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Milestone Congratulations


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Since the Eastside Cachers thread has been so upbeat and successful at posting their milestones and congratulations to each other, we thought it would be nice to start a thread to expand the recogniton to cachers from all over the Northwest.


So if you know of someone who has reached a milestone, post it here!

If you have reached a milestone and would like to tell us about it, post it here!


Pictures and/or references to your special places are more than welcome!

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Congrats! That's very cool guys. Looks like a tough one alright. These fallen trees are the very perfect example pf why I bought my GPS. My dauaghter and I camped at Corral Pass one time and the short 3 1/2 mile loop turned into 4 1/2 miles due to off-trail detours just to go over and under them. In fact, I swear that shattered tree pic is looks exactly like the one we saw!




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After going with LindaLu and MA and son on her quest to find Twin Peaks #2 during the Welcome to Seattle event, I can only say well done. That was a mess of fallen trees and the four of us came up empty even though we had all found it (or in Linda's case hidden it). We were not far from it, but just could not get there.

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Congrats toK7-Wave who hit his 700th cache at this one:


Twin Peaks #1


Wow LindaLu... your caches have been popular for milestones this week! <_<

Congrats K7-Wave!


(And thanks for calling WP1 on that one "evil"! That's the first time anyone's used that word to describe any of my hides!!!! :D Glad you found it!

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Awww shucks. The secret is out. hehehe


Yah - I'll remember this one as well as #50 when I did Pepper's Bandana cache for the quilts.

Wow! With you dedication to Pepper's quilt caches sounds like maybe she could build you one! :blink:;):lol:

Unless of course she's getting quilted-out! :tongue:

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As much as I would love to receive one... it's such a phenomenal gift from the heart, unless it was for something special like a new member to the family, I like the idea of having the same chance as anybody else like she did with the Bandana Cache. And if she does get quilted out, one can hardly blame her. That's a huge undertaking.


Btw - Pepper - That's my first time with that kind of iron-on. Let me know if that didn't come out ok through the wash. I'll make a new one.

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Awww shucks. The secret is out. hehehe


Yah - I'll remember this one as well as #50 when I did Pepper's Bandana cache for the quilts.

Yee-Haw! TL and 100 caches fit nicely together.

I've watched you from the begining and read you first log on your first cache. You've come a long way young man.


P.S. I'm not quilted out YET, but whren the babies blanket is done I'm done sewing until fall. Then it will be time to start the quilts all over again and all for a good cause.

Still in need of a few bandana's to finish the baby blanket!



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Our new cache was found by ohjoy! yesterday. I noticed she had just passed 500!

What a sweetheart. Congratulations!

I'll have to take a look and see where those caches are. There must be a bunch of them in th Olympia area. I might mention that ohjoy has a new cache in Seattle. Check it out. The URL is around here someplace. Let me see, OK here it is.

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Ish-n-Isha (of the North Central Washington area), actually small town of Quincy, reached 900 recently. Congratulations to them.


Note if you multiply the ratio of Seattle cache density to the Quincy area cache density, that gives them equivalent of 11,468 finds!! ;);):lol:

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Congrats to Bruce, Ajetpilot and Charlie Blue Heron for getting their 500 and 400th find. They did it in a canoe finding a underwater cache in Liberty Bay. For the full story and pictures look at the cache page for LIBERTY BAY RESORT GCHPJ9 by

Crimson Wrath. Dick, W7WT

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Yet another 4-digit cacher in WA!


Congrats Master Puzzler on your 1000th find, and you picked a GREAT cache ta-boot.


LucyandRickie Hit 1600 yesterday in Yakima!!! I know I was there!



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runhills does http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...07-9a69c516f510 Buck's Crossing GC52A7 for his 600th find!


He is only the 2nd finder on an 8 mile uphill hike on a cache that has only been found once since 4/28/02.


Congrats runhills!


Here's his log:


I visited this cache today as my 600th find. My wife and I had a long discussion as to why I wanted to do this particular one. My answer..... ....well lets just say that an isolated incident should not change the way we behave!

After determining land ownership, I choose to walk in from the horse camp thus staying on public land. Man those horses can muck up a trail in the rainy season. I didn't see anybody other than a few folks grabbing up camp spots for the long weekend.


I found the cache in great condition, the roll of TP was completely dry. I will post my track log of the 4 mile (one way) approach that I used. I traded nothing but proudly took up a page in the basically empty logbook. Thanks for the fun and I am sorry about the events that the first finders are still experiencing.



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