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  1. No offense, but let's stop talking down to those of us who are seriously and significantly inconvenienced by the loss of this tool. For us, the game and Google Earth do not work fine without each other. There are workarounds for some of the lost functionality - but they're all much more time consuming and/or more difficult to use and often only replace a portion of the lost functionality.
  2. Mine too... Had to download the Garmin WebUpdater program and update the firmware and chipset to fix it.
  3. - Google Earth will load .kml and . kmz files. Google Maps does not. - Google Earth allows you to draw radius's, squares, paths, etc... Google Maps does not. - Google Earth allows you to toggle on multiple useful layers of data... Google Maps does not. - Google Earth allows you to see boundary lines, and load .kml and . kmz for those it does not do natively. Google Earth is limited on the first, and does not the last. Etc... etc... They don't have to be precise. The imprecise coordinates are more than good enough to tell me whether or not I need to investigate that cache in more detail. That is, your argument rests on the broken assumption that the only possible reason to use a mapping tool is to find the precise bush a geocache is located under. (Setting aside the laughable notion that the cache's actual coordinates at Geocaching.com are consistently that accurate.) I'm currently using it to plan a caching run Memorial Day weekend - in previous years, it's been trivially easy to open Google Earth and take a quick look to see if there were any caches near our routes between non-geocaching stop or near those stops. Or, more correctly, all I have (had) was cause the plugin to refresh because I already had Google Earth open to plan and map those stops. Getting the same data without the plugin takes much more time, and leaves me with a mess (in the form of PQ's, route queries, and downloaded files) that I have to clean up. It may not be a feature that's important to your game... But it is to my game, and other's as well.
  4. I can't speak to Project-GC, but as a workaround, GSAK is... well, words simply fail me. I love GSAK, and use it regularly, but it's MUCH harder and takes MUCH longer to get the information Google Earth provides with a single mouse click.
  5. Hopefully soon! I use this feature extensively!
  6. It's the same thing that's been around, and called the viewer, for at least seven or eight years now. Anyhow, no, I am not exceeding my view count. And I can't download a fresh copy, the link off my profile just goes to a blank page and Google Earth does not open.
  7. Anyone else having problems with the Google Earth viewer? Mine, seemingly randomly, just ceases to function, the little animated icon goes red and it returns no caches. Sometimes for a couple of hours, sometimes for days.
  8. Elde

    Cruise to Alaska

    We did some caching when we made an Alaska cruise a few years back... and it was pretty much like caching anywhere else, except in the more touristy areas there was a massive muggle factor. (Mostly other tourists, so you won't stand out in that respect.) There can also be a lot of cachers, when we did the cache right off the piers in Skagway (which appears to be archived now), it was practically like a cache machine - a steady stream of cachers on their way to and from the cache. Also, how are you going to log? Cell coverage can be (or at least was) spotty and data coverage was worse, the ship's data rates were frighteningly expensive... So, either plan on keeping your (electronic) logs until you get home, or keep paper logs until you get home. Another thing to keep in mind is time, distance, and transportation - can you find the cache, obtain transport, and make it back to the boat in time? They won't wait for you, and they will leave you behind.
  9. The Challenge 2 macro (http://gsak.net/board/index.php?act=ST&f=7&t=17379) also supports the Kitsap County Challenge. And I'm not finding any maps in your profile...
  10. It's absolutely amazing how many non geotrails start right at the main trail and run right to the geocache isn't it?
  11. I dropped my 60CSX about 3ft, and now it no longer navigates (shows distance, heading, and ETA on the compass screen). Oddly enough all other functions work just fine. Even more oddly, after picking a waypoint but before hitting goto - it does show the (correct) heading and distance. I replaced the batteries and did a hard reset, and the problem still remains... Any ideas?
  12. A six pack of Anchor Steam, a twelve pack of Aquafina, and a six pack of Gatorade.... We also have a 12x18 screen pavilion we'll toss in the van.
  13. It would be courtesy to educate the two groups about each other, but consult with them on the placement of caches? Only if they own the land or the cave or, with the permission of the owner, control access to the land or the cave. Otherwise, they are merely a third party with no interest or standing in the case.
  14. There are laws in place to deal with people going 100mph through residential districts, just as there are laws in place to deal with people in parks past the posted times. Its not the job of the cache owner to enforce city/county/state/federal laws. There are some parks that I wouldn't dare go into after hours, because of the close proximity to houses. There are others where it doesn't really matter and the hours being posted are simply because that's what every other park in the city has posted. Parks don't have closing hours just because houses are in proximity. If common sense was still around - we wouldn't be having this discussion, because people wouldn't be breaking the law and then constructing elaborate justifications merely because they find the law inconvenient.
  15. If we don't police our community, then who does? The simple fact is, each and every one of us reflects on the whole community at large and how the community is perceived by the public. If we don't police ourselves, we'll slowly but surely find ourselves locked out of ever more parks and places. That's just the thing - it's not a gut call on your part anymore than it is your gut call to do 100mph through a residential district just to grab a FTF.
  16. Thx for the invite, but the 4th is already spoken for... A bunch of muggle friends and Brenda and I always go the the Bluejackets game on the 4th and stay for the fireworks.
  17. It's not a perfect tool, but then nothing will ever be. All it does is act like any other filter - to reduce the number of caches that you have to examine the individual pages for. There's always going to be be both false positives and false negatives...
  18. GCVGY2 - South Marlatt Memorial Park is a pretty advanced cache (being difficulty 3!) for a beginner. Nearby by is: GCX5HG Cache Across America -- Kansas and GC1C69Z Rocky Ford # 1 Which might be a little easier to find.
  19. Yeah, Don't I know it Me too. Why was I not surprised to see Ruck was the last to find on that second one "just because he happened to be in the area".
  20. FWIW - half the enjoyment of the game, for me, is the planning and research that goes into getting ready for a cache run.
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