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  1. The #1 guy told me he sold his company to the phone company in the 90s. Hasn't worked since before geocaching was thought of.
  2. I know the #1 geocacher and yes, he finds them all. As soon as he signs the log, he is on his way to the next cache, walking or walking to the car to the next one. They had a georally in the area and I was with his group (3 of us and his wife(she doesn't log caches)) We all had to go to 4 places to get info. Then everyone met back at the georally and made sure we all had the right info. Plugged in the data and instead of starting where we all had met he (was the driver) said "lets start at the farthest ones. We ended up being FTF on 25 of the 35 caches and found all 35. We even had time to go to the fair in town to meet some of the other catchers and have dinner. He had to have a stent and only took a week off of geocaching to recuperate. Last time I saw him at a big party (event) at his house for his 100,000 th find in July '14. I had a stroke 3 days later and moved out of the area.
  3. Well. the notice says "The souvenir will be awarded for logs posted on Fri, Oct 8, 2021 at 11:00:00 UTC until Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 10:00:00 UTC". It doesn't say when you will be awarded it.
  4. Being funny. Years ago (like 15) the website would crash on weekends due to the load on the servers.
  5. Wait until it is Saturday afternoon in California then complain. The hamsters are tired on a Friday evening.
  6. Get a newer phone . When my i Phone 5 died a year or so ago, the oldest the Apple store had was an iPhone 7.
  7. Check the web site. All the data is the same. You may have "hide smileys" turned on.
  8. I'm just pre-senior (64).I used to do environmental due diligence. When a commercial property is to be sold, the environmental history of it needs to be researched; Part of it is taking photos of all parts of the property and adjoining properties. In the US, there is nothing illegal about taking photos from public land (street and sidewalks and adjoining properties. If a daycare was anywhere nearby I went there first showed them my card and offered to review all the photos I took with them. I was careful to not include kids and if I got adults and/or license plates in the photos, I would blur them out. Doing this, I did not have a single problem.
  9. They do. Keeping this site running 24/7/365. Newer people haven't experienced the site going down over the weekend because of heavy use like it used to a lot about 15 years ago.
  10. I found a multi where stage 2 was about a meter above stage 1.
  11. Couldn't log onto the site from my desktop computer for a while yesterday. Wasn't app specific.
  12. Got the shots at the Niagara Falls event center, went to the Seneca Indian casino a block away to blow $5 on slots and then found 3 urban caches on the way home both times.
  13. Cached all the way through. If a container had virus on it the sun would kill it or it would be washed off by the rain before someone found it.If it was winter the cold and or snow would do the same. On the trail didn't wear a mask and stayed away from other people. In fact after getting the two shots, I went caching right after leaving the inoculation site.
  14. This cache is only about a mile from where I grew up but it took me 13 years to finish! It has had3 owners and changed from 7 to6 stages and two of the stages have relocated over that time. Here my the log for GCTX8Q. It took me about 13 years to finally complete this multi. I had found stages 1 and 2 back in 2004 (the original cache). Found the former stages 3 and 4 back in 2005 Then searched for this stage 5 back in 2007. Then an 8 year gap (I lived in CA and only came back here (NY)at Christmas). Moved back in 2014 and refound stages1, 2, and 3 last year. Found stage 4 Sunday, and then stage5 and the final today.
  15. Haven't been able to cache much for the last couple of years because of family matters (caring for a 94 year old mom). ALs allow me to fo out in the minuscule free time I now have and get maybe 5 or 6 caches. As I said before "IF YOU DON'T LIKE THEM, DON'T DO THEM." No onehas a gun to your head.
  16. I know who dprovan and nariD new talking about. I happened to find 25 FTFs with him in one day. It was an event where the people had to go to 4-5 places in town to get info and then put it into "equations" for 35 caches in town. Everyone got the info at the same time and solved them at the same time. I was in his car with another cacher and he said everyone will start near where we all were solving. Lets go to the other side of town and start there. We got 25 FTFs and all 35 caches in about 3 hours. That was almost ⅓ of my 80 FTFs in almost 18 years.
  17. Wacka

    Api outage?

    App (iPhone) and website are not lofting in. I think I read that these forums are on another server.Reminds me of about 15 years ago when the website would crash, usually on weekends. Tried to go to the main site from the forums and could not.
  18. I don't know if it is still true, but you couldspot Compton on the cache map of LA. At one time there were none in Compton except for a virtual at the city hall.
  19. A Texas Instrument calculator from the 70s is more powerful than what was on Apollo 11.
  20. Wacka

    NYS Geocaches

    All caches published except events. About a half dozen published ih the immediate suburbs of Buffalo. Because of the cold and snow, the number is way down from the summer. Also because of that people aren'yt searching as much.
  21. One AC in my general area is in a large state park. There is no cell coverage at one location so the owner set the geofencing for that location to several miles so that one can log it elsewhere in the park. Almost all in my area are in populated areas and one (at Niagara Falls) has no problems with the nearby Canadian cell coverage interfering (Rogers Communication-just across the river).
  22. A friend and I once grabbed a cache about 30 feet away fro,m a mom and her kid at a gazebo. We had clipboards and acted like we were city workers inspecting them. Was inspecting the rafters (cache location). Paid us no notice once they thought we were workers.
  23. Thrdr are spectacular spots. Where i used to live, we used to say "Interesting spot for a cache" to nicely say this place is a dump and the cache should be archived..
  24. There's a cache near me called "NotYour Average Guardrail Cache". It states it has numerous decoys. I have found two and some have found 5 but the cache is there and still being found.The page has a picture of a guardrail with a bovine stuck o oyt with an arrow stating "Not jte cache." The same COs have one that the log is in the container, but cleverly hidden.
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