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  1. My recent trip to Geowoodstock has resulted in acquiring and releasing a couple players from the roster. Please refigure my totals/ranking. Thanks!
  2. Please recalculate! I have assembled my players, and found the final on 04/18/2012. 4943 points as of that date.
  3. Just noticed this thread so I'm adding my congrats on the 2011 Forester. I was in the market a couple years back and test drove a Honda CRV, a Toyota RAV4 and a Forester. I chose the Forester (2010). The full-time 4WD only carries with it a 1 MPG penalty and it's sure nice to have. I get 24.0 MPG back and forth to work and got 28.5 MPG each direction driving to last year's WSGA Campout in Clarkston. The visibility of the Premium trim level with the moon roof is amazing, and was a main selling point for me. Mine is the auto tranny, sage green and I added the optional spoiler to set it apart in parking lots. Never regretted my choice. Enjoy!
  4. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Bob was a great guy and I will be forever grateful to him for the opportunity to go flying with him in his RV6A. Every time I look at those pictures I took during those flights I'll think of him. One of the best people I have been blessed to meet through Geocaching.
  5. Mine is here too. Ordered on the 14th. Quick shipment! Now to learn how to set it up.
  6. I wonder if anyone has been up there yet to survey the situation first hand. The cache maggot may have been lazy. He may have not wanted to pack that heavy, cumbersome container down the Annette Lake Trail and risk being seen doing so by geocachers coming up. He may have just heaved it down the hillside. In which case it could be recovered, returned to the coordinates and unarchived. I know the chances are slim but it might be worth checking on. This cache means alot to so many.
  7. I'm thinking of picking one up in the near future to throw in my glove box as an emergency spare. Please post up a review after you've gotten a chance to play with it. EDIT to add: Can you say why you went with the 1¼ band over 70cm? I have that band in my VX-8 but haven't heard much activity there. 1.25 meters has always intrigued me and it's hard to find radios that offer the band for a reasonable price. It was a selling point that it was available on this unit. I understand some local cachers regularly make use of the band and its lack of activity could be a blessing in some situations. Also, the wavelength is long enough to be affected by a number of propagation modes. I ordered an antenna BNC adapter so I can mess around with yagi antennas too. This is my first HT so if I like it I can always upgrade. I'll post my impressions of the unit after I've played with it a while.
  8. After reading the reviews on this unit it sounded too good to pass up. I just ordered one for 2M and 1.25M with several accessories. Wouxun is coming out with a mobile unit in the near future, pricing and release date unknown.
  9. OMG! It's really archived! I never thought this day would ever come .
  10. k7-wave

    Geo Art

    I did this one last December: GC1V3FW. A 26-cache smiley face in Rio Rancho, NM (NW of Albuquerque).
  11. k7-wave


    I'll be in Minnesota and regret missing the memorials. If I can't light a candle at 6:00PM Central, then I'll light up my GPSr for sure.
  12. I didn't get to work them but I did go over and have a chat with the ops. They had made some contacts into California on 20 meters. They also had some QSL cards scattered about for 2 meter QSOs by attendees to pick up! I would have worked them from home if I had known.
  13. k7-wave


    I was stunned to read this sad news this evening. I have cached with Brian so many times I can't remember them all. Cache Machines, both official and unofficial, WSGA campouts, informal events in Monroe, the Lord Hill through-hike where we celebrated his 1000th find, Even the Iron Horse cycling event where he was there to meet us in Cle Elum. I didn't realize just how badly his health had declined. I regret not spending time with him over the GW8 weekend, one last time. He will be missed by the sport but especially by all who were blessed to know him personally.
  14. Wow, that is amazing. I remember this TB very well, being the first to move it. Appearing in Ohio after five years missing? Unbelievable.
  15. Thanks for noticing! Like the plodding turtle it took 7.5 years to reach this milestone but it was achieved at GC1AV6D on Friday in the good company of jcar, GrievousAngel and Johnny Cache 79.
  16. The server is not recognizing certain older types of .jpg files. Like the kind my favorite editing software produces. Tried another more modern but seldom used editing software and those .jpg's load up fine.
  17. Vista Home Premium / IE8. It worked fine on Friday. Saturday-present: server error every time.
  18. I've been trying to upload pics to a CITO event since Saturday (65-120K each). Couldn't do it then, can't do it now. "500 Internal server error" every time.
  19. I am planning on attending.. Should be fun. Terrible Ts I loved this cache and may try to hook up with you guys! It would just be Velma! Scooby will be in school! I may be joining the group for this. Plenty of sick time saved up. I was last here at the radio mast with another caching group in Jan 2005, one month before the cache was placed, and have therefore never done this classic cache.
  20. Thanks for noticing! What a great and worthy cache that is. I loved it.
  21. This is so close to home that I should be able to stop by. I, too, found a distinctive Team Pez geocoin a couple years ago and moved it on.
  22. Definitely, curious minds wanna know. Linky! Yes, that's it! It was open to anyone and free. Be sure to get your name on the next mission which will be the Mars Science Laboratory rover.
  23. Hey K7-wave! I see you! Here you are on Mars!! http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/phoenix/...D10_RRGBM1.html Yeah, that's the disc alright. The weather's great here on Mars .
  24. I''m really looking forward to this mission. The lander contains a DVD with 250K names on it and one of them is mine. Even got a nice certificate attesting to the fact. I'll be at the Sacramento airport tomorrow at touch down time; hopefully they will have the announcement of a successful landing before I board my flight.
  25. Insane!! Fun to watch but I would never do it.
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