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  1. A bison tube is generally listed as a micro, but when I place a cache like yours (small inner container, larger outer container), I call it 'other.' I don't want to mislead cachers about the size, but I also don't want them to think they're looking for a micro when it's larger!
  2. I realize that this post is several years old, but: From the site of the Mass rock in Cork From the site of the Mass rock in Armagh 'If the stones could talk'
  3. It is a micro, and the trackables are attached to it.
  4. Google Translate is quite unreliable, especially for such short texts as cache logs.
  5. The logs are saying that the cache is still there but cannot be opened. The cachers are posting pictures to show that they have found the cache.
  6. If anyone is planning to go to Thomas Family Farm afterwards, remember to dress for the weather. You might also want to check out some of the discounts at http://www.getmyperk...-halloween-2015 and http://www.getmyperk...-halloween-2015 Okay, he REALLY good discounts are only for Sun-Thurs, but there are packages available on the farm's website: http://thomasfamilyfarm.com/price-list
  7. An Irish geocacher and geoblogger (https://thegeocachin....wordpress.com/), Sarahmur, will be passing through Seattle during the first part of October. I wanted to have an event in a corn maze--she lives south of Dublin, and they don't do corn mazes--but that doesn't work with current guidelines, so the event (GC63VBM) will be a meet & greet at Starbucks at the corner of 132nd and Seattle Hill Road in Everett/Snohomish, on Friday, October 9. Afterwards (6-ish), I'm planning on driving down Seattle Hill Road to the Thomas Family Farm, where there are many Halloween / harvest activities. See their website (http://www.thomasfamilyfarm.com/) for details and prices. This is not part of the event, just something fun to do and a way to introduce an Irish cacher to a side of America she might not otherwise see--after all, nothing says Céad Míle Fáilte (100,000 Welcomes) like shooting zombies with paintball guns, right? Please join us if you're so inclined.
  8. Yes. On the right side of your profile page ("Quick View") you will see a number of links. Under "Account Options" there is a link for "Find Another Player."
  9. We (jcar, obarshay and me) were up there yesterday. The trail was hot and dusty, but the road up there is fine--unless you are a fully loaded car transporter who has lost his way. Seriously, the guy was carrying eight cars, and he was up by the Mt Margaret TH parking lot. I bet he's in trouble with his boss! I was glad to have a trekking pole with me for the way down--in some places, there are lots of little rocks on the trail, making the tread a bit slippery. You will not see animals larger than a chipmunk with a group, so no worries there. As MtnMutt-ProDuckShins noted, there wasn't even any scat on the trail. (What secret code, Dudley?) I would suggest carpooling--you need one pass per vehicle, not per person. As the holder of an Old Person's Card, I no longer buy NW Forest Passes or pay admission to National Parks, but I believe there are stores/gas stations on I-90 which open early and sell the day passes. Is there an automat at the pass? It would be nice to give visitors some assurance about the availability of the day passes. Can someone give specific information? It's a nice hike, and I'd do it again if I weren't working at the event. See you at the event. PS: BRING BUG STUFF! Flies and mosquitoes were out in full force.
  10. Thanks, guys. As I said above, I highly recommend a caching day on Guemes. I've posted the caches on the 48 North Chapter PAGE (not group) on Facebook for anyone interested in planning their own day out. As for Ireland, while I wish I didn't have to miss the cache machine and summer (which I believe will fall in July this year,) I'm super excited to be able to learn Irish in Ireland, and very grateful to everyone who bought losing tickets for the Irish Lottery. The funds generated from the lottery go to a number of worthy educational causes, including giving me a scholarship to pay for my tuition and lodging in Gleann Cholm Cille in southwestern Donegal. And as for caching, well, that probably won't be a big part of my summer. I'll be at approximately N 54° 42.450 W 008° 44.100, and there is 1 (one) cache within a mile of the place! It really is isolated on the far western coast in a wild and beautiful (but not cache-rich) area. Of the closest caches, a disproportionate number are 4- and 5-star terrain--probably because of the high (2000') sea cliffs in the area. Nope, don't think I'll be getting any of those! I'm leaving at the beginning of June and returning in mid-August. I'll probably organize one more easy hike--maybe to that area north of Sultan where you, Jeff, Penny and I went last year, Greg--before I go, maybe even next weekend it the weather looks okay. It's totally dog- and kid-friendly, and should be doable by almost anyone. Tchifid mé sibh! (That's Irish for See you!)
  11. It was very windy and felt quite cold, but we did not get any rain at all. We had two brave cyclists and a dozen or so who came in cars/trrucks Everyone found all .the caches and we met some really cool people. It must be seasonal--not a single seastar or jelly fish on the beach, though. Guemes is a nice place for a day of caching with a nice variety of caches--no LPCs, though! Wish you'd been able to come! --Kathy.
  12. I hope you can! It would be great to see you.
  13. WSGA 48 North is holding an event on Guemes Island on April 19. Come join us and explore the island! Details on the cache page Come be an islander for the day!
  14. Big thanks to The Winter Trio for sharing his GSAK expertise at the Snohomish workshop.
  15. It's taken us a while, but we're finally ready to do the GSAK workshop we've been talking about since last fall. Stephen Winter (W1 of TheWinterTrio) has agreed to present a workshop on GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife), a powerful and robust tool for keeping track of your finds, your hides, caches you want to find, etc.; filtering those databases in a variety of ways; managing challenges you may be working on, sending waypoints to your GPSr, and much, much more. We'll be meeting with Stephen on Thursday, February 27, at the Snohomish Library (approximate coords N 47 54.925 W 122 05.290). GSAK is free to download from www.gsak.net) and use for 21 days. After that, you will see a nag screen when you log in, and that screen will last a bit longer every day unless you buy the program. It costs $30, but if you don't find it essential, you can just delete it. Unfortunately, GSAK works only on PCs unless you've installed a Windows emulator on your Mac—so this is probably of interest only to those who have a PC at home.. So if you want to find out about this versatile tool, plan to be at the Snohomish library with your laptop (with GSAK already installed) ready to start at 6:00. We'll go until they shut the place down at 8:45. This workshop will be by pre-registration ONLY—no drop-ins--and space will be limited. If you want to attend, please send me an email at kathym98012@yahoo.com and tell me how many seats you want reserved. No kids, please—this will require the full concentration of the participants. This will not be an event cache, just a workshop. The puzzle workshop filled up pretty quickly, leaving some folks on the waiting list, so let me know right away if this interests you. Thanks.
  16. What a beautiful day to be out hiking! Totem Lake, LandRover, and I had a great hike on the Boulder River Trail. We were the only ones in the parking lot when we left, and we had no company on our way out to the end of the trail, but we met many, many people and dogs on the return leg. Not only was the parking lot full, but people had parked w-a-a-a-y back down the road. The length and (minimal) elevation gain would place this hike in the upper range of "easy," but there was quite a bit of blow-down after the first mile or so, and a couple of places where a bridge would have been nice. Still, the waterfalls, the river, and the big old trees were outstanding. I'm looking forward to another trip when Lizzy is able to come and also to a trip to get the French Point Lookout cache. Thanks, TL and LR!
  17. There are two missing caches along that route--that one and Stumped at Boulder Falls, and I hope both COs will allow us to replace them--or will come with us! I heard the other CO might be moving. Maybe he will allow you to adopt it? Who knows? I would replace and adopt it if that was okay with him. I've emailed both COs, so we'll see.
  18. . Glad to hear it went so well, and thanks for organizing this and other hikes. Once I retire from my current job, I hope to resurrect the AHOTM that I used to do (altho maybe now it will just be HOTM). Can't believe it's been four years! The foster kitten has more issues than expected, so had to stay with the vets. Hope the kitten is doing better, and I'd love to see the (A)HOTM return!
  19. There are two missing caches along that route--that one and Stumped at Boulder Falls, and I hope both COs will allow us to replace them--or will come with us!
  20. Double post--I'm planning on hiking it just once.
  21. I'm planning to hike the Boulder River Trail this Sunday (January 26). If you're interested, meet me in the parking lot (N 48° 15.377 W 121° 47.439) at 8:30 a.m. As far as I know (and things can change), there is no/little snow on the trail--just mud and blowdowns. About 8.5 miles RT, 800 ' elevation gain-- more if we visit the French Point Lookout, Questions? Check out these links: http://www.snohomish...web1updated.pdf http://www.hikingwit...r-trail-734.htm http://www.wta.org/g...s/boulder-river Driving Directions: Take exit 208 off of I-5 and drive 4 miles east on State Route 530 to Arlington, and then continue east on SR 530 for 20 more miles. At milepost 41, near a subdivision, turn right onto Forest Road 2010 (French Creek Road) and continue for 3.7 miles to the trailhead (elev. 950 ft). Privy available at the Washington State Department of Natural Resources campground 2.8 miles east.
  22. Thanks to alnilam, gsbarnes (+ Omar and Emmett), Jester, mizdirection, obarshay (+Dina and Max), PNWBrat, Totem Lake, and W1 of TheWinterTrio (+ Bonnie) for coming. We had a great hike--a bit muddy underfoot, but no rain, no DNFs, and sunshine for the second half of the hike! Stay tuned for more hikes--or (please) plan one yourself! Abby, I'm surry you couldn't come and hope that your sick kitten is doing better.
  23. At the moment, I think we're good. See you in the north lot, ready to go at 9. (Navigate for GC 20PT1).
  24. If you're planning on going, please post here or on the FB page by 9 a.m. Sunday, January 19. (We need a bit of time to plan a car shuttle from the end of the hike back to the park entrance.) Thanks!
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