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Geocache Bandit Mystery Geocoin

The Amigos

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WhaaaHooo Ive been roped in with a Hog tied tongue but I'm still smiling.

This coin is remarkable with the contrast of colors


Thank You Geo_Bandit!

Just as remarkable is the cordination of the package The stamp Has Geo Bandit on it with boots with spurs light enough in Brown to contrast with the black bubble wrap. The bandit has thought this through! Love the card...Sweet I smiled when I seen the package at the mailbox and you can probably tell I did not rip it open but admired the well thought out presentation, The planning and preperation has layed into the excitment. This is an excellent creativly cordinated roping on my behalve thank you so much!





Evidently the Bandit was in and out of Honey Brook without getting nabbed by my Amish neighbors The bandit must have a faster horse!


Check out number 48 and the stamp! Now to get that stamp off and display it with the coin & card.

Thank you so much!



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I came from work today after finally making it home from GCF '08 and my meeting in the North East, and to my surprise found a strange envelope, all black bubble wrap, in the mail. I thought it was some kind of advertisement. Little did I know. I opened it and out of the black envelope came a coin with bandit on it and a "business card". The textof the enclosed card says that "I have been roped in by the Geo_Bandit". Well I am glad I was roped in. I like the coin very much and what a perfect timing for it to show up at my house. Thanks Geocoin Bandit. This one will be a part of my collection. Will post a picture a bit later.




Anyone seen one of these before?

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Wow, Their is alot of people in here that are being roped in by the Bandit. CONGRADS Ya'LL. Hope we get roped in and feel like we are in the possee :( Glad to see everyone that has received them have a bunch of smiles. Good job your are doing Bandit.

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Another lucky recipient here! Our first mystery coin - we are thrilled!!


I don't know how the Geo-Bandit knows the exact right time to send these out because it's been a horrible week for me. I'm fighting this icky virus and feel like something you scrape off the bottom of your cowboy boot. Anyway...late last night I realize I forgot to get the mail and drag myself out to the mailbox and find this cool looking package. Hmmm.....could it be? And it was!!


Thank you Geo-Bandit. This coin is MUCHLY appreciated! :lol:




ThePetersTrio now your ThreeAmigos B)

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Take out those telephone wires and that could be Amish country.


Thanks for the pics

Cute Kids are they Trackable?


This place is within 5 miles from my house. There are many farms here.


Sometimes I wish the girls were trackable so that I knew where they were. :lol:



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After a horrible night at work dealing with bar fights, family disturbances, drunk drivers and theft cases I drove myself home thinking "What a great way to celebrate my birthday." I got home at 4:00 a.m. and went to my mail box to find a cool looking black mailer.


I could not believe what was inside!!!


Thank you Geo_Bandit for your generosity! You reminded me that there are GREAT people out there who truly care about others more than themselves. I am going to mount your coin on the dash of my patrol car to continually remind me of this.

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After a horrible night at work dealing with bar fights, family disturbances, drunk drivers and theft cases I drove myself home thinking "What a great way to celebrate my birthday." I got home at 4:00 a.m. and went to my mail box to find a cool looking black mailer.


I could not believe what was inside!!!


Thank you Geo_Bandit for your generosity! You reminded me that there are GREAT people out there who truly care about others more than themselves. I am going to mount your coin on the dash of my patrol car to continually remind me of this.


a belated happy birthday to another libra!



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I haven't been in the forums much since I started taking a class three nights a week. So I was shocked when I went to my mailbox - there it was... heehaw!!! I decided to take a break from studying and check my mail, and saw a black bubbler among the bills... I remember seeing something about a mystery coin and a black bubbler… my heart started racing!... Could it be?


I saw the calling card, then I saw the coin - AWESOME!! (OK, I missed the stamp - until I started reading through the forum posts and had to go back and look!)... Thank you Geo Bandit! I really needed the break from studying and finding this great coin really brightened my day!! I can’t seem to get rid of this silly smile on my face! Thanks so much!


AND Congrats to all of the coin receivers (and fellow Libras)!!



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Like many others, I encountered a funny looking black mailer in my mail when I picked it up the other day, saw a cool custom stamp on it and then opened it up to find this great coin inside! Thanks so much for the coin, I was admiring it in this thread last week and then there #039 was in my mailbox. Wow, my first mystery coin!


I really like the detail under the bandana, I hadn't noticed it in the pictures.


Thanks again!!!! :anicute::DB):D:anicute:

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This summer has been a crazy blur of moving and then moving back again to where we started so between being broke beyond comprehension and seemingly always on the go, haven't had much time to devote to the forums. I figured I'd never see one of these great coins in person, regardless of who received it!


Early yesterday I headed out to the trailhead for a day in the woods, predictably running late, too late for, *gasp*, coffee! We parked cars at our destination and then carpooled to our starting point as half of the crew was not planning on making the thru hike back to the cars. Throughout the day I whined and moaned my lack of coffee. I'm mostly dysfunctional without the stuff!


At the trailhead, one of the crew lent me a camera. I'd lost my camera hiking earlier in the summer, but we haven't been in a position to replace it. Super groovy act of kindness on their part, especially considering I'd *lost* my own camera.


At the end of the long day (13ish miles, 4200+ ft elevation) I left the trailhead to head to the nearest source of coffee as I was *beat*. As I pulled out of the parking, up pulled the half of the crew that had not made the thru hike... they'd driven back from the other trailhead and had coffee!


There's stuff that restores one's faith in their fellow human beings and this day had certainly had its share of such stuffs.


The coffee got me through my long drive home and as I made my way from the car to the house I grabbed the mail. I was still beaming from that surprise coffee and the potential goodness in folks. And in the mail was a package from Geo_Bandit!




The summer, filled with significant disappointments, had left me feeling like a real cynical, intolerable wanker (can I say that?). Yesterday left me feeling like a million bucks. Thanks for being a part of that Geo_Bandit!

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Came home today from visiting my brother for a few days, and a bubble mailer was waiting for me when I came :anicute:

I don't know how the sender knew that I need some chearing up, but the last two months have not been good for me so I needed it :D

Thank you for bringing a smile on my face B)

Bandit #101 says hello from Norway

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Very Nice indeed! I like the BLACK MAILER!!! B) OOOOOOH! :anicute:


So if I see a Black Mailer, I can go ahead and squeal? Not that I squeal, Im a big ol strong guy that smells like grease...WE DONT SQUEAL!!! :D


I just may though...only one way to find out! Heck, id squeal like a lil sissy for a Black Mailer with one of these beauts! :D

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#078 for me. I haven't been in here for a while. Doing some major home reno's and my other time is spent with my 17 month old. I haven't even been able to do much geocaching lately. I had a gut feeling about a package in the mail....I don't know why since I wasn't waiting for anything but low and behold a black mailer envelope. What could it be? It feels like a coin, but I haven't bought any....when I open it I can;t believe my 1st mystery coin. It's beautiful, this is one of the best for no reason gifts I ever received.



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My friend lorca.nl is roped yaahhooooooooooooooooooooooooo




And Geo_bandit gives a lot off coiners there first mysteriecoin yhaaaooooooooooooooooooooo




So thank you Geo_bandit, you get a big smile from me




And i say good bye for now :anicute::blink:



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In the same week I discovered I had lost my 'job' (casual and not a lot of money but made a difference to the family) this completely unexpected black package arrived. I thought I might save opening it until the kids got back from school, but I didn't of course! What a fantastic surprise - especially for someone who is not very active here and who has so few coins that trading around for the missions is enough of a challenge without trying to get any coins that we like! This one's stopping right here, though. We are having a 'cops and robbers' event for the Flashmob - so my son plans to proudly display it there.


Many thanks to the geobandit, we really enjoyed this today, especially as it is our first mystery coin.

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This is a really important week for me. There are several decisions to be made that will have a high impact on my future.


So I was really surprised to find a black mailer in my mail today. It contained a Geocache Bandit Mystery Coin!


My first Mystery Coin ever! Thank you sooooo much, Geo Bandit! I'm still dancing around in my appartement!



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Yippee-KI-yay! (or however one spells it!)


I was going through mail from the weekend, as I was away on a camping/caching trip, when I discovered a mysterious black mailer. I shrieked immediately and tore into it like lightnin'. #027 has made its way to Arkansas, spreading smiles of gratitude to me and smiles of envy to my sister, Echo Echo.


Mighty kind of ya, Geo_Bandit!



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I was looking out for postie this morning, always waiting to see what will arrive. Instead of the post van appearing, up she gallops on a red stallion, waving something around her head. The rope was fastened around a small black package, she jumps of her horse flings open the door and lets go of the rope and onto the mat falls the neat black package, instantly recognisable I'm smiling from ear to ear. Dang I've been roped. Thank you Geo_Bandit for spreading your smiles far and wide.



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Wow, i've been really light in the forums recently (and on the Geocaching) due to being soo busy at school.

So my first thought when i got the post this morning was "God, :grin: do i owe someone a mission??".

then i opened the package and discovered a lovely coin :grin: . i am so honored that even tho i have been absent there is still someone nice out there in the community thinking about me...

Thank you Geo_Bandit for sending me this coin.


Oh and on the ID side we all dicided this evening that it looks like Michael Jackson! Does he geocache??


Ljay xox

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