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  1. she has never been the same after the open heart surgery. I need her to stick around living still.
  2. I am gonna try but with it being mothers day I am not promising nothing.
  3. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...mp;#entry997256 I guess it helps to post the correct link.
  4. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;#entry3819997 this is the link about reading the topo disk on the HD
  5. So that you could use the topo sort of like a basemap and use an alternate source for trails which could be updated much more frequently. Sounds like that's the plan here. Which brings up a semi-related question: I was viewing various maps in MapSource and was not able to figure out how view more than one at a time. I really wanted to overlay the topo or trails over the street map, but I wasn't smart enough to do it. Can it even be done? I don't think this can be done. If it can, I sure wish I knew how! Yes, there are tools that out there that allow you to make a map layer "transparent". I did this with mapsource TOPO so I am able to see City Select & the TOPO maps at the same time. I don't remember what the program was but I found it on the Groundspeak Forums a couple of years back. I still have the program on my computer but I do not know where to find it on the forums it is called transp_2A
  6. A neat picks of a gps. ouch!!
  7. Off topic but Shhhhhhhhhh about the nooch lets keep the nooch a secret I will be there this weekend camping.
  8. They can be tracked down from their IP address cant they?
  9. State laws on parks should dictate the issue of play the way you want. there are parks that do not allow caching any more. be a good steward of the resources so they do not go away. Your earlier example of speed limits was pathetic, you are trying to mix apples with oranges.The camp I keep is my own don't try to lump me with apples or oranges when I am clearly a pear
  10. He should change his log to remove the time, He should not of gone after it until the park was open but if he had waited then another cacher would have gone in anyway There are many cachers that cry ethics about how others cache and then run into closed parks to get FTF's go figure. To be perfectly clear I am not implying the thread starter, it is a general statement on a few of the many cachers I have met and my overall disdain as of late. I wish I could attend more of the HOTM's that was one of the best cache experiences along with hiking to the loch katrinecache.
  11. I have had a couple finds on my caches where it was said the log was not signed........... I did not miss a minute of sleep over it. sign it don't sign it go out and have fun finding it. I sign what I find even if it is a simple SH. Do we then delete a log if it was not signed on the log book as intended? what if it is a sticker or a stamp, is that not a real signature ? is it really worth deleting a find? Hell I signed a map printout because the log book was missing. To me it seems like when we start splitting hairs over a signature unless it is A FTF takes away from the goal of getting out side and enjoying the adventure. If somebody wants the reputation of bogus finds then the problem will take care of itself and maybe shame the cacher into signing logs. Or maybe I am just a grumpy @##%)*^
  12. A huge thanks to dancingfool , I lost my M10BIKE coin while I was in DC and he recovered it and sent it back to me. A truly selfless act that should be congratulated.
  13. CONGRATS to well jointed on reaching 1000 good job there.
  14. I am sore but I had a blast!!!!!!!!!!! thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I will be visiting in June and staying very close to Camden Yard. I will be on foot and was wondering if there were any must do caches and must see places. I also am looking to try some soft shelled blue crab are there any resturants anyone would suggest in the area to find them and other none chain MC D'S and such places to try.
  16. Congrats to Sciuchetti for 3200 at GC15WQ1
  17. I am watching it snow right now from my window.
  18. It is also nice to push a bike up and ride it back down....... that is as long as you can come to a stop. I might be able to make the hike as well, one of mine seems to be wet.
  19. Thanks BRP and congrats to TMP on 1800 at hit the slopes
  20. superhoser


    Are you serious? you got picked last allot in sports didn't you.
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