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Milestone Congratulations


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Thanks for all the well wishes everyone


WRASTO, tell me about it, my finds are going to be few and far between. However I will still be making it to the cache machine.


Hydnsek I perfer to think of her as the Winter solstice baby. She was ten days late and we started having strong contractions and went to the hospital around 10 pm on the 21st, that works out to about the actual winter solstice. (this year it was 12/22/07 at 6:08 am UTC)


She won't buy it, but I am just happy that she wasn't a true x-mas baby.

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The Birdy(s), not dealing in HTML, can only offer Hydnsek congrats and a subdued "woot!

We know that "objects in the rear view mirror may be closer than they appear"


What are you saying about my butt? :sad::sad:


Thanks, guys, means a lot! It was especially meaningful because I got to have my cousins with me, and we did the multicache at the Albuquerque Intl Balloon Museum (very cool), since the first place they took me after moving there in 1993 was to the International Balloon Festival to see the dawn mass launch (700 balloons at sunrise, awesome!). I wasn't originally planning on hitting 4000 down there, so I had to spend a very cold day beforehand doing some less-than-stellar Albuquerque caches to get the numbers.

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But, we managed to hit 100 before the new year, at 2 months and 5 days of caching!

oh, and 14 hides as well. Do people hit Hide milestones also?

Woo Hoo!! Congrats, that's the best milestone of all! :( Great meeting you at the WSGA Holiday Party - and thanks for all the hides, as well. Happy New Year!

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I just noticed that Serevanth has passed the 1000-find mark in just under one year of caching! Congratulations, Serevanth!



Congrats on 1000 Serevanth!!


And CONGRATULATIONS to YOU on your own recent 1000th, Spy!


A hearty Congrats to both Serevanth and Harriet the Spy on their first 4-digit milestone! Way to go! :(

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Congrats to Lucky Koi on her 100th find. About every 6 months we travel to Shelton to do her caches. Some we find, some we don't but they are all interesting. Sorry she has to travel away from Shelton to

find a cache that is not hers. Thanks for the great caches. Dick

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