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  1. Wildchld97, I have a Garmin Venture. It isn't fancy and doesn't have maps but it works great for finding geocaches and is in excellent condition. I have the computer serial cable so you can use it to create tracks and download them to the unit off of a map. You can upload tracks from the unit, as well. It may take me a few days to round up the manual, computer cable. and software but if you want it, it's yours. Just PM me the address to ship to as I need nothing in return. I am not using the unit and I would love for it to go to someone serving our country. GPSOkie
  2. I was in the grocery store earlier today for about 30 minutes. I came out, took the 60CSx out of the glove box and turned it on. It locked pretty much instantly (1-2 seconds). I was reading this thread and decided to try it sitting at my desk near a window. It locked in 24 seconds after being off for 3 hours. All that said, it can take 30-45 seconds to get a lock in the mornings after being off nearly 12 hours. All in all, much better than my previous units.
  3. I would think that something is wrong. I am new to the 60CSx (have had it a week but have been using GPS since the 90's) and mine is very accurate, so far. I've done 3 caches with the 60CSx and in all instances, the unit brought me in to 10-15 feet. As the others have said, check WAAS and battery saver. Not sure on the compass. I've calibrated mine twice (new and one battery change) and with constant use, the compass has been quite impressive to me. I would say that mine is staying around +/- 3-5 degrees. I don't know how many caches you have done but the other possibility is that the person who placed the cache didn't do a good job getting their coordinates.
  4. PM sent. I will take the Map410 if still available.
  5. I was reading on this forum about external antennas and someone recommended Gilsson. On a lark, I went to their website and ended up buying and external active antenna for my Lowrance H2Oc because they cost next to nothing ($19.95 or so). I ordered on Sunday and it arrived in my mailbox on Wednesday. I was quite excited and immediately hooked up the antenna and walked outside. I turned on the H2Oc and about the time I got the standard "Do no use for official navigation" warning, I got my "position acquired" notification. I'm talking seconds within turning on the unit!! I have been playing with the antenna for the last 24 hours and though I have been using GPS since 1998, I can't believe that it took me this long to acquire an external antenna! I have used pretty much every brand of available GPS (Magellan, Garmin, Lowrance) through the years and I cannot stress enough how much of a difference that these external antennas make. Lock ons are nearly instantaneous and EPE is narrowed greatly. I don't think I will ever be without one beyond today. I also can highly recommend Gilsson as they deliver quickly and seem to have a great product. I was alway very happy with my Lowrance products, but this inexpensive add-on has really added the icing to the cake.
  6. I do see your point. I have two longer term caches and as of yet, all logs have been in my native language. On a personal level, I don't care what language the log is in as long as they had fun finding the cache. I would be disappointed that I couldn't read the log, but I would never delete it. Were it to happen to me, I would probably run it through a translator until I found the right language I wouldn't be put out by that though. Just my opinion!
  7. I've not personally dealt with them, but my caching buddy has bought from them several times and has had nothing but positive to say about his experiences with them.
  8. Great topic. I have the same issue with my RAM mount and my H2Oc. Dremel to the rescue...
  9. There is the Tulsa Area Geocachers. Here is a link to their "forum": http://groups.yahoo.com/group/geocacheok/ They have a monthly get together. I am planning to attend the next one, myself.
  10. I agree, the wife doesn't know that I'm getting off work early and the weather could not be better for caching!! Actually, this happened to me just the other day.
  11. As others have said, "welcome to the obsession!". I'm feeling a need to get out and cache tomorrow, myself.
  12. I wouldn't sweat it. In internet years,geocaching has been around a long time. You would have to search far and wide to find a topic that has not been discussed at some point! It would be almost impossible not to hit on topics more than once. Additionally, if we never hit on old topics, there would be very few new post. It is always a good idea to look for recent post, but short of that, I say post away. Personally, I like discussing both old and new ideas. A newer member may have a fresh perspective on an old topic.
  13. I biased as I'm a big Lowrance fan, but I love the H2O. I have had both it and the iFinder Pro recently and love them both.
  14. Hmmm...in recent history, my other hobby, has actually fallen into a similar situation. I used to have to pay a nominal fee to the BATF to store rocket motors (about what I pay to be a premium member here) and the government decided to run the fee for the license through the roof. My $30 a year hobby now cost several hundred just for the license. So, as hypothetical goes, you never know. Currently, we are in the midst of a lawsuit to resolve the issue. Ironically, there are a lot of parallels between the hobbies. Geocaches being blown up due to security concerns and rocket motors that are considered low-end explosives the require a LEUP permit to store. Actually, I can see the government requiring some type of license or permit to place geocaches since the unsuspecting public occasionally reports or caches as possible weapons. Very thought provoking post!! I truly hope it never comes to that.
  15. Another option, if you are feeling brave, is eBay. If you shop a little and be careful, you can find some bargins. I recently picked up a Lowrance iFinder Pro with the software package for $72. I was suprised when I got it as it was pretty much as new. I couldn't find any indication that it had been used. The software hadn't even been opened. I was a pretty nice deal for a mapping GPS and all the goodies (card reader, 32mb card, and two CD map package). I already had the software package so I stuck that back on eBay and it sold tonight for over $91. Basically, I ended up getting the GPS for free and made $19 on the software. I love it when I get lucky! If you want to go retail, I agree with the recommendation of the Etrex yellow. It is hard to beat.
  16. Congrats on your first find!! My first find was a micro as well. It took me two tries because a police officer was parked about three feet from the cache the first time I tried. I wasn't that brave yet so I came back. It was about 3 blocks from work and made a nice lunch cache .
  17. If it is on your desk, I would assume that you are not getting the best reception. A more accurate test would be to set it outside with a clear view of most of the sky. It will still wander around a bit. That is normal. If it make 20-30 6 foot jumps over 30 minutes, it will add up quickly. But again, that is normal.
  18. Thanks for the info. I may have to pick some up for flashlights and some of my other stuff I don't use frequently. Good to see that they have addressed the problem with NiMHs!
  19. I will second the booties idea if you are caching on rocks. My dachshund used to cache with me a lot until he got arthritis. I didn't think about booties until he got some small lacerations on his feet one time. After he got used to the booties, he never had a problem again. Winston has become a pillow potatoe in his old age. While I'm out caching, he stays at home with mom on his electrically heated pillow and watches TV. I swear he laughed out loud at me the other day when I came back from caching in the snow.
  20. These sound great for devices that have a lot of down time. I have several devices that see little service and it irks me when I have no juice and I haven't hardly used the device. Does anyone know how these last compared to NiMH while in actual in use?
  21. Kinda...I have a blog that I write about my geocaching. I like it better than a diary in that I can post photos to it and share with anyone who has internet access.
  22. Wow, I didn't realize that the prices on this GPS had dropped so quickly. I also looked at eBay and found similar results. I agree that a price drop is warranted. I will PM you about your offer. $100 shipped is good for me.
  23. I just upgraded to a Lowrance H2O Color so I am selling my black and white H2O. This is a great little unit that includes the GPS and a car charger. I have been using it for geocaching and travel for about 7 months. It has done very well for me geocaching. It includes the base Lowrance maps for the USA. You can buy the MapCreate software and have the detailed maps. I'm a big fan of Lowrance and think these are some of the best GPS units made. You certainly get a lot of bang for you buck with these units. I am asking for $150 via postal money order OBO. The unit is in perfect working order and has normal wear that you would expect on a 7 month old unit. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!
  24. The Palm TX is sold! Thanks, everyone.
  25. No, sorry, I had an account a long time ago, but it is no longer active and I can't seem to remember or find my password. Calling them is of little help, as well !!
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