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names of geocaching organizations

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New Zealand now has an Association run by Kiwicachers for Kiwicachers. :D


Please visit the Kiwicaching Association of New Zealand Incorporated.


The Association was incorporated on 01 February 2007 and membership is open to all New Zealand Residents and Expatriates.


Guests are always welcome.


Kiwicaching has replaced its website. Please update your bookmarks and come on over and visit. ;)


Kiwicaching Association of New Zealand Incorporated.


Membership is open to all Geocachers who are New Zealand Residents, Expatriates or have a proven interest in Caching in New Zealand... www.kiwicaching.org


Guests are always welcome. :o

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Well this is a "newborn" group in North Central Ohio. You could say we just started the organizing part in the last few weeks. We are having our 2nd Meet 'n' Greet in just a few weeks, our first as NCOGeo. http://www.nocgeo.com (still in the works by Shawn W.)


We just feel as though we in a great location of Ohio. No matter if someone comes from Toledo, Cleveland, or Columbus; we are smack dab in the middle. We also have some many small communities around us, we thought it would be great to pull together as one.


We hope to hold a contest for our emblem. Check the website for updates.


Any way, that's our area group. Just though I would post here to get the word out a little.


Peace, love, & happy caching





Of course any and ALL encouragment is welcome in NCOhio!! Thanks :blink:

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River Valley Geocachers!!


Check out the website:






Sorry but the rivervalleygeocachers.org address is no longer working


You can still find River Valley Geocachers at




We have members from Southern IL, South East MO, Western KY and North West TN



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Name: Flathead Valley Geocachers


Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fvg/


Location: Flathead Valley in Montana


Formed: Aug. 2007


Formed by: lost-in-montana




We formed this to unite Geocachers in the Flathead Vally and beyond. We are in the Northwest corner of the Montana. I want to see how the group does before investing in an actual website. So, for right now its on Yahoo Groups. It has taken off with great interest so far! We havent had any meetings as of yet but we will soon. At least it is started.

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Name: Le Regroupement Géocaching Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean


Website: http://ww.geocaching-saglac.com


Location: Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean (click for wikipedia link)


Formed: March 07


Formed by: Cyberrat


It was born it march 2007, and it is a group of cachers, primarily from the region of Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean (In Québec), that contributes to the developpement of the activity in the region. Everyone who wants can be part of the group, even if ou're not from the place. :P




And since this month, we host the first french-speaking weekly podcast about Geocaching (which can be listened through the site for those who speak french) ! :P

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Name: GeoCachers 4 Christ (GC4C)


Website: http://www.geocachers4christ.com


Forums: forums.geocachers4christ.com


Location: International


Formed: May 30, 2007


Formed by: PsYkO.ns


Leadership: 6-person Executive Committee


After just 6 months we have grown to over 60 members in 20 US states, 3 Canadian provinces, as well as the UK, Germany and Ecuador.


As we grow, our hope is to have local chapters that would hold local events and that would be able to support local organizational events in various ways. It is our intent to see chapters of GC4C and its members step up and support existing local Geocaching communities. GC4C is not a competitor for local and state GeoCaching organizations, but rather another forum for those that are looking for something a little different to supplement their GeoCaching experience by providing a support structure of likeminded persons.


Our aim at GC4C is to provide a forum that encourages and enhances opportunities for fellowship amongst Christians of all backgrounds. It is our intent to use the GC4C website to provide support to individual members as they strive to fulfill the Great Commission themselves.


We are still very much in a growing period and hope that if we sound like something you might be interested in, you'll check us out.

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