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  1. Very nice photos! 👍 Congratulation to all participants and thank you for sharing!
  2. Such follow-up is greatly appreciated by the participants. Thank you worrellsquirrel! 👍🏻
  3. Are the bugs reported here and in the "Bug reports and feature discussions" considered by Groundspeak?
  4. Until the bug is fixed, thank you KRON family for this temporary solution!
  5. In the Filters window, I am not able to enter a "Not found by" username including an ampersand. Examples: Casper&Aero Wiseman & Naï Yet, these geocachers exist and are active. Casper&Aero : https://www.geocaching.com/p/?guid=e300c0d8-36d9-4e88-9052-037d749f544e Wiseman & Naï : https://www.geocaching.com/p/?guid=44bae090-4713-45fc-b8b6-cf10b7dbff1d Looks like a bug?
  6. I was just asking myself the same question. There is a series of Letterbox Hybrid caches that interests me. But I don't want to start the series until I am 100% sure that all the final coordinates are correct. The possibility of having a Solution Checkers on Letterbox Hybrid would be so appreciated.
  7. We have the same need here as the stages of some Adventure Labs are very far from each other. This is the case with the Ponts couverts exceptionnels du Québec Adventure Lab with hundreds of kilometers between each stage... Among the possible solutions, I would like to have the possibility of having the choice between two views in the Adventure Lab App: Adventure Lab View (Current View) Lab Cache View (Stages View), which could include only the "available" stages, i.e .: - all the uncompleted stages of non-linear adventures - the next uncompleted stage of linear adventures Regards!
  8. I had the same problem this morning but everything was sorted out quickly. Well done ! 👍
  9. Cache: Evolution (Near Lake Powell, North of Page, Arizona) Found: May 22, 2015 Colorful view from the cache (late PM)
  10. After more than two months, no official response from HQ regarding our needs... It seems to me that geocachers deserve more listening and respect, especially the Premium Members who like me have been supporting Groundspeak for so many years. 🤑
  11. I am now retired but as a former IT architect, I have tendency to provide solutions... But here, as a user, I should rather express my needs, not offer solutions. Sorry Groundspeak! According to previous posts, there are two main needs : Have the possibility to download the WP of the Lab Caches of an area in our GPS in order, among other things, to optimize our route plans. Have the possibility to download the WP of our Lab Caches found in order to get the most accurate GSAK statistics possible. The ImportAdventureLabs GSAK macro met these two needs but it is no longer usable since you have deactivated the 2 APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These needs are real so, like many geocachers, I hope that Groundspeak will provide some solutions soon. Regards!
  12. Oops, sorry about the misunderstanding! Yes, it is only a mock up to show what one of the potential solutions might look like for those who want to import their Lab Caches found into GSAK using a GPX file.
  13. You mean something like a "Download GPX" option in our Found Lab Caches Webpage?
  14. I too am very disappointed with Groundspeak's decision. The GSAK macro offered us an eco-responsible approach to Adventure Labs by allowing us to optimize our route plans. To meet the needs of geocachers and for respect for the environment, thank you Groundspeak for finding a solution to this problem as quickly and effectively as possible! Incorporating good environmental practises into geocachers daily activities should be part of all decisions made by Groundspeak. Best regards!
  15. OK, some explanations... Version 1: Remove duplicate logs I don't know why, but my Garmin GPSmap 62s sometimes tends to crash after a "Found it", and I have to reboot my GPS resulting with duplicate "Found it" in my Field Notes file. After a few months of frustration, I decided to develop a script that removes duplicates Field Notes by keeping only the last one. In the following example, the GC9AX69 and GC9AX6H Field Notes are duplicated. After running the Field Notes Cleaner, the duplicates are removed. Version 2: Split DNF from Found it Using GSAK, as I like to first log my "Found it" and then log my DNF, I created a 2nd version of my tool allowing to split my "Found it" and my DNF in 2 parts. In the following example, after running the Field Notes Cleaner, the DNF are separated from the "Found it". Version 3: Remove logs with LB cache prefix Since I use my GPS for both geocaches (GC...) and Lab Caches (LB...), I added an option allowing me to remove LB caches before logging my "Found it" geocaches with GSAK. Here is an example of my 15 caches found today: 5 geocaches and 10 Lab Caches. After running the Field Notes Cleaner, the Lab Caches are removed resulting in 5 geocaches Field Notes ready to process in GSAK. Version 4: Add an option to remove Field Notes before a specific date and add a Found Caches Counter Option Here is an example with the Found Caches Counter Option activated The final result is a tool that I called "Field Notes Cleaner", that meets my personal needs and that I thought I would share with those interested. Regards!
  16. Hi all ! I am pleased to share with you this online tool that I developed for my personal needs: Field Notes Cleaner Feel free to use it if you want. Happy Geocaching! Luc
  17. La cache aurait-elle été archivée récemment ?
  18. Some old Adventure Lab Web Pages with accented characters are still not accessible. Examples: Une promenade dans le cimetière Elmwood https://labs.geocaching.com/Adventures/Details/3412a8d7-30ae-44e7-8b7c-b0d9a27fe64d => https://labs.geocaching.com/goto/cimetièreelmwood Parc de la rivière Beauport https://labs.geocaching.com/Adventures/Details/595f0985-4236-4b2a-a43e-865b4c2e8d64 => https://labs.geocaching.com/goto/rivièrebeauport À la découverte de Métis-sur-Mer https://labs.geocaching.com/Adventures/Details/f3f02682-e00c-4f8b-946f-7580ee3787f9 => https://labs.geocaching.com/goto/métis-sur-mer Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière https://labs.geocaching.com/Adventures/Details/421b8865-3fe4-42a6-acd3-2e1fc7671c97 => https://labs.geocaching.com/goto/chutes-chaudière Etc. Would it be possible to correct this bug? Thank you!
  19. Sorry if I was a bit rude in my previous answer, I apologize. For a new Adventure Lab, it's okay not to have the "Custom access code" field. The URL is then generated automatically. But for existing Adventure Labs with invalid or non-functional URL, geocachers need a way to correct the situation because right now, there are hundreds and hundreds of invalid URLs around the world that cannot be fixed (there are accented characters in several languages including Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, etc.). Regards!
  20. I don't believe what I'm reading ... Trying to fix a problem, they create another one... These programmers have blinders? Can't they see the collateral damage of such changes? If the field has been removed, how will the geocachers be able to correct their invalid link? The solution was simple: Validate the "Custom access code" field to get a valid and functional URL.
  21. Problem already submitted in July 2019 but Groundspeak never corrected the situation by validating the "Custom access code" field to get a valid and functional URL. Please validate the "Custom access code" field to get a valid and functional URL https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/357465-please-validate-the-custom-access-code-field-to-get-a-valid-and-functional-url/
  22. Thank you Groundspeak for this new D/T search feature which partially meets this need expressed in November 2019: https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/353876-release-notes-website-search-filters-october-23-2019/&tab=comments#comment-5803652
  23. No, Brompton is not in my area and I don't know this geocacher.
  24. Got the same icon on my Android Adventure Lab App. I have no idea what this icon means.
  25. Great minds think alike! This issue was raised in July but was never resolved by Groundspaek ... !!!
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