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  1. bring back the grandfathered locationless caches
  2. 1.McNabs Island Estuary by Dude-geologist (GC1H94C) 2.Purcell's Cove Quarry by Dude-geologist (GC18VWR) 3.Perched in Mount Uniacke by Dude-geologist (GC18P28) 4.Erratic behavior in Gander by Dude-geologist (GC17MV0) 5.Renfrew Gold by Dude-geologist (GC15QMC) 6.Halls Harbour Sea Cave by Dude-geologist (GC15G78) 7.Mount Uniacke Drumlin by Dude-geologist (GC14ZP7) 8.Coquina Reef by Dude-geologist (GC143A0) 9.Mistaken Point by ECT Hikers adopted by Dude-geologist (GC12YV3) 10.Chebucto Head Earthcache by Dude-geologist (GC1223Q) 11.Cobequid Chedabucto Fault by Dude-geologist (GC11WHZ) 12.Eastern Passage Earthcache by Dude-geologist (GC11QY3) 13.Blue Beach Fossil Earthcache by Dude-geologist (GC11JP6) 14.Cape Blomidon Cliffs by Dude-geologist (GC11J4Z) 15.Salt Marsh Earthcache by Dude-geologist (GC11B66) 16.St. Croix Karst Topo Earthcache by Dude-geologist (GC119V8) 17.Halls Harbour Earthcache by Dude-geologist (GC119AT)
  3. I have a list of 46 puzzle cache answers and growing....if anyone want them I email the solutions to them.
  4. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6260...sf%3Dp%26s%3D30 That group should be shutdown on the facebook site
  5. Nasty little suckers are all over Nova Scotia, I have two dogs and I spend about 1 hr checking them out after a caching trip. I'm up to 6 ticks on me so far this summer.
  6. I own 16 earthcaches and I would come to the gc.com fourm way more if there was a section devoted to them. I now tend to help newbies with EC devlopment all the time in my regional fourm.
  7. dude it's your cache if you don't find anything wrong with it log it if you do don't........no sense to log your own cache in my mind, who really cares what you total number of caches you found is?
  8. GC13DND~Allo Bruce GC134KA~Tribute to the Puzzle Man GCY7RP~Muggle Madness GCY7RQ~Thinking Like a Cammo Queen GCY7RM~Caching in Cole Harbour All in Nova Scotia in the Halifax area
  9. dude you'll just have to work on getting more in NFLD
  10. Sold the exploder yesterday and bought a vibe much better on gas......getting almost triple fuel efficiency
  11. Here in Nova Scotia it was Baby CK, think he was 39 hrs old baby ck
  12. me too the packing tape works wicked awesome
  13. Although, I do find that most multi's in my neck of the woods are still above average cache experiences. I've been getting the feeling that some are placed solely to bust the seekers chops or artificially make the cache harder. I agree with you on that
  14. very cool.....looks like they'll be some new nanos in halifax RFR?
  15. To be honest, I love Virtuals, but I really never could get into Waymarking I agree 100%
  16. Hard to call a kettle black if you haven't seen it.
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