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  1. I got mine Wednesday. It's a good looking coin.
  2. Our local group is O.K.I.C. (stands for Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana Cachers) Our group is centered in Cincinnati, Ohio but serves the Tri-State area. We had our first meeting in June of 2003. www.okic.org
  3. I saw some stuff at www.gpscity.com Actually on THIS page.
  4. I think the cache you are talking about is mine. I had problems with cachers that wouldn't follow the requirements and I had to archive it. Here it is if you want to check it out. 911 Cache Jamey Ladybuggers!
  5. I also think that the second log is the best way to go. In your previous dnf there might be a clue or two that might help others avoid the same problem. And, if it took a second try, you did have at least one dnf. Why remove it unless you are ashamed of a dnf. Jamey Ladybuggers!
  6. Here in Cincinnati our organization, OKIC, is doing three different CITO event around the area in three different park systems. The events are: Winton Woods on April 17th Doe Run Lake on April 24th Mt Airy Forest on May 15th Jamey Ladybuggers! www.okic.org
  7. Email has been sent to Hydee for our group here in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Our group is OKIC, which stands for Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana Cachers. www.OKIC.org
  8. We are in the process of getting our group up and running. We talk over alot of stuff and elected a Steering Committee. Our steering committee is haveing their first meeting tonight July 2nd. We have to set all of our guidelines for our committee heads and start heading forward with all the plans we have. You can log into our Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tristategeocachers/ and you can keep up with most everything. We also have the starting of our own website which is here: http://www.geocities.com/grenisar/ You will be able to keep up to date at one or the other of those two places. Jamey Ladybuggers!
  9. The daily pocket query would work, but not the way that the new cache alert works. It sends you an email when each new cache it hidden. If you have your email open all the time you get a notification within an hour os so. For travelbugs this would be the benefit to the person who really enjoyes moving them along. They would get immediate notification instead of waiting 24 hours for the next PQ.
  10. Tomorrow's the day for our first meeting. Hope anyone that's interested will be there. Jamey Ladybuggers!
  11. I have been using skydivers new cache alert to let me know when new caches are placed in my area. I asked skydiver if he had anyway to make a travelbug alert, for when travelbugs are placed in my area also. He said that it wasn't possible to do from his end, but he liked the idea and said that I should bring it up here for suggestion to geocaching.com. I know alot of cachers that flock to caches they have already been to just to grab a travelbug. So, Jeremy, is it possible to have such a program availble?
  12. Hey jbanta, I looked at the websites you mentioned and they look pretty good. I will bring it up at the meeting som everyone knows about your offer. Jamey Ladybuggers!
  13. Hey there team travel pig. I was checking out this post and did a little research. You might try to get hold of a cacher in the Columbus, Ohio area named Bjorn74. He/they have some caches in the area of the coords that you want. Everybody Love Raymond is one that is close. Hope this might help. Jamey Ladybuggers!
  14. We are a married couple that cache together as much as possible. Schedules sometime determine whether we can go together or not. If we are both caching at the same time, then we are caching together. The only rule that we use is: A team cannot seek different caches at the same time.
  15. Finally got our vote in today. As of right now, geocaching is at 31% and the next closest is at 21%. Looks pretty good right now.
  16. We are in the process of starting our own geocaching group here in Cincinnati. We now have a Yahoo group to help us get the group started and to discuss geocaching in our area. All geocachers are welcome. The yahoo group is here
  17. We got an old MAD magazine out of a cache once. It is in excellent condition. That was pretty cool find!
  18. I thought I had found the show listed to be reaired tonight, but as I checked it out further, it is a series that changes topics frequently. The Travel Channel doesn't show it on their schedule to be aired again anytime in the near future. [This message was edited by ladybuggers on May 20, 2003 at 12:18 PM.]
  19. Mixster, MattieDale is going to try to get us a picnic shelter in Springdale. If he can't arrange that, he said that he should be able to arrange for us to meet at the Firehouse. He will find out these details early this week. Just watch the picnic event page and I'm sure you will see the exact details soon. Ladybuggers!
  20. Well, after reading these posts, I realize how lucky I am. My wife and I have been geocaching for two years now. We both love to be outdoors and have time away from the bustle of our everyday lives. We plan weekend trips around geocaching and have for years now. She doesn't have the strong desire to cache daily that I do, so when I have time and she doesn't, she doesn't mind that I cache alone. I am a lucky man!
  21. We had our Clean Up Day a little later than most groups. The park that we cleaned up had a Senior Olympic on the day that most cleaned, so it was changed to May 17th. We had a great turn-out on a rainy day. Our group supplied about 60 workers that cleaned trails, roadways and layed new mulch for the park. The Park Board was amazed that so many of our people showed up for this event, as the weather was not cooperative. With our actions at this event, I am sure that we have started a good relationship with this city park. It will help alot as we try to start our own caching group and make contacts with all the area parks. Thanks to all the cachers that helped on this event. I am proud of all of you and thank you for your devotion. Jamey Ladybuggers!
  22. Hey Scook, Since I see that you are watching this thread, we are going to have a meeting on June 12th at 7:00 to organize our own local geocaching group. It is a Thursday night. If you are in town, you'd be welcome to join in. Jamey Ladybuggers
  23. Looks like we might actually get this thing up and running. After our CITO event today we had a meeting to discuss the possibility of starting our own geocaching club. We had a very possitive response to the suggestion. We will have our first meeting on June 12th at 7:00. We will discuss the name for our group, elect officers/leaders, select committees and all other pertinent details. Watch for a picnic cache or a cache event on that day with all the details and coords. It will be in Sprigdale. Either in a park or at the Fire House. See you all there. Lets have a great turnout so we get everyone opinion! Jamey Ladybuggers!
  24. Well, the rain didn't stop, but that never stops die hard cachers. We had a great turnout and got alot done. The Park Board was amazed that so many people turned out on such a gloomy day. We now have a friend on our side at the Park Board. A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped out. You are a great group of people. Jamey Ladybuggers!
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