's really only come loose this past 3 months, which is the coolest time of year. the glue is weeping out all around the sides, so I'm going to get double sided tape, clean all the glue off with alcohol (not fuel as that could ruin the plastic and will make it stink!) and reassemble it! I got a feeling it's the newer build that have the problem. No it's not the newer builds that are the problem. I bought my Etrex Vista in "03" and after a couple of years the rubber band came loose and I used the black RTV adhesive that was mentioned in a previous post and after contacting Garmin they said then it would cost over a 100 bucks to fix the problem. For 3 or 4 bux,the cost of the adhesive I was able to fix it just fine. Just remember to clean it with acohol really well and it should last a few more years before the process has to be repeated. I've had mine now for 7 years and had to repeat the process a couple of times now but it is still my go-to GPS.
  18. Not sure if you have purchased anything yet but these just came up on the site today. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=239669
  19. Situation normal back on the farm,as usual.
  20. You might want to check out this site. They are as about as cheap as you can get. http://www.apisphere.com/products/navit
  21. Hey Joe make sure you validate your email adress on your profile page so others can email you.
  22. Just go to the listing and hit archive and as soon as the reviewer sees this it will be archived.
  23. It's been done a few times that I know of from accounts on this site and the stories of how they went about it.
  24. I don't get it,what blog? Yep, and just as annoying as the missing URL is your nasty response. Just for your info bflentje the url to the blog was missing before you interrupted. I mean't no disrepect. Just trying to find out where the blog URL was. It was apparently added before you added your 2 cents. Oh and by the way ,nice blog Grammie now that you posted the URL that was missing before.
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