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  1. I'm in just just sign me up for a hiders coin. Let me know how much it would be and I think it would be cool to have it trackable for a personal geocoin. Thanks, Jtd18801
  2. Pa Is out and just waiting for review. I'll notify all you when it goes out.
  3. There may be a little delay for puting out the Pa cache because we have a down bridge (with all the flooding in northeast Pa and southern NY)to get to where I am going to put the cache. I will hopefully have it out by next weekend.
  4. This is the design I think we are going to go with.
  5. How should I know how to get there their your in-laws Or We've been to look for that cache 6 times already and you havent found it yet ask your just ask your wife SHE found it in a few seconds.
  6. I'm ready to go out and place Pa's once I get the #'s.
  7. Choose your meathod. Huckle-Buckle-Beanstalk – A method of group caching, which takes its name from a classic children's game. When a member of the group spots the cache, they walk elsewhere (to not give away the cache's location), then call out, “huckle-buckle-beanstalk!” (or whatever word or phrase the group has decided on). This continues until everyone in the group has either spotted the cache, or given up, after which the cache is retrieved and logged. Compare this to the Three Musketeers method. Or Three Musketeers – A method of group cache hunting, which takes its name from the Musketeer motto, “All for one and one for all.” Unlike the Huckle-Buckle-Beanstalk method, as soon as one person in the group finds the cache, the hunt is over, and all members of the group log their find. Our club does the beanstalk meathod (inless we're late to get to the buses )
  8. Well we don't have an account but the name of our school caching club is " The GeoDawgz".
  9. What if we had some sort of background image.
  10. http://www.kansasphototour.com/center.htm The center of the US.
  11. I like the Idea for the final cache to be the center of the US. It seems like this thing will be ready to be put into action soon.
  12. I can take Pennsylvania as long as it is around north east pa. I think this would be a great thing to be a part of.
  13. I'll get an extra coin when we order them and sent it out.
  14. I bought my Vista off ebay for 175 when they were going for almost 250 other places. It's almost a year old and i havent had any problams yet.
  15. http://qualitylapelpins.com/
  16. The word fricken is going to be deleated from the coin after i talked to my teacher.
  17. Our school's Geocaching club wants to make a coin but we don't have enough people buying coins so I was just wondering who would be intreasted in buying the coins. We need at least 15 coins sold and they would cost about $24 per coin (the more coins sold the cheaper they will be) the real price would be posted if we were to get a lot of people and decide to put them up for sale. Depending on how many coins we would sell we might get more things added like borders and edges added but we would make sure that the price does not go over $25. *NOTE THESE COIN WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BE TRACKED ON GEOCACHING THEY WOULD BE FOR COLLECTING ONLY.
  18. I'm the president of our schools geocaching club.
  19. Good job, I guess that gives Scole and I an new bar to try and hit.
  20. Is there anyone that has cached in all 221 countries. If you don't know, whats the most you've seen/have.
  21. I'm not doing so great in geometry class. But other than that i think that it would be a good idea.
  22. Its not the biggest. There was another thread like this and there is 1 in norway or somewhere in Europe its a whole cabben in the middle of the woods.
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