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  1. First I want to say thank you folks for the help! I think it's figured out, I turned off GLONASS and enabled WAAS and now it seems to be fine! Worked great this morning during testing it. I had no bouncing around at all. HUGE THANK YOU Also yes I could return it, I got it from Best Buy but I truly want it to work for me but if more issue's come up that would be an option for me. After reading a bunch of reviews on the 700 series most people love them and don't have many problems with it. I think it's a great unit, the screen is great and I like how geocaching works on it! Now if I could only get a car mount for a reasonable price! LOL, but that's a whole other thing!
  2. Okay I'll go out tomorrow with it and take a video showing what's going on. Often times I'm actually out in the open but this happens all times! It only gets worse when I'm in the thick woods. Also I'm holding my Montana upright in my hand, it does have a silicone cover on it but if you think that will make a difference I'll take it off. Thank you for your reply. I'm hoping it's just a simple setting or user error!
  3. Okay so a little back story, I recently got back into Geocaching from a long hiatus! I came from a old Garmin Map60CSX (great handheld back in the day) but mines been lost or gone somehow. Anyway since getting back out there I've bought a Garmin Colorado 300, Colorado 400t, Oregon 300, Montana 550t and now the Garmin 750i (top of the line $800 GPS!) But my question is what's the deal with these newer Montana's accuracy bouncing all over the place? Shouldn't they actually be better then the older units? My Colorado 300's LCD screen burned up so I got the 400t and it was very accurate and never seemed to bounce around much same goes with the Oregon as well. But both Montana's are all over the place! I'm talking sometimes saying over 100-150 feet in the wrong direction! I've calibrated them multiple times but get the same results. Am I missing something here? After I bought the Montana 550t (mainly because of the bigger screen) and this started happening I got frustrated thus the reason I went all out and bought the Montana 750i I mean at this rate I might as well just use my cell phone! Anyone else have this issue? Or any idea as to what I should try? These newer GPS's can't be this bad compared to the older ones! Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Team Gryarvold I figured it out. Just do the same thing as before and upload the image to the cache page. Then where the image is listed on the page click on edit. Then click on the photo......And copy and paste your toolbar......and add it to your html.......I hope this helps you out.......
  5. I'm having the same problem! All along I was using http://nozen.com/geo/html.htm But now that don't seem to work.....Is there another cheat sheet out there? Help PLEASE! I do like the new features.....I'm just stupid to how everything works yet!
  6. We still have caches to log from the weekend! Site is to slow......I would rather pay more a month!.......This sucks!
  7. York County Geocaching Society YCGS This group was put together in 2005 Right now we have around 50 members and were still growing! If your ever in the York area drop us a line! We have monthly meetings every 4th. Thursday of the month with prize drawings and monthly newsletters. And sometimes get together for some group caching. Right now we are working on a "mystery" event called CoPaTo (COunty PArk TOur) this will be a mystery event with 8-10 new caches will be placed in York County's major parks, with information in each cache that will lead you to the final "mystery" event! This is just now in the works and the final is looking to be sometime in Sept. Mark DoverDoggs
  8. We have two ETON Beamer Scooters. They go 40-50 MPH and the gas is great! Although we haven't went caching with them yet....Not really sure why...Just haven't...... Our Scooters
  9. We'll be there and are looking forward to it
  10. You might want to check out Ebay. I just got into this myself and I got mine from Walmart for $100 it's the cheap Etrex. It works fine for caching! My friend got one not to long ago on Ebay for around $60. It was around 5 years old but it works! I hope this helps you out......
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