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  1. I am looking forward to doing this one on the CM: GC2J0XD 81 - pater47. It's on the jholly bookmark list. I've never done a cache in Mississippi before. Just a short diversion.
  2. I remember that paddle cache on the CM well. I was first to go after it and really took a good gash on the back of the leg in brambles getting to it. Still have the scar on my leg six years later! Even broke a paddle, but hey, donuts...
  3. Nope. The first Longview Cache Machine in April 2006 provided watercraft to get the previous cache on that island. They even provided doughnuts! So now I guess it's a Longview tradition.
  4. This is truly great. I always wondered what happened to those bottles. Happy to have signed a bunch of them. The LBCM was my 20th CM. Thanks again.
  5. Gongrats to RDR on #20000! Crikey! Also to grossi for #6000! Happy to hit my own little milestone last weekend by nabbing my 100th letterbox find (pretty sure first in the state to do it - not that anyone but me cares) and 1000th mystery cache.
  6. I hope I am just paranoid and it was just road crew knuckleheads, but living in the Seattle area and seeing how the APE cache (along with caches around it) was targeted, I was wondering which cache, plaque or location would be next. This cache was a logical next step as is the timing. Cache taken, then the perpetrator comes back later and fills it with dirt. Very deliberate. Then what, concrete? I felt archiving the APE empowers and emboldens the coward(s). It would be wrong to archive Mingo and so on due to the activities of this vendictive/vigilante person or group, if of course, this is the case and not coincidence.
  7. Oh, oh they're on to me! Unfortunately not only cachers. Got a nice close up picture of my truck in the mail the other day. Attached was the nice $124 ticket for speeding, or parking infraction as they listed it since they didn't know who was driving. Speed trap on a back road in Lake Forest Park. Don't be surprised to see a warning cache pop up nearby.
  8. I think Challenge caches add a different aspect to Geocaching, like a mini-game or the game within the game. I've completed many of them and own some myself (100 and 200 Star, Cache By Numbers, and my kids' Cache A Day). I figure if you like them do them and if not, oh well. Some people love puzzle caches and others loath them. Same idea. A couple of us talked to Jeremy at one of the 10 Year events and floated the idea, since new icons were popping up, of a special Challenge Cache icon. He wasn't biting though. One of the concerns he had was defining what a Challenge Cache is. Is there a certain number of caches or difficulty that qualifies? Is the Triad a Challenge Cache since it only has four caches? Would a cache series be considered a Challenge Cache (I didn't think so)? He thought the definition too vague. There are definitely some that I think are better than others, but I also think they all shouldn't be so insane that almost no one can do them. I still like the Challenge Icon idea, though. As for a special prize at the end, I usually think of completing the Challenge as the prize, though I generally think the final shouldn't be a micro, so people can trade perhaps a cool coin when they hit the final.
  9. Curious Joe


    Wow, this is a sad surprise. I can't count all the times I have ran into him at cache machines and events over the years and stumbling over his cache at his house.
  10. After over 5000 finds, you'd think I would have more than 67 of the 81 needed. I finally started to look at the challenge and looked to see where to grab the last 14. Then I saw the '08 cache cut off date and said frigg it. Now I have to sift through all might finds and see which ones count or not and perhaps bypass a nearby cache that a fits the criteria otherwise and drive a hundred miles for another one. I do understand why. I could see people making a sock puppet cache to fulfill requiments and such. It's just a PITA.
  11. I had been thinking about doing this one for #5000 for months. I figured that would be about May 15th. Then I saw it was going to get removed, so I figured I might try to round up a possie and bag it this weekend instead. Poof! It's gone. Goes to show that if you really want to find a cache, go find it, because you never know when it will be history. Have no idea what I will do for #5000 now. Maybe a 1/1 micro.
  12. The new format looks great on my IMac, but terrible on my PC laptops, with the wrap around like others have mentioned copiously. I hope will soon be fixed. My biggest problem is that I can no longer get into Geocaching on my Treo phone because the caching log in box is maybe an 1/8 of an inch wide and I cannot enter my caching name and password. While I was out caching, I got email notification of three new caches which I figured was right about where I was, but couldn't log on to figure out where. Turns out I was within 1/4 mile of one of them where I parked to try to log in, so it probably cost me one or more FTFs. Any fix for for mobile phone logging in? It does give me a good excuse to buy a new phone however... Change isn't always good. Like when you stopped Locationless and Virtuals and put them on some Waywanking site, but that's another (sore) subject.
  13. I am truly sorry. I met her a couple of times at coin events and bought some coins. Great person who will be greatly missed.
  14. I am glad you are interested in putting on cache machines. I love going to them (done around 15 of them), but suck at planning them. One idea is the "mini cache machine". The first CM I went to was the Anderson Island one in 2005. There were only about 25 caches, but it was a very fun trip to an island. Team Noltex and Sir2U hosted a dinner at one of their houses. Places that immediately jump to mind are Vashon Island and the San Juans (pick an island - yeah I think TravisL has a San Juan CM on his future list). The hard part would be finding a venue to hold everyone for the event dinner. If it is summer, it could be a potluck at a beach park. A Mountain Loop CM would also be fun.
  15. Yeah, I had to do a double-take when I checked Cacherstats yesterday and saw ohjoy! had hit 10,000. I had run into her at the Quad City Cache Machine and noted she had about 8500. Wowzers, that's a lot of caches in a short time! Big congrats!
  16. Yes, big congrats to Wienerdog on #5000! Guess who started this thread almost five years ago.
  17. Yes, big congrats to Weinerdog on #5000! Guess who started this thread almost five years ago.
  18. Yeah, welcome back Analogdog! I still have one of the two caches I adopted from you, Cache Enuf? Let me know if you want it back. I'll have to think about N Seattle caches.
  19. Looks like your Colorado was trying to migrate back to it's home state! Anyway, I am very glad you got it back.
  20. Daiso, a Japanese store in the Alderwood Mall near Sears has Lock-n-Lock knock-offs cheap. About $2 each. Many sizes and shapes. Also cheap notebook/logbooks.
  21. I have a couple of requests for the upcoming CM. First, add an overview map of the CM. It helps those who are unfamiliar with the surrounding area so you can get some bearings and also if you want to get a couple of extra of caches along the way, such as puzzle caches or that Flaming Geyser virtual, for example. It also helps if you start running out of time, you know where you can trim your route so you can make dinner. There wasn't one for the Sumner CM. Second, post the starting cache and meet up time of the first cache on the cache page so people know where and when to can say howdy at the start of the CM. Thanks and see you in a few weeks.
  22. I'm a sucker for cache machines. Think I've done ten of them now and hopefully will be in Victoria next month. Hopefully I will see more of y'all next time (had to leave early due to a family emergency). One thing I would do, that wasn't on the Sumner Cache Machine event page, but is posted on Travisl's CMs, is an official starting place and time. Usually these are caches with plenty of parking for a large group with often a Starbucks or something like that nearby for those coffee lubbers, or a group cache like a webcam as Spokane and I think Bellingham CM I (I wasn't cache yet for that one). I did like the route on the Sumner CM and unlike some other CMs, I really needed to stay on route since I didn't know the area.
  23. I'm peeved that some self-righteous group thinks they can pull your caches without talking with you first. I guess if this remains at an impasse, you could make an try to make Earthcache or two out of it. Then cachers can still come to the area and there is no cache for some vigilante group to steal.
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