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  1. Hi! I did the Verizon update for my Omnia, which is supposed to unlock the GPS, but I am having problems getting it to work. Was there any specific port setting or phone setting you had to use> Thanks!
  2. Home and Work locations would be nice too. Would love to build queries with work as center.
  3. Don't forget ALL the Rino models for Garmin on the GPS selection
  4. I agree this has been resolved successfully, but regret it had to be taken care of on a non-GC.com board because many of the dissenters were temporarily banned here and thus silenced.
  5. Okay, let's say it does take 30 seconds for a scubacacher to do all you say. So, that's 30 seconds and one email per cache per scubacacher. Now, multiply that 30 seconds and one email by the number of non-scubacaches the scubacacher will have to look at while trying to find a scubacache. Are you starting to see the point you've completely missed here? It's not a case of "I'm going to look for this cache, but do I need my scuba gear?" It's a case of, "Bloody heck! Aren't *ANY* of these blasted things *really* scubacaches?!?" (That's a paraphrase of what I myself was thinking when I spent an entire evening on my slow link trying to find a single real scubacache to find.) Scubacaching isn't something you do just because a nearby cache requires scuba gear. Scubacaching is something you do because you want to use your scuba gear to go caching! (I didn't think this was a very difficult concept, but the fact I am repeating myself like a broken record seems to indicate that I was apparently very wrong somehow.) Instead of a bookmark list of NON Scuba caches, why not make a USEFUL bookmark list like "Confirmed SCUBA Caches" for those "real scubacaches" you mentioned? Would make the homework that ALL cachers should do easier for the scuba cachers. DSL or even Fios will take care of that slow link problem ...
  6. Of course, it takes about 30 seconds to read the cache page, check the map for water at the cache site, AND email the owner to double check the attribute. If I was going to plan a whole day and journey around a cache or two, I would CERTAINLY confirm the attributes, scuba or any other. Common Sense should prevail, not attribute nazis
  7. The official UNOFFICIAL Inland Empire Cachers group: www.iecachers.org Southern California
  8. Is there a link to the Bowling Ball TB or have you only heard of it? This one was in Washington State at one time, but we picked it up here in So. Cal. this weekend. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...c8-91aba4affd94
  9. Long Beach - The Swimmer's Cache by Kevin & Susan (GC71D8)
  10. Come by here tomorrow and I'll see if I can give you some on hands help. Also only 200 geocaches per file but the amount of files are only limited by the amount of free space on your SD card. If I remember correctly you can have 500 P.O.I.s per file.Come on down you'll meet a lot of nice cachers. Thanks for the offer! I was already going to be there - helping with set-up and then returning from 4-6. I hope to run into you there. Jerry
  11. I just got an Explorist 500 - primarily because of the "unlimited" storage capability of the SD card. It seems to work great for maps so far, but I'm having a problem with geocaches. Every time I try to work with geocaches, they are not all showing up. I know there are geocaches in the file that are not showing up on my map screen, nor do they show up when I search by "nearest". I get a message "Some Geocache data can't be read due to size limitations" - and that's on a set of only a bit over 500 points. What's the point of "unlimited" if you can only load less than 500 - and even then, they STILL don't all show up. For example, I just loaded a set of 493 geocaches, but the 3 closest to my house aren't showing up on the map or search. Any help/info would help! Thanks! Jerry
  12. That's what topo maps are for When topo maps and/or topo software becomes free, then that would work. By that theory, you shouldn't need a GPS either. Topo maps have lat-long marked on them and you can find any coord from the map. Glad to see this change is in the works. Might as well use ALL the info the GPS gives you
  13. I've tried the Magellan mapping software and GSAK, but I should try EasyGPS. So far, I can't get either of the others to recognize that I have the 315 connected. My SportTrak Map works fine with the same cable on the Magellan mapping software and GSAK. Thanks Jerry
  14. I have a Magellan GPS315 that I would like to let my 8-yr old use (or my 5th graders at school), BUT I can't get the waypoints to transfer from the computer to the GPS unit. I was hoping someone might be able to HELP me. I have two different serial cables - both work with my SportTrak Map, but will not show the 315 as even being connected. The connections look the same - is it the same cable? Is there anything I need to know? I have set the baud rate and everything else I can find to the settings that work with the SportTrak, but still no luck. Thanks in advance! Jerry
  15. I have an extra, used Palm Tungsten C PDA in excellent condition that I would love to trade for an (approx.) equivalent value GPS or a couple lower-level GPS's. This is just the PDA alone - I do not have the charging cradle, though it will charge with the USB cord I have with it. Thanks!
  16. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the responses! I'll get together my replacement TB, and when my sons get here in a couple weeks, we'll get it sent out. Might even have to do it a couple of times - CA to Arbian Peninsula to CA back to AP and back to CA - about 50,000 miles?? COOL! Jerry
  17. I have a GPS 315 for my 8-yr-old to carry while geocaching. Does anyone know if it will use the same serial PC cable as a SporTrak Map (the connection looks the same) or is it a different cable? Thanks!
  18. I still have the Palm TUNGSTEN C that I'd love to trade for a nice GPS - would have to have WAAS and PC connectivity.
  19. I teach 6th grade GATE. Would love to get them to do a little GPSing around the school!
  20. I saw your PM yesterday - I was thinking about it, but I think I'd rather have an actual GPS unit (for kids) as opposed to a PDA with GPS attachment. Thanks for the offer and I hope you enjoy your Zire 72. Our school principals have then and seem to like them. One reason I wanted the Tungsten C was the built in Wi-Fi - you have to add a component to the Zire to get Wi-Fi. Good luck on your sale also! Jerry
  21. But, if it were included as a field on the cache submission page, then it could download as part of the .gpx and actually show the altitude of the cache on the GPS. I agree, when you are hiking (or considering hiking) up a hill/mountain, it'd be nice to know in advance how much elevation change there will be from your start point.
  22. I'd like to see an (optional) field on the cache submission page for cache altitude/elevation. I don't think it's anywhere near accurate enough to worry about giving away cache locations, but would sure be nice to know when you're hiking up a hill/mountain and you want to know how much the elevation is going to change from your starting point.
  23. I also now have a Tungsten C available for trade. This is just the PDA itself - when I got it, I did not receive the cradle, cables, CD, or even stylus. I use a Tungsten C and love it. The built-in Wi-Fi is great and I like the mini keyboard at the bottom of the unit. You can see specs at: http://www.palm.com/us/products/handhelds/tungsten-c/ Thanks!
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