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Milestone Congratulations


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It is interesting to see how much interest there is in this topic.


With 69 full pages of comments there have been 77000 views. That means that each page is looked at an average of just over 1100 times including the 50 posts for each page.


Over one thousand hits per page, most likely within a two to three week period, is pretty impressive. I wonder if the Wienerpooch thought this would be such a popular subject.

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Congrats to Pyewacket on 300, Love on her 200, and RocketGlider on 2000!! WTG!!!

Wow...! 2,000 makes my mere 300 sound like...well...a mere 300! Still, I'm tickled that my milestone was reached at Harriet's event, surrounded by friends who welcomed me to the caching community of the PNW with open arms. :blink:


Congrats, RocketGlider, Love <3, the Scooby Trio, and everyone. :blink:

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Congrats to Shaggy, Scooby & Velma on hitting 1000 today!! Great Job!! :laughing:







W00T!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!


WOO HOO, to 3 of my "almost" favorite cachers :D Looks like a Giant bowling pin beind you. And we Know there are bowling pin TBs making the rounds :laughing:


Way to go! And with something like 1,000,000 trackables to boot! B)

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Congrats to Snookie74, on getting her 800th on Vashon Island at Vashon-????. It was the 6th find on a 25 fer 25 day, to clear out the Island.


WoW 25 for 25 on Vashon. Been years since I have been there. Is the bicycle tree still active? Congrats Snookie 74. We traveled to Bellingham but only found 13 but cleared Whatcom County for the Washington State County Challenge. Now we just need Pend Orelle.

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Hit my 100th earth cache find today in TN. wishthere was more earth caches to find around Kentucky.


Regional applause. :) Congrats on your milestone but why post it here? Just curious. I know you passed through the area last April...


Because I lived in the area from 2002-2006. Lived in Olympia, Steliacoom, Dupont, Washington and then Fairbanks, Alaksa.


I will be living Washington soon when I retire from the Army.

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Congrats to OldBaldEagle who hit 3000 and intolerable who hit 500 at Loci yesterday. We'd spent nine hours snowshoeing with the MMM to and from a DNF at Hadley Falls (WAY too much snow) and had just enough left in us to get the milestones in. Way to go guys!



Congrats to Glenn and Chris, I bet this is one you'll remember for a looooong time. :anibad: So sorry I was unable to go with you guys yesterday. :laughing:

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Congratulations to rodgowdy who found #800 at my Kaboutertuin cache today. And he hasn't even been caching a year yet...


Thanks to nevcowpok for telling me that fauxSteve recognized my 800th in this forum and thanks to fauxSteve (Obewankenobe puzzle master) for doing so!

The caching community is wonderful, I have made many new friends, and discovered some old ones!

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