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  1. Hello Just thought I would drop a note. My wifes sister passed from cancer. When we got hooked by the caching bug we hid a cache at her grave in her memorie. Karla would of Loved the sport of caching as we have gotten all of her family involved in it also. Any way the cache is GCTMMR, and yes it is incorparated into her hed stone. So if you ever travel across Kansas it is in Hays just a little off of I-70. Thanks Hipper
  2. I know I'm to late, have been very busy with life and remodeling the house and havent been on the forums lately. I would love to be on the coin if possible thou. Thanks Hipper
  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Hipper
  4. Thanks so much for the great deal. or should I say free gift. Hipper
  5. I went to order mine and in the middle of it my internet went out and couldnt get it fixed. Had to call my mother-in-law and walk her thru it to get one ordered but I got it. She liked it an also ordered on for her. I did miss out on the gift with all the confusion. Have recived the coins and will release mine over christmas break. Thanks for such a great deal. Hipper
  6. Just ordered one. I am a Boy Scout leader and also adicted to coins, so I love coins made by scouts. Thanks Hipper
  7. Got mine here in Kansas today. Very cool coin glad I got one !! Thanks Hipper
  8. Im shure someone has it but I'll try $5.30 !! Hipper
  9. I'm still waiting also. Haven't seen mine yet. Hipper
  10. activation code smactivation code!!! I'm still waiting for my coins. Just cant wait. Hipper
  11. Are the coins sold out? tryed the web link and all I get is pics of coins no info Hipper
  12. I think it is a great idea. It gives you another coin or set to collect. If you are from a city or have cached in that city that a coin is made for it just gives another coin to collect and if people dont like it they dont have to by it. Some one has to step up and make the coins. Just my opinion Hipper
  13. How about Wichita Kansas, There is over 500 caches within 50 mile radius of Wichita area. Ranging from 5/5s to easy vurtuals and also a web cam cache and benchmarks next to caches. I will have to do some resurc for an Icon for Wichita. Hipper
  14. will also be looking for pre-orders. Very cool coin set. Hipper
  15. I would be interested in the 3" coin. Hipper
  16. Sent email for 1. I think it is a great idea. Why would you say this has nothing to do with geocaching. Isnt a large part of geocaching getting out in nature and seing things and sharing that with our kids so that they grow up to apriciate the great things in our world. Besides as a scout leader I have seen other scout troups make geocoins and sell them as a fund raiser what is the diff. ? Hipper
  17. sent payment on paypal Thanks Hipper you say they are not numbered but they are trackable arn't they?
  18. Southwest Kansas Geocachers http://users.ucom.net/~werwe/swkg/swkghome.html We try to have dinner events quarterly, and have had a Fall Find weekend event.
  19. My first payment went to wrong adress. Sent new payment to correct adress for 2 race sets Sorry for the confusion, cant wait to get the race started. Hipper
  20. I got a huge awsome looking Inital point coin. 3 inch coin. Thanks for the late sale Glen. Hipper
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