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  1. To help anyone who might be interested, the cache in question is near Wellington State Park, in New Hampshire.
  2. I stay out of the woods period during "it's brown, it's down" season.......
  3. I know it's a bit late, but for the record, the lottery and liquor stores remained open because they're self-supporting. They don't need money from the state budget, so not having a state budget didn't affect them. The casinos got lucky that a judge allowed them to remain open, even though the regulators who monitor them are paid from the state budget, and they should have been forced to close with the parks, etc.
  4. I've been considering getting one, but the last I checked, you still couldn't use the SD card to store waypoint files. All waypoint have to be loaded into internal memory, which is rather limiting. When the unit will accept SD cards up to what, 2GB, you should be able to use it for waypoints as well as maps.
  5. Centered on the State College area, but including all of "central PA" you have the http://www.centralpageocachers.org Our website and forum are up and running, drop by anytime.
  6. BUMPING an old one. ENOUGH ALREADY bring on bikini weather smile.gif
  7. I find them mostly annoying. First, like Keystone said, few people actually read them, then will ask questions that are answered in them, so you end up with a bunch of replys saying "read the sticky, newb" Second, it's annoying to have to keep scrolling down past them to get to the new posts. One or two isn't bad, but I've been on forums with 6 or more and it's really annoying.
  8. I'm not sure if we have anyone close to you or not, but try at forums.centralpageocachers.org
  9. From a post by Delorme staffer CMason in the Delorme forums: Link to post
  10. It's really just a personal preference thing. I use track up with both my hand held and my laptop mapping. It's easier for me to tell at a glance of the screen what direction something is in relation to my current position. IE stuff toward the top of the screen is alway in front of me, stuff to the left is always to my left, etc.....(this assumes I'm moving at the time so the map is correctly oriented)
  11. In general, a dedicated handheld GPS is more durable and water resistant than a PDA. I'd imagine the vibrations of being mounted on a motorcycle might kill a PDA. Not to mention the first drop on a rock or in a stream/puddle while on the trail.
  12. Could be either. Is your GPS set to the WGS84 datum? Are you entering the coordinates correctly and in the correct format? If so, it's probably just needing some more experience. Check your local cache listings, start with 1 or 2 star difficulty, non-micro caches. Stuff like ammo cans and large tupperware type containers. If you still don't have any luck, check for an event in your area, or post in your local forum, asking for someone willing to tag along with you and show you the ropes.
  13. I found my first 3 caches on Christmas Eve 2002. Just because there's snow out there doesn't mean a newbie can't find caches. Other than the sometimes increased difficulty of finding the cache under the snow, it's the best caching time of the year. No ticks, mosquitoes , snakes, etc.
  14. We do, actually. We've even named a village after one of them. If you point your maps at N40° 19.558', W77° 3.244' you'll see the village of KEYSTONE, Pa.
  15. More from Delorme Same thread as the above posts, but more information has been added, and some questions answered. They've even posted pictures of the packaging. Tentative pricing (subject to possibly change) is also in there now. It'll use AA's or a Li-ion battery, SD cards (up to 2GB) USB transfer and 75MB internal memory.
  16. That sounds like a winning solution, I wonder if it'll ever get implemented?
  17. It's a Groundspeak change, and despite many of us complaining in a previous thread right after it happened (again), they haven't addressed it.
  18. Here is your proof, nobody is watching this cache (at the moment) and I'm pretty sure I exist. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...81-a6f1a119cd1f Nope, I just checked, it says 1 user is watching it. (and it's NOT me)
  19. There's not much you can do. Accept it, move on, and hope they place it someday.
  20. Well, you should know that by dropping the travel bugs into the cache, people can figure out the listed coordinates of the cache. (At least the coordinated listed at the time the bug was dropped) So, someone in your area could have a head start on a "found before published".
  21. It's gotta be less dangerous than looking at the small screen of a hand-held GPS. Also, Street Atlas has voice output, so you don't even have to look at the computer. It'll announce what road to turn on, how far, etc. No need for WiFi, just plug the GPS into the laptop.
  22. In the past, the answer has always been no. Either download one at a time, or use Pocket Queries to have a file e-mailed to you with multiple (up to 500) caches in it.
  23. Here's a better way to think of it. Guidelines allow reasonable exceptions, rules are hard and fast - no exceptions. There's a difference between a covered bridge across a small stream in hicksville, and say, the Chesapeake Bay bridge. A cache under/near the first likely won't cause any problems. A cache under the second will likely result in the bomb squad showing up.
  24. Congrats. I'm sure there's a nice story to go with the milestone..........
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