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  1. It would be a shame to phase benchmarks out even if it is considered old, useless technology by today's standards. I have only logged a few, but I got a thrill out of tripping over this one. I was the first guy to spot it since it was placed in 1944.
  2. We were hoping to be able to meet you . There's always next time. Hope you start feeling better!
  3. Linky no worky. Edit: Linky now worky.
  4. I agree wholeheartedly! I'm in complete agreement as well. We can have a special section of these forums that can easily do what was promised by Get Satisfaction. I find it amazing that one single chucklehead could be such a blatant troll over there and nobody would do anything about it.
  5. We're booked at the Motel 6. Three of us for $107 (two nights).
  6. How does that lame reply go some of you use?? +1? Or in this case, +2. And then there are those in your home area that "think" they're legends and really aren't. I was at an event a few months ago and a geocacher I had never met came up to me and asked me if he could take my picture. I was flattered, I didn't know this guy and he had apparently heard of me and wanted my picture. So I posed for him. Then he said, "No, turn around, I want to get the logo on the back of your shirt". The same thing happened to my wife. She was sporting her brand new trackable tie-died t-shirt when someone came up and asked her for a picture. She immediately struck a pose and smiled for the camera. "Um, I meant the back of your shirt where the number is."
  7. I had hiked several miles in a local cache-rich wildlife area and was racking up the smiley fun one day. My next hunt was atop a large rock called "Eagle Peak" (all locals reading this now know exactly where I was). Unfortunately, there was a group of hikers enjoying their lunch at the "summit", so I decided to wait them out and do the same. I sat on a log and started eating my pb&j sammich. And waiting. And waiting... Eventually one of them got up and started making her way down the rock and began walking in my direction. She had her trekking poles a-pumping like a woman on a mission and headed right at me. I said "Hi" as she neared, but she must have never heard- because she dropped her poles, pulled her pants down in a flash, and started peeing. I honestly had no idea what to do. She was no more than 15' or 20' away and facing me. If I made my presence known to her, that would have elicited a scream at the very least. I just turned my head quickly, coughed, and grabbed a cigarette out of my pocket. I heard a bit of a gasp and some rapid zipper action as she scrambled away. I lit my smoke and turned to watch her take the quickest route she could find back up to the top of Eagle Peak. She never mentioned her encounter (I could hear them all clearly) once back with her friends. They just packed up their backpacks and left. She did glance in my direction a few times, but never said anything. I don't think she ever did get around to peeing.
  8. Very cool! I want one too. All it needs is a baseball card clipped to the frame with a clothes pin. I have to ask also- why is the extra sprocket in front of the rear one? Is that just an idler to take up slack?
  9. Chumpo


    I remember that day well (I'm the guy smuggling the beer keg under his t-shirt). Brian tried to give me a crash course on a GSAK macro that would let me customize wp symbols, but due to a density problem on my part, he ended up just emailing me his version of the macro. At Geowoodstock, which was held very close to Brian's home town, I started seeing some different symbols show up on my gps. I soon discovered that those were his hides. After wandering the countryside for a few days I started noticing some other GSAK related oddities. I'm not completely sure yet, but I think that those were his favorite finds. I think I'll just go ahead and keep this macro. I like it.
  10. I'd like to congratulate Stilly for his 100th find! Nice job Dad! Now you can teach me how to find those elusive RdR caches.
  11. Oh, no. I didn't think it was possible, but i actually feel stupidr now that I read this thred.
  12. Please read this article. It is the most "DEFINATIVE" answer you'll find. I have hidden a few handicaches over the years for my disabled daughter- ones that I thought were surely disabled friendly, but it wasn't until I read that well written essay that I finally got a clue.
  13. A friend and I paddled our way to the end of a 5/5 multi in his inflatable raft. I didn't know it until we got to the lake, but when he pulled a vinyl 2-kid raft out of the trunk and started huffing and puffing into it, I was going to be in for a scary ride. You've seen those rafts before; they are right next to the water wings at KMart. We were almost to the cache (about 3/4 of a mile one way) when I heard a popping sound followed by hissing air. We frantically paddled to the cache figuring that we'd have to bushwhack a few miles around the lake to get back to the car, but when I got out I discovered that it was just one of the inflatable seat cushions that had popped it's little nozzle out. Whew! We found the cache, then very carefully paddled our little plastic oars as fast as possible back across the lake, arriving at the car bone dry. If you want some real caching excitement, I recommend a 2-kid vinyl raft. They are right next to the water wings at Kmart.
  14. I have found many test strip cache containers. If you have to hide a micro, those are the way to go.
  15. IT'S A TRAP! WE CAN'T REPEL TROLLING OF THIS MAGNITUDE! I..I..must.. reply... 1) Develop and hone a skill that might somehow relate to geocaching. 2) Use your skill to come up with a product you can make, or prototype of one that can be farmed out. 3) ??? 4) Profit! I have seen your video projects, and you might have something going there. If you're serious about that, keep going and eventually you'll have a marketable skill. All you have to do is find a market for what you do (geocaching related or not) and the profit will fall into place. Then you can pay people to dumpster dive for you.
  16. Agreed. Keystone goes above and beyond the call of duty in these forums. I recall a certain thread that demonstrates what our volunteer reviewers go through on a regular basis, and I can assure you that I could never handle a situation like that with as much grace as Keystone did.
  17. You are quite wrong. I edited my original post to include these two links. HISTORY PICTURES Which makes me believe even more this is a prank, especially with that Q&A session on the first link. My cache, on the other hand, is quite real. With the standard disclaimer, of course: **This cache is not near any tombstones, no night caching permitted. I saw that first link when I was checking things out. I discredited it the second I saw this at the very top of the page : "From New York, original humor & commentary by Brian Sack. Subject to all the flexible quality standards of internet self-publishing." The second link with the pictures, though, seems credible.
  18. Yeah, off topic, but still very bizarre. I googled around a brief bit and so far, it looks to be a real place in upstate New York named Rhinebeck Cemetery. More pics here. Yikes!
  19. Some NM logs are an opportunity for fun and entertainment: May 23 by xxxxxxx (1397 found) Lid has come off the hinges; not a huge problem (except it comes apart when lifting it by the handle) but might want to fix it at some point. May 23 by Chumpo (2712 found) As soon as I saw the NM log, I raced to the bookshelf to locate my Chilton's Ammo Can Repair Manual (Volume Three: Hinges) to see if I had the correct year's edition. Unfortunately, that ammo can was made in 1987, and my manuals have a gap between 1985-1990 (I do need to pick those volumes up one of these days). I did some cross referencing and discovered that the actual hinge was the same model as used from 1973-1975, so I was able to access the correct repair procedure. Thank goodness! After a quick trip up the street to the cache, all is well again. Thanks for the heads-up!
  20. Funny. My 2+ years of facebook experience has been less negative than this thread. A great big thanks goes out to all the negative nellys that don't participate there. Chumpo Likes this
  21. Your friend reminds me of a guy I used to work with. We were chatting about something (I forget what) and I offhandedly mentioned something about geocaching. He asked, I explained, and his comment was "Well. Sounds like it's all fun and games until someone decides to hide a Claymore or something." Could happen, I suppose. I'll just go ahead and lock myself in the basement so nothing bad can happen. Ever.
  22. Ha! I celebrated my "Leet" cache as well The decryption link no longer works, but my log should be easy enough to read- if you're 1337, that is. Log
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