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  1. Wow! Took me about 15 years to hit 10K Had to take a year off(2014-2015) because of a stroke.Have found around1800 since the stroke.
  2. I had a nano on a footbridge that was rated a D1.T1. It was literally a 1 terrain as it was about a foot off the pavement and could be reached by anyone in wheelchair. People were DNFing it. People were not reading the page as I had people saying they had to go in the gully under the bridge (itself a 1.5T) and some hiding there own replacement under the bridge when they couldn't find the nano even though it was there. Had to put a large font notice on the page that it was a T1and a nano. Finally archived it in February when someone said that the footbridge had been removed.
  3. The iOS did not update the last two nights. This AM it asked me if I wanted to update and it did. The Geocaching App now works fine. I also had problems with podcasts before the OS updated. That is also now working fine.
  4. On Facebook there is a Central Valley Cachers group that covers Ceres,Turlock, Modesto and many other towns.Even though I haven't lived in CA for 8 years I still am a member of that group. It is a private group, so if you are interested, send me a line and i will send you an invite.
  5. Did that . After reinstall, it freezes on turn on location services screen.Location services already on. Also have Cachly installed. That works fine. Like to have both so I can tell if one or the other is not accurate.
  6. . I am getting it also. The iPhone didn't update the iOS to 15.6.
  7. Found one virtual that had you going to Pigpen's (of the Grateful Dead) grave to get info. There is one where I live that requires you to go to the graves of 25 famous local people to get the info to plug into a bunch of equations to get the coords.in the city. The cache is in the largest city park that is adjacent to this larget cemetery in the city. The graves include a US President, the first black US congresswoman, a rock star and a famous inventor. The cemetery has a tram tour and has brochures and apps for the phone with the mas of over 50 famous graves. They encourage the tours, welcome pictures in the nice wooded area and even point out that you might see the albino deer that is in the herd that frequents the grounds.
  8. Iowa is pretty flat with not many geological landmarks. In the Northeast there were glaciers, which helped makemay want formation[s such as niagara Falls, Great Lakes, Eskers, drumlins, Finger Lakes, etc.
  9. Over the years I have logged a bowling ball, bowling pin and pay phone TBs. Also a couple of tattoos.
  10. Well I have been geocaching with Alamogul and what nariD says is true. Alamogul signs the log and is starting up the car before you even have your pen out. Having to have a stent only stopped him from caching for a couple weeks about 10years ago. Was at a georally where there were 35 new caches around town. Everyone went to a few places to get info to solve all 35. We all went to a central location to solve the coords. I was in his car (4 of us). He suggested that everybody would start near where we were so lets start at the other end of town. We ended up getting 25 of the 35 FTFs.
  11. At least they are small slugs. Found a cache near Santa Cruz, California that had a large (several CM)banana slug on it. Banana slugs are the mascot of UC Santa Cruz!
  12. Were the bottle tops washed really well to remove all traces of sugar?
  13. The one I found (Ben) ws in N. California at least 15 years ago (most likely archived by now).
  14. Found a cache called Ben under a footbridge. From theme I suspected a fake rat (remember Michael Jackson's song). It was so realistic I had to poke it with my hiking stick until I got it out in the open.
  15. In New York State there are a combination of 5, 10 and inbetween # of stages located along the nice paved trail along the Erie Canal.They are trying to get ALs along the entire 250 mile length.
  16. So don't click on it. Your friends list shows how many finds they have.
  17. Wacka

    Using Safari

    Yes it does work. I've seem people posting for the same with other browsers. The problem is with GC.
  18. Like as I said in another thread, If you don't like them, no one is forcing you to do them. Simple. Problem solved.
  19. Was one in my area where the coords of the cache were on three TBs (electrons) that was supposed to stay within 10 miles of the fake coords(nucleus).Didn't last very long as the TBs were moved out of the area.
  20. Me too and my MacBook Air is totally up to date.
  21. Time for a new iPhone. I had an old iPhone 5 about 3 years ago. It wore out then. The oldest they had at the Apple Store then was a 7. They are now up to iPhone 13s.
  22. There are a bunch near me (by the same geocacher) that are just emoji flags. Those are hints to figuring out which language the puzzle is in (they are the numerals in that language). Also has one letterbox hybrid that is in a pile of stones whose name is just emojis of a rock. would all be no name. Use the app for those. It's free.
  23. A unique cache I found that had a high D and T with an audio file was one by Fizzymagic (archived long ago). The audio file when played sounded like an alien. Tried all I could think of to get info from it with no luck. Got a hint from a previous finder- Fourier Transform. Found a program that could do that to an audio file. What came out looked like a "voiceprint" and there were the coords as plain as day. The high terrain was the location. The top level of a local shopping mall parking structure. The upper level had a high wall with a metal fence above it. needed to stand on the roof of an SUV/van/truck or use a tool to reach it. A friend devised a tool to extend up to the cache about 10 feet above.The mall security came by about every 20 minutes so you had to time the retrieval and have a lookout.
  24. The #1 guy told me he sold his company to the phone company in the 90s. Hasn't worked since before geocaching was thought of.
  25. I know the #1 geocacher and yes, he finds them all. As soon as he signs the log, he is on his way to the next cache, walking or walking to the car to the next one. They had a georally in the area and I was with his group (3 of us and his wife(she doesn't log caches)) We all had to go to 4 places to get info. Then everyone met back at the georally and made sure we all had the right info. Plugged in the data and instead of starting where we all had met he (was the driver) said "lets start at the farthest ones. We ended up being FTF on 25 of the 35 caches and found all 35. We even had time to go to the fair in town to meet some of the other catchers and have dinner. He had to have a stent and only took a week off of geocaching to recuperate. Last time I saw him at a big party (event) at his house for his 100,000 th find in July '14. I had a stroke 3 days later and moved out of the area.
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