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  1. In Tennessee, some local forums have relocated most of their content. Other clubs maintain their individual websites. Geocachers of West Tennessee Tennessee Valley Geocachers Jackson Area Geocachers
  2. You guys remember when all the icons changed in 2003 and everybody hated the new ones?
  3. I find myself in agreement with Brian yet again. Must be something in the water.
  4. I have worked with land managers from the TWRA in the past. They have been very receptive to geocaching overall. I feel certain that a good group of level-headed cachers can work with them to represent the broader community and the good works that we do, even CITOing the section of the river immediately downstream from where the guys got lost.
  5. One of the local cachers got this response from Sheriff Garcia when he e-mailed in reference to the news reports.
  6. Thanks for all the work you put into the site, Dave. Keep on rockin' the cheese!
  7. You could always just plan an event at Hernando Point and tell people to be prepared to challenge the evil duck after the meet-n-greet/fat-chewing session.
  8. Yep. GOWT is pretty active. You might also check out MSGA.net since you're in the Delta, there.
  9. MOGA was definitely worth the drive up from Memphis. I just might do it again next year, but I'm gonna spend the winter on the stair climber to get ready for those darned hills...
  10. The cacher known as ChinaJack was my father-in-law. When he died, we took a portion of his ashes, put them in a pill fob, glued it shut and made it a travel bug.
  11. Yep. It's bad enough when I have a few thousand people waiting for a flakey server to start acting right. I'd sure hate to have the weight of a world full of folks waiting with their cursor poised above the Refresh button. Good luck with the servers, y'all!
  12. One of my nephews told his younger brother that he could develop immunity to PI if he ate the leaves once. Silly boy. Of course he did not develop immunity. What he did develop was a horrible rash on both hands, around his mouth, inside his digestive tract and all around the exit point of his digestive tract. I think the most important thing he developed was a healthy suspiscion of anything his brother tries to talk him into doing.
  13. I felt pretty good when I read this log on my latest hide, Mission Improbable. This one at Bitbrain's Library was a LOL moment. The first DNF on my first hide was entertaining, as was the first find log on it. The DNF The Find
  14. Wow! I wonder how many e-mails I'm gonna get at work tomorrow asking if this is real... Snopes is my friend.
  15. Cool! Congrats to the Snooganses! I'd say that's a milestone worth celebrating. :-)
  16. The disorganization has voted and is 100% in favor of disallowing any such attmept at remote logging via telecommunications devices.
  17. Of course! People are encouraged to carry on with their caching day, perhaps grab some grub and decide what to hunt, but the event itself is over at 11:15. The crowd should disperse as mysteriously as it formed.
  18. I get an interesting log on Superman's Transition from time to time... Interesting to me, anyhow.
  19. Somewhere in my first 20 or so is when I first encountered the force. I think I referred to it as Zen caching that day, though. Had a micro (they were pretty rare back then) that was giving us fits. There happened to be a swing nearby. One of those really tall, A-frame deals with the long chain so you could swing extra high. Well, I had decided to sit and swing for a few minutes to clear my mind. I closed my eyes and swung. Faster and higher. Feeling the wind rush past as I arced through the parabola. I opened my eyes and looked at a spot on the ground. I knew the cache was there. Hopped off the swing, walked over, raked a little sand out of the way and retrieved the cache. w00t!
  20. I've seen a couple of geocachers in Mississippi.
  21. The Disorganization of MidSouth Geocachers is hosting the WWFM - Disorganized Flash: Collierville, TN event in conjunction with 70+ WorldWide Flash Mob events on November 10, 2007. Everyone in the area is encouraged to attend. Since the event only lasts 15 minutes, you may want to consider pre-planning some more caching in the area for the rest of your Saturday.
  22. There is a small group planning an assault on The Cache Obscura at Shelby Farms in Memphis this weekend. Any Memphis area cachers or area visitors are welcomed to join in the hunt. Just send me an e-mail and I'll let you know when & where.
  23. I'm not nearly as 'old-timer-ish' as some of y'all, but it's great to see a thread with responses from Jamie Z, pater47, ArkansasBugMan and JoGPS. Kinda like the old days. Now, let's hope this heat breaks and we can find some ammo cans in the woods.
  24. One of the amazing things about travel bugs is that they'll disappear for long periods of time and then show up again after you've given them up for lost! Dreadlock Photo Op is back! w00t! Thanks, Spoon! Now I'm excited to see where this bug will go next.
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