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  1. My Crabs TB has been active over 7 years on the original tag, racking up 67,000+ miles. Hope he keeps on globe hopping for many more years.
  2. I use GSAK too, but that doesn't help when covering a large search area, such as looking for challenge caches by state (or multiple states).
  3. I use PQ, but I don't believe you can search Cache Name keywords in a PQ, therefore you can't make location specific searchs for Challenge caches or other similar criteria.
  4. I've not been around the block in a while, so if this has been discussed before please fill me in. I'd like to see the cache Search function updated to be able to search by Keyword & Location (state, zip code, home coords, waypoint, etc). One example would be to search for Challenge caches from a specific state or coordinate.
  5. The guidelines for virtual caches, including earthcaches, are not bound by the 528' distance rule. That being the case, I have been seeing earthcaches listed for the same features where geocaches already exist. I don't have a problem with earthcaches being listed within the 528' for a regular cache, but another questions is raised by this. Is there, or should there be, a gentleman's agreement that someone wanting to list an earthcache next to an existing cache contact the existing cache owner first? I have been asked by geoaware to do this for one of my earthcache listings, and in fact had already done so. I assumed that this was a gentleman's agreement at least, but I have been seeing several earthcaches places where this was not followed. In this area of the country at least, there is no shortage of spectacular earth objects worthy of earthcaches. So in this case I don't see a need for someone to stomp on someone else's cache in this way. I think that at least the courteous approach would be for someone to ask first.
  6. You'd have to include the yellow Jeep locationless
  7. I've never deleted someone elses find on one of my caches. But I have deleted several of my finds of other peoples caches
  8. A new website for Tennessee geocachers is now online! This new website is designed to serve the entire state as a resource for the things that are common amongst us. It is NOT designed or intended to be a replacement for the local geocaching groups or the websites that they already have. Different states have run statewide organizations in various ways. Tennessee has been very slow to develop a statewide organization because the local groups have done such a good job in taking care of the local needs. Yes, because we are all unique individuals there have at times been growing pains and lessons learned. But it is important to learn and grow in a healthy way and acknowledge our differences and not treat them as obstacles, but as what they really are - different flavors - different strokes for different folks. Local groups are best suited to running events, working with land managers, etc. However there are aspects of the social network that can be better served by a common tool and that is what tngeocaching.com was created for. It is designed to be a content provider, a public forum, an event calendar, and resource for various tools. The page is designed to be user driven; that means that you will provide the content. Not just to the forum discussions, but to the event calendar, and the stories and web pages. Check out tngeocaching.com today and begin adding your content!
  9. Oh yeah, I'd like to see this added too!
  10. I don't think there currently is a way. From any cache page there is a link to show all caches placed by that user, and from that search result you can download a .loc of their hides - but that is not wholly what you're asking for. I'd like to see an option to return a .gpx file for any search, up to the 500 max limit. If that option were added to the .loc option for search results you'd have what your asking for.
  11. I like what I see! I have a question for those of you who already own a PN-20. I am reading that you can load .loc and even .gpx files into the device - that is really cool! How much of the information for each cache is actually carried over into the unit? Will this be a replacement for PDA paperless caching? I hope that GPSBabel and GSAK will be able to communicate directly with the unit to push cache information across without having to go through the map software, that will be a huge plus if and when that happens!
  12. I cast my vote for the best reviewer in the state of Tennessee, Max Cacher. Wait, he is the only reviewer in TN isn't he. I've dealt with several other reviewers and had mostly good experiences. But if we could choose our reviewer I'd still pick Max because he does a fine job even on the rare occasion that I disagree with him. Being courteous and professional during disagreement is a very good trait to have, and I dare say that not everyone has it.
  13. I have seen quite a few travel bugs get "discovered" by newbies when they were actually "retrieved" When this option was first installed I thought it was a good idea, but I have seen it cause too much confusion for some. I am not going to judge why some people have a problem figuring this out, I just think that it is different perspectives on language.
  14. twood be mighty nice if there were a mirror on the east coast ...
  15. My Magellan with a 1GB memory card can hold the entire eastern US in detail maps. It would also hold every active geocache in the world if that were possible. So why not make PQ size unlimited? In reality there has to be a limit, and I think 500 is a good number. If you want more than 500 then make two PQs Here is how I setup my local PQs: PQ1: All caches placed prior to 2002 PQ2: All caches placed in 2003 PQ3: All caches placed in 2004 PQ4: All caches placed in 2005 PQ5: All caches placed in 2006 That is a total of 2165 caches with 100 miles of my house since 2002 & 2003 don't quite return 500 each. Now that I have these I never need to run PQ1-4 except to eliminate the archived caches. If I needed to I could then split 2006 into 2 PQs, but I haven't found the need to do that. Really, there is no need to have a PQ download more than 500. I find hunting the caches from PQ1 to be much more rewarding, and it isn't just because of their age. They just don't hide them like they used to!
  16. Yes, we all know about the power of GSAK. However GSAK doesn't do anything for the public display of stats.
  17. Just to clarify that I actually was not taking your quote out of context. I was using your quote as a contrast between what we both agree will not happen, which is delete multiple logs, to what we both hope will happen, which is include a unique finds count.
  18. I agree completely that Groundspeak is not and should not be "log police" However I think that having an additional number on the stats page that shows the total "unique" finds (a total number that excludes multiple logs of the same cache) would help to quell the problem to some degree. But better than that, it would be a more accurate total of caches found in most cases. This should a compromise solution for both camps. Unfortunately this would not discount the logs that a few people make on caches they never found - the so called armchair caches in states/countries that they have never visited. What kind of sick mind does that anyway?
  19. There is still a problem with GJ icons. When a cache has both white Jeeps and green Jeeps the search page shows the white Jeep icon, but the two green Jeeps show as a stacked coin icon. There are no coins in the cache. An example can be seen by searching on Zip 37387 and looking at the cache Belly of the Gizzard - GCY3HM.
  20. I would like to see the stats page also include the total number of unique finds. Not necessarily a number for each cache type, but one cumulative number at the bottom of the page.
  21. This has been asked for in the past. Glad to see it get more attention because I like the idea to. Hope to see it happen.
  22. Oh yes, the new search page is very nice! Now if there were just hot link PQs on search results
  23. As I think most people will agree, I really appreciate the quality web experience here at GC.com and the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to bring the community great features and functionality. But there is one thing that I have often hoped would eventually happen, but it has not yet. I would really like to see all of the various search options consolidated on the main Hide & Seek page. There are search functions on cache listings that are not on this page, and there are more search options on the results of a search, which are not available on the main Hide & Seek page. It would also be a very nice premium feature to have PQ hot links on the results of a search; a link that automatically generates a PQ of the search return. The hot link could still be restricted by the daily and max limits that are already in place
  24. If a cache only has a GJTB then the Jeep icon is visible on the search pages. However if a cache has a coin and a GJTP the stacked coin icons appears. Shouldn't both icons be seen like with the YJ & WJ, or is it intentional?
  25. I think Cadillac Ranch GCG71X and Bug Ranch GCDB98 are both must do caches.
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