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  1. Thanks for checking into it.
  2. Yes I have. I disconnected via my Geocaching.com Account Details page and then revoked access to the Geocaching.com app in my Twitter settings,and reconnected and nothing. I even trying reversing the process and revoking the access within Twitter first and then disconnecting in my Account Details page then reconnecting but still a no go. I get the same message.
  3. I am not able to share my logs to Twitter for some reason. I get: An error has occcurred: Twitter: An unexpected error occurred. Please check your data and try again. I tried removing the hyphen from before and after my username, as well as disconnecting Twitter from my account and re-connecting it. Any other ideas?
  4. I was with Shop99er on this one. For various reasons I had taken a hiatus from caching for a couple of years, or at least slowed WAAAY down and was surprised upon my return to these forums now, a couple of years later, as to how little threads were on here. After being involved in Facebook the entire time and seeing the flurry of activity on there increase, I completely agree that that is where everyone went.
  5. Near the Highway 3 bottleneck in Bremerton about 4pm today and I was behind a Maroon car with a geocaching sticker on the back window and the license plate frame read something on the order of "Henrys Imaginary Corvette". Needed a co-pilot to verify the details but was flying solo..sorry.
  6. Hey, all. Late to the party here, but there's a story involved. First, I am a cacher since '07, but I'm not a regular contributor to this board. In fact, you may never hear from me again after this post, but it's relevant. OK, the story: I just went through my closets to find some clothes I can donate. Among the shirts I pulled out was one that I have not worn since summer of '05. In the pocket of said shirt was a plastic decoder film -- those transparent red films you look at blue and red images through to see the hidden message -- that I got from Great Clips. It was to allow me to enter the Great Clips Great Dakota Giveaway, an online contest to win a Dodge Dakota. (Coincidentally, I was driving a Dakota at the time.) I went online after I found this thing and, of course, www.greatdakotagiveaway.com is long since defunct. So I did a Google image search for it. Because I searched for the term "giveaway", I found this license plate, and I said, "Wait a minute... TNLNSL, I know what that means!" I clicked on the image and it took me here. So, despite being a 4-year cacher, it took haircuts and trucks to get me on the forum. Yup...that's my plate. What a weird way for you to find it..Welcome to the forums none the less!
  7. Jon, I finally got to the point where I could put NW trails on my 60CSx and see what it's about. It took me a few to figure out that it wiped my detailed street maps out due to the mapset transfer, but I put those back in, got the transparent overlay you mentioned, and it is looking really good! Nice job on it! Can't wait to try it out.
  8. Thanks Jennie for the congrats, as well as Dick. It was friggin' cold in Springfield Mo. On Friday KC and Springfield were near 70, and by Sunday when I found 1800 (the cache with the pics) it was 38 and wind gusts of 40-45 = wind chill in the low 20's. I left KC this morning and it was 28 and had some strong winds then too, probably wind chill in the single digits Imagine my pleasure to walk off the plane this afternoon here in Seattle to 70. At least a 50 degree difference, wind chill included! Ya, jackets were necessary!
  9. I resemble that remark... Nice Allanon! lol
  10. Oh and did I mention ..it goes on and on and on and on and on, I think the OP needs a song..hit it boys! Same song different thread............
  11. Congrats to Snookie74 on finding #900 over the weekend on our trip to Boise Idaho to rescue an Australian Shepherd
  12. I had one in the Port Orchard area that went missing many times within a very short period of time. Although I would have liked to keep replacing containers I opted to archive it due to the change in the overgrowth in the area. As far as making it PM or not, I kinda like Mudsneakers theory on it.
  13. I would like to offer my congrats my good friend Whitebear on his 2000th find! Good Job my friend!!!
  14. Congrats to Shop99er and TACO (The Almighty Crabby One), on find #2700 today!!!
  15. WOOHOOO Way to go!!!! Also congrats to Ruck on 4400!
  16. Fantastic TL, thanks for the notice. I just downloaded it too, and it works great in my firefox browser, love the interface.
  17. That is VERY Cool. I have been through some hard times in the not so recent past, and I have no idea where I would be with out my cachin' community and friends. I applaud Allanon and whomever else helped with your special gift. This is what the caching community is all about. Friends!!! -Hawk-
  18. Thanks! Can't be too safe in the sun.
  19. Thanks Snookie for the congrats on my milestone. Also, Congrats to Mudsneaker, Pengana, Quadmommy, and everyone else on their recent milestones too!
  20. No Kiddin'..Way To Go Ruck!!!!...Ya Stud!!!!
  21. Thanks for the heads up Dick.
  22. A BIG Congrats to GeoPoppa and GeoBarista for being the latest to Complete the Kitsap County Challenge! They did it as non-premium members (the first to do so), sending us (Dick) Word files of their finds, and they also knocked off page 623 the hard way, by making a trip to Blake Island! Congrats to the two of them!!
  23. Just a reminder...If you want a nifty preprinted name badge, you need to be registered by Wednesday, as that is when registration will close. Also, In regards to the brew at the Luau, if you want to post the name of 'sixer' you are bringing on here, it may help in keeping a variety available for tasting. I plan on bringing at least a 'twelver' of Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat. 5 days and counting!!!
  24. As if you think your gonna get out if that easy...look at Snookies SPAM debacle as an example. One little thing said can EASILY blow up in your face..good luck with that bow out move.
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