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    I didn't really know Brian, but seemed a very nice guy the few times I met him. Earlier today, I saw that a local comic store posted some kinds words about him also and I thought I'd share that I had. He's obviously someone who will be missed.
  2. I think they have just simply changed the limits on what we can download. For what it's worth, since the change and with the last update, I've managed to download more in the last few days than I have collectively since launch. No time timing out and having to restart, which is nice when restarting sometimes meant having to completely restart...
  3. i thought i read that garmin connect was supposed to be able to read the heart rate monitor information recorded by the oregon and colorado, so you might want to try uploading a tracklog there to see if that's the case. apparently this was not the case on motionbased, but was supposed to be a feature introduced with connect. i'd be interested in knowing if it does. connect.garmin.com and accounts are free
  4. I can tell I've been using Facebook too much lately, as my brain was immediately screaming, "'Like' it! 'Like' it!" Sadly though, I don't think you can really blame the QA guys for this. It all seems so horribly flawed that I think only management/business could have made the poor decision to release...
  5. I received the 'Invalid Birdseye File' error when I transferred the Birdseye data onto the SD card rather than my Oregon's internal memory. Putting it onto the device worked without issue for me. Also, once on the device, I was able to cut/paste the Birdseye directory from the device and onto the SD card and then use it without getting the error.
  6. I had the same problem and was concerned it was just not doing anything. I opened up the directory where the data is stored on my Garmin and could see that it was indeed moving stuff over... it just takes an *amazing* amount of time to move very small amounts of data... hopefully they will address the many issues quickly and will add some sort of progress bar so we'll at least have some idea that something is indeed happening and maybe even some idea how long it'll take to happen...
  7. All you have to do is "cut" the "BirdsEye" folder from internal unit memory and paste it onto your SD card. It will load. I just saw the cut/paste method for getting Birdseye onto SD cards over at the Garmin forums and tried it out. Fortunately, you don't have to cut the entire folder, as it takes *a long* time to transfer to the device and then to the SD card (so you don't have to do it all at once). Works though.
  8. The new BaseCamp is working well and the imagery I am downloading is great too for the US. You can download anything you want in BaseCamp. It will send a small 'demo' file of Birdseye imagery to your Oregon. Can't figure out why Garmin isn't selling subscriptions yet-- I am ready to buy!!! Garmin, please add an "add to cart" icon on the Birdseye page so we can subscribe.... Please!!! Wow! Great imagery, looks great on the Oregon 300! Super easy to use...just draw the box on the screen and it downloads...waaaaay easier than the DeLorme map-cutting and downloading. I have screenshots but don't know how to post them. It is really easy to select and area and download and looks really impressive. So far, it appears that once you select an area and download that selection, you have to send it to the device all as one selection and cannot send just part of it (like selecting only half of the imagery). Hopefully this is just something I haven't figured out yet.
  9. Well, this is sort of out now... software updates for the compatible units and a software update for BaseCamp (at least for PC) have been released. I've managed to download some imagery and transfer a chunk of 'low' quality data to my Oregon 400t and I have to say... wow. The 'low' quality data looks excellent. Really impressed and wish that I was able to purchase a subscription...
  10. I asked Jake from Garmin over Twitter (@JakesJournal) if it was still scheduled for a March release and he said: "Yep, we're still on track for March release. Thanks!" So, looks like they just aren't really playing it up too much leading up to it and is still on for this month.
  11. My fear is that no news/promotion may potentially mean the release has been pushed back.
  12. I was wondering if anyone knew when the release for this was? March is rapidly passing and I've yet to come across any info regarding when it would actually release, which just seems strange to me as I figured this release would get heavily promoted (its in print ads)
  13. Yes, on the Oregon, total ascent and elevation gain appear to be two completely different numbers. It's frustrating, because elevation gain from a tracklog from the Vista makes sense whereas the Oregon is some incredible number that makes no sense whatsoever (elevation gain is usually over a 1000ft more than actual gain) If I take the Oregon tracklogs and look at them in Sportracks, the climb +/- makes sense and are what i would assume elevation gain and loss would be, but they aren't.
  14. Is elevation gain and total ascent the same thing on the Oregon? That seemed to be the case with my Vista HCx, but on my Oregon, it's consistently drastically different. An example is a recent hike where I made track logs with both the Vista and the Oregon. The Vista ended up with a elevation gain of 1541 ft, which is right around what I know we hiked. Also, throughout the hike, the Oregon's elevation profile 'total ascent' reflected what would be the correct number and at the end of the hike was pretty close to the Vista's 1541 ft. But when I check the elevation gain for the track log on the Oregon, it's 2,276 ft elevation gain. We walked around town the other day and did around 600 ft according to the elevation profile, but when I get home and look at the track log, it's showing up as 2,559 ft??? Anyone have any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
  15. It worked for me the first time booting up new software, but after I restarted, I lost it. Curious if it stays after restarting?
  16. I'm getting the same error. I emailed Garmin, waiting for a response... I was just about to do the same after trying on a WinXP machine and receiving the same error. Thanks for noting here :-) This is probably happening because your unit is not in mass storage mode when connected to your computer. As for the magenta goto line issue my 550t and DK 20 came up w/o any issue. My 400t did not work however I was able to get it to work. On my 400t I had the default topo maps and the US TrailMaps Whitewater maps enabled (I had many maps disabled). When I disabled the Whitewater maps the goto line started working. Reenabling these maps didn't seem to cause the problem to happen again so it sounds like some sort of initialization problem. But if you are seeing the issue I would play around with the maps you have enabled to see if you can get it to work. I assumed, apparently incorrectly, that it shouldn't be in mass storage mode (when connected to USB and not in mass storage, it correctly identified my unit and reported updates, so figured that was correct way ) I did update to 3.5, just bypassed WebUpdater. On my 400t, updating from 3.42, lost the go to line also.
  17. No Magenta "Go To" line here either on 400t. Using CN NT v2010.1, all other maps are disabled. I'm suddenly glad I keep getting the corrupt file error... I updated my 400t from v3.4 to the 3.42 beta, but still just corrupt file error for me.
  18. I'm getting the same error. I emailed Garmin, waiting for a response... I was just about to do the same after trying on a WinXP machine and receiving the same error. Thanks for noting here :-)
  19. I've been trying to update but keep getting a corrupt file error. Any suggestions? If it matters, encountering issue on both 32 and 64 bit Win7.
  20. Last week we received the first coin to cross our path in far too long. Thanks gardengorilla, we loved the Gardengorilla Goes Bush coin! Especially appreciate it as it's got us all excited to get back out there caching after a (too) long break... As soon as mightyzinn saw it he was all "let's go!" :-) It's just what we needed to get us back in the game!
  21. Also was very nice being able to use the other features of Google Earth, such as planning routes, seeing the terrain, being able to view any number of overlays, all at once.
  22. I'd suggest, if you can, heading into a place like REI and trying some on and talking to a salesperson. That may not seem helpful, but you're really going to want to get what works for you. Maybe find a few that you like and research or ask from that point?
  23. Excellent... This reminds me of some of the drawings my son does
  24. (insert massive sigh of relief) Really hope that this continues...!!!
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