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  1. What is that you say? I can't hear you!
  2. I thought about reading all of the previous replies but, well, that probably would have irked me. I find I am irked by other cachers telling me how the game "should" be played.
  3. If you are brave you can do a Google search for the user name. That might give you an idea of the validity of the found it logs.
  4. When the existing log is a wet ball of mush I will remove it.
  5. I can't take credit for the detective work. The folks in the Cachers of Puget Sound FB group had it figured out last night.
  6. His name is theTwonky and the cache was GC2Q0QW roadside-cave His log is hilarious!
  7. I never heard anything, and it appears the OP is a one and done at this point.
  8. Dear Snoogs, I suggest you take care that you do not search so hard for your mojo that you simply accept a throw down mojo. For this would almost certainly be your undoing. Losing and finding your mojo is a highly personal endeavor and you can easily fall prey to accepting a false mojo in hopes it will be what you seek. Your geocaching mojo will have changed over the years, rather it will have grown and evolved. The spirit of your mojo, was and always will be, having fun and making our game fun for others. You have it within you to look back and find the mojo that will take you forward. Seek well.
  9. I expect thousands have completed the Trifecta over the years. We did it in 2006/2007 with the original Ape cache and the original HQ when you still needed a reservation to visit HQ. I imagine many have tried to create a challenge cache for this. Perhaps it might work if you specified finding caches created on specific dates? Still pretty obvious as to intent, but you never know.
  10. It is perfectly acceptable and is in no way a problem. Any cache can be logged online as found by any cacher who signs the physical log. Some examples of how this can be done would be caching with a group, one or more of whom are premium members. Caching with family members where one is a premium member and the others are basic members.
  11. I do solo, with my Wife, my Son or all 3. What is the medallion you are wearing in your profile pic?
  12. I am yet to encounter a cache description that included instructions regarding log signing etiquette other than "please use initials only" on some nanos. I certainly have not seen any that request logging in chronological order only. I sign where I can find space. Usually in order, but not always. And I also have never come across a situation where it was requested to only sign on one side of the log.
  13. Last week I bought an Etrex 30x at Costco for $130. I have been using my Android phone for several years, but battery life is always an issue.
  14. Found a few of their hides earlier this month when visiting the Minnesota/South Dakota area. I understand now why they were so mundane.
  15. I have lived in Western Washington all my life and I can assure you the folks in BC say "Eh" at the end of pretty much every sentence in general conversation. I worked for a Canadian company for a few years and we joked that "Eh" was the Canadian equivalent of "um", "huh", "like", "you know" so common in the USA. Nothing more than a filler.
  16. I live in Mount Vernon and may be able to provide some local help. As has been asked, what additional details can you provide?
  17. Nope. I have signed logs with charcoal, grass and leaves (they make a nice green juice) and blood. If I don't sign the log, I don't claim the find. Yep. A twig and some mud, a twig and squished flowers, even a muddy fingerprint.
  18. I am unable to make any sense out of this post.
  19. 2B1ASK1 I would've had more fun caching with the other kids back in the day, rather than trading pins. Of course, geocaching hadn't yet been invented when I went to those conventions. The internet did not exist.. but codes, cyphers, dead drops, and letterboxing has been around a long time. I like to think that geocaching just evolved from all of them. I asked about 10 years ago. Not platinum yet, but I have leveled up to 3 and 32.
  20. Hey Seth! Haven't seen you around for many years, as you say. In our (and your) neck of the woods I rarely see cachers asking outright for permission to claim a find when they actually should DNF. Typically they will just claim the find and no one knows anything to the contrary. Still love your caches and have good memories of the ones we have found so far. I see your webcam cache is still active. We may need to go do it sometime soon. Bottom line for me? No find, no smiley.
  21. We found our first 6 caches 12/26/2003. Our kids were 10 and 7. This created a great potential opportunity for us to share a family experience. It worked for a few years and all 4 of our family members still cache to some extent. Our find count has declined in recent years since our kids grew up and moved away. I still am on the forums every day and am certainly emotionally invested in the game. Still a premium member. In our early years I took pride in and worked hard to maintain our find count among the top 100 in Washington State. As power trails and the popularity of the game grew, I found our team was not able to "keep up" so I/we changed our focus and we now find caches when we can and we still enjoy the game very much. Our stats are just that. One of these years we may finally complete a challenge to find a cache every day of the year. Not in a single year, but over time. Not too many days left, but January has two days that we didn't make a point of, or try to "check off" this year just to satisfy some list. In the early days there were many cachers who adamantly claimed that anyone and everyone who was finding caches MUST hide at least one cache for every 10 found. Thankfully this debate has quietly receded into our glorious history. Perhaps a professor can find a way to quantify what people find to be engaging in geocaching. The reasons to start and the reasons to stop are as entertaining as the reasons to keep playing. I choose to keep playing regardless of the stats.
  22. Hey there pig. Don't have a heart attack, but I pretty much agree with you on this one.
  23. I would also log a DNF since I didn't find the actual cache. Well done on the caching ethics front!
  24. Absolutely log your find! I have found quite a few caches by simply deciding to look at a spot that "should" have a cache. To me this is the epitome of caching.
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