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  1. Name sent: 9 May 2013 Name received: 14 May 2013 Mission Sent: 20 June 2013 Mission Received: 16 July 2013 - and all's well!
  2. The eagle has landed! I have to say, drneal should get with the post office for some kind of refund. This was the slowest Priority Mail delivery I've ever received! And for salt in the wound, a friend sent me a package from Michigan, parcel post, approximately the same size and weight, and it arrived in 10 days. On the positive side, my mission's contents were AMAZING! A fantastic selection of candy, including some local favorites from my sender's hometown. These are definitely things I would have a difficult time finding here in the land of the rising sun, so THANK YOU for the diversity! And the coin - the coin and proxy! I've been away from geocoins for too long: is it common now to have a quality proxy along with a geocoin? It reminds me of some of Crake's designs that offered a magnet version of your geocoin to keep while your activated coin traveled the world. An excellent idea! What's the hole in the bottom edge for? Here is a picture of the loot I was so happy to receive: There was also a sleeve of Necco wafers, but those didn't make it home. :0 So, that completes my mission! I will update my status officially in the next post. We are just waiting on mail to our mission organizer, which will hit its 1-month journey mark in two days. Fingers crossed that it GETS THERE!
  3. Unsettling mysteries are WAY more fun than settling mysteries. I love the simplicity and imagination behind the crouching figure. Congratulations on the life-saving tokens! PS Hope life after grad school has been as glorious as my experience has been. Happy caching!
  4. Hello, mission participants! I received emails while I was away from home (and internet) on an Independence Day trip. I haven't even logged the geocaches I found while on vacation yet! I've since responded to let my mission sender and mission organizer know that I'm not worried, that mail can take a long time, and that my post office is only open four days a week. I've not checked it since 2 July, so it could be that something is waiting for me. Otherwise, there's not much to report here! I know how to post pictures and promise to share with everyone when it arrives. Happy caching and coining, all!
  5. A long overdue update from me, but even tardy momentum is good! I apologize most sincerely to our mission organizer for having to track me down and keep up with me. Her emails were short and sweet and with never a hint of frustration, which I absolutely appreciated. It is on the way and I hope the recipient will enjoy it! NOTE: it may take a while as it is international. Name sent: 9 May 2013 Name received: 14 May 2013 Mission Sent: 20 June 2013 Mission Received
  6. Now to find some candy! My recipient will get the benefit of candy from two different countries, but I will leave which two countries a mystery... Name sent: 9 May 2013 Name received: 14 May 2013 Mission Sent Mission Received
  7. My first mission as "Fiery Searcher," but not my first mission. A great idea. I like the simple ones with fun surprises. Name sent: 9 May 2013 Name received Mission Sent Mission Received
  8. Giving this thread a BUMP to report a success story! YES! Three years after Steel City Babes had this awesome idea to both gift coins and get them moving in the same stroke, the coin I adopted out to hollora has made it to the hands of the owner! I had some downtime yesterday and was looking at the coins on my watchlist. Sadly, some have gone missing and some are still in my possession even though I have tried to send them out (so sorry, Montana-bound mission coins). The coin for this mission, a Mimbres 2.0 with blue enamel, was the coin I gave up for adoption and that hollora accepted. With so many trackables going missing into the abyss, a success story is always uplifting. More importantly, I think hollora's update to her coin's happy ending is a sober reminder of why we gift and trade coins in the first place. Yes, coins can be a commodity, but they can be so much more. If you have some time, please read this update on the coin's page. THIS is why some of us do what we do. I've been in touch with hollora and she said it was fine to share. Mimbres 2.0 for Holiday Adoption Mission 2009 In closing, I have to give props to Steel City Babes for coming up with a novel way to get some coins moving and to give us something to watch, if only briefly. It was a lot of fun and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Happy new year, happy geocaching, and happy coining, everyone!
  9. In an earlier year, 2009 maybe, I had a coin that was ACTIVATED in 2008 but not placed in a geocache until 2009. That turned out to be one of my two with the highest mileage. Activation and placement are two different things, and if we're tracking miles, I think whenever it was placed is most important. Just my opinion!
  10. Inspired by Shilo's 2009 thread, but edited to reflect 2012: Just about 6 years ago, kealia started a thread for us to track the distance traveled of our coins released in 2006. 4 years ago, chaosmanor started the 2007 edition, Shilo revived threads for 2008 and 2009, and Penny and Kona tried to keep the momentum for 2010 and 2011. Seems like it's time to do the same for geocoins released in 2012. No prizes, just a little ego-boost and some bragging rights. The same rules apply as from kealia's thread; they were pretty good then, so I'm quoting Shilo quoting kealia verbatim, with only the year info, the thing about "bolding" and Rule #6 added: Simple guidelines for listing your coin here: 1) List recent coins only (RELEASED this year: 2012 only) 2) No more than 2 coins per geocacher (so one person doesn't monopolize the page) 3) List the release date and mileage 4) When you add yours, just copy the list and insert your coin 4a . sort by mileage with the most at the top 4b . feel free to BOLD your coins so that we all can see them easily 5) Rinse and repeat 6) BTW: Personal tracking coins (those kept by the owner as a record of caches found) are not eligible. We're looking for coins that you have let go and no longer have any real control over. The main idea here is to have fun! I'll start: For Those About To Cache (Penny and Kona) - 10 miles - TB41KYP
  11. My 2012 updates for my top two coins with the most miles that were released in 2011. One was part of a mission! drneal's Moozilla - Heifer Int’l Travel Tag released 5-14-11 - 32,032.5 miles steben6's 20th Anniversary (China) Good Fortune Geocoin, released 01/19/11 - 28,912 miles Penny and Kona's PGR VI Racer #3 - 10996.4 miles - TB2D489 Sunshine on my Shoulders - 9611.4 miles - TB2PAXN jpbarr's 2007 Smoky Mountain Geoquest Geocoin - activated May 2011, released in June 2011 - 7288.5 miles Team Pixos - yellow wonder racer- activated nov 22/11, released 11/23/11- 4727.8 km trying to get to mega spirit this summer
  12. My 2012 updates for my two coins with the most mileage that were released in 2010. Again, neither one of these moved. The up-side: easy updating! Penny and Kona's PGR V Racer #3 - Activated and released 3 March 2010 - 18,321.9 miles - TB38B6H Copper Caching Night in Canada Geocoin (TB30B1M) - released 1 March 2010 - 13 992 mi (22518km) Penny and Kona's PGR V Racer #6 - 2 April 2010 - 10,183.9 miles - TB3H1GK 2007 GeoQuest (TB1K037) - Activated and released 3 July 2010 - 9811.1mi Tennessee Jed's Scottish Bear (TB2Z4CB) - Released 8 Jan 2010 - 9373.6mi 2007 GeoQuest (TB1K04W) - Activated and released 3 July 2010 - 5153.4mi 2007 GeoQuest (TB1K02Y) - Activated and released 3 July 2010 - 5103.6mi 2007 GeoQuest (TB1K088) - Activated and released 3 July 2010 - 5233.2mi Shilo's Denali NP Stamp Geocoin #3 - Released: July 11, 2010 -4287.8mi
  13. My 2012 update. Here are my NEW top two coins with the most miles, both released in 2009! Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus - 21246 miles - TB1Y6C2 Todie's Wild Ride II: SgtMikal says Pay Attention! - TB2QA19 - (SgtMikal) - 8/27/09 - 15,523.4 miles Penny and Kona's PGR IV Racer #5 - 13,820.4 miles - TB2M7J6 Lest We Forget #2 - TB2MJZT - (E&Cplus3) 11/Apr/09 - 12750.5mi Logan's Chiro-Cache Geocoin - TB23H11- 11,433.5mi - released 8-22-09 - thanks gardengorilla and Logan Deaf Awareness Geocoin - TB245KR - (OverTheEdge) - 7/Jun/09 - 11,376.1 miles Lest We Forget #1 - TB2MK03 - (E&Cplus3) 11/Apr/09 - 9905.4mi Appalachian Trail Final Geocoin - TB2CTGR - (Michigan Cacheman) Released 1-16-09 8,354 miles GeocoinGuys' DNF Troll - TB1MTFR - Released July 8th, 2009 - 8,247.7 miles Todie's Wild Ride: Make the roads safe for all... TB2QA9W (sunsetmeadowlark) - Released 3/1/09 - 8162.7mi Dookie Geocoin - TB1XQ97 - (OverTheEdge) - 22/Aug/09 - 5987.6 milles Lest We Forget #6 - TB2MK04 - (E&Cplus3) 11/Apr/09 - 5817.7mi Lest We Forget #12 - TB2MK1Y - (E&Cplus3) 11/Apr/09 - 5598.0mi GeocoinGuys' Butterfly Kisses - TB2ZYZT - Released July 15th, 2009 - 5,591.9 miles Lest We Forget #3 - TB2MK2Y - (E&Cplus3) 11/Apr/09 - 4849.8mi Pedal Racer: PGR IV CR84J4 (nefesh) 5/20/09 4649 miles Lest We Forget #9 - TB2MK0M - (E&Cplus3) 11/Apr/09 - 3774.9mi 4 Musketeer's Royalist - TB2WT0Z - (Tha Saint) 3/15/09 - 3469.2mi Lest We Forget #13 - TB2MK2M - (E&Cplus3) 19/Jul/09 - 3107.8mi Lest We Forget #7 - TB2MK01 - (E&Cplus3) 11/Apr/09 - 2255.8mi License To Cache - TB2649H - (Tha Saint) 5/30/09 - 2181.4mi Lest We Forget #4 - TB2MK0H - (E&Cplus3) 11/Apr/09 - 1896.9mi Fuzziebear3's PGR4 Racer - All In One Caching - tb1h31p - (fuzziebear3) 5/26/2009 - 1818.5 mi Lest We Forget #10 - TB2MJZV - (E&Cplus3) 11/Apr/09 - 1706.2mi Go SHARKS! CA583P (Nefesh) 07/05/09 2250 miles Lest We Forget #8 - TB2MK02 - (E&Cplus3) 11/Apr/09 - 1436.9mi Shilo's GGA 7th Anniversary Geocoin #2 - TB2F81X - (Shilo)1/4/09 - 1038.8 miles Shilo's Cape Hatteras Benchmark Geocoin - TB28RJ6 - (Shilo)1/4/09 - 690.4 miles Todie's Wild Ride Geocoin TB2YABZ (Michigan Cacheman) released 4-10-09 538.4 miles AlienHeads 2009 Lackey - TB2W5Z2 - (AlienHeads) - 6/14/09 - 149.6 Todie's Wild Ride: Share the road! TB30DNV - (anne.and.eli) - 7/7/09 - 138.3
  14. My updates for my two top mileage coins that were released in 2008. Neither one moved. Silver lining: easy update! Wild and Free #11 - Tools of the Trade Geocoin (Toojin) 10/12/08 21,347 miles Every Day Is An Adventure (Penny and Kona) -- 10 August 2008 - 17070.5 miles Todie's WIld Ride: Don't Let This Happen To You---08/24/2008 15,843.8 miles. Turtles and Gators and Snakes - Oh My! (Penny and Kona) -- 2/10/2008 - 11988.3 miles TGE-GG - Rowanf Gypsy (Toojin) 11/01/2008 10,686 miles GeocoinGuys' Sydney Eternity Geocoin - TB1EZ2G - Released Nov 1st, 2008 - 6680.7 miles Shilo's GGA 7th Anniversary Geocoin #1 - 12/26/08 - 256.6 mile
  15. *BUMP* It's that time of year, folks! Specifically, a NEW year! Take stock of your trackables that are seeing the world via geocaches and geocachers. With any luck, you have some that you released in 2007 that are STILL moving. I didn't own geocoins in 2007, so I've nothing to add here. I thought I would give it a BUMP so that it can be updated. Sticking to the original rules: please limit yourself to the top two geocoins with the most miles that you RELEASED in 2007. If you have coins to add OR update, let's do this thing! Happy New Year, everyone! Your Geocoin Mileage, 2007 edition Fehrgo's CR "Aussie" 2007 (2007-02-15) 50628 km (32458 miles) Map Monkey's Sydney Eternity Geocoin 8/4/2007 34255 km (22708 miles) Map Monkey's Australia 2007 Geocoin #1 8/6/2007 33208 km (20859 miles) Fehrgo's Lunch Time Gang Geocoin (2007-04-23) 33223 km (20643.8 miles) Easy Orange (CachingCoins) 4/8/07 20,204 miles Straight-arrow's "Alexander's Civil War Geocoin #2 Manassas", March 1 2007, 19,438.2 miles Larry739"s Bunya Kansas Sunshine 2007 Micro Geocoin (13-II-2007) 18,510 miles Ontario Coin (CachingCoins) 1/18/07 17,831 miles Tokencollector's Kansas Sunshine 1/28/07 15991 miles Kansas Sunshine 2007 Micro Geocoin 548 4/10/2007 15,553 Shilo's Prague 2007 Geocoin (5/27/2007) 12,441.7 miles Atwell Family Come Together - Yang (March 01, 2007) 12,378 miles 911turbos World Caching - Ocean Geocoin 1/1/07 11,908 miles Shilo's GAGA Geocoin (6-13-07) 11,617.6 miles OshnDoc's Geo 40 (3/1/07) 11,578.4 miles Chief's Geocoin - ( 06/30/07 ) 11468 miles Magellan the platypus Geocoin (May 18, 2007) (11247mi) dflye's Cache Critter Geocoin (2/23/2007) 10410.7 miles Todd's Tubular Turbo (3/21/07) 9351 miles Atwell Family Bitten by Whitebear (January 01, 2007) 8,442 miles Model Citizen's 'A Pair of Nickells' Geocoin (1/27/07) 8426.9 miles AG's Traveling Leaderboard Geocoin (4/18/2007) 8315 miles Tokencollector's Geodic Center 1/4/07 - 7509 miles Chief's Geocoin - 3 (07/19/07 ) - 7,449 miles dookie's Cache Cow Geocoin (20Mar07) - 7051 miles Model Citizen's SnowWolf Dark Geocoin (1/27/07) 6945.5 miles Black Dog Cacher Bagger (10/15/2007) 6443 miles DD's Motoring motogrrl Memorial Geocoin (5/20/07) 5876.8 miles dookie2000ca's 2006 Canadian Benchmark Geocoin (24Jan07) - 5593 miles dflye's Hogwild Travelling Geocoin Silver Racer (5/26/2007) 5481.9 miles Sui's Race Against her Brother 2007 Generic Geocoin (08/03/2007) 5441 miles Chooch72's Idaho 2007 Micro Geocoin (2-19-07) 5428.1 miles AG's Traveling GeocoinFest Attendee Coin (4/10/2007) 5412.3 miles Chooch72's Geocoin Club Coin - April 2006 (3-22-07) 4970.6 miles Run Like The Devil (2/12/07) 4941.5 miles Oliver's Race Against his Sister 2007 Generic Geocoin (08/03/2007) 3735 miles usyoopers Postal Geocoin (3/25/07) 3722.6 miles usyoopers Generic Geocoin (3/20/07) 3258.9 miles Green Magic Geocoin (TB1C1XM) 2/6/07 3082.5 miles TokyoBlossom - Keep on Caching: In Memory of motogrrl 05/19/2007 2657.6 miles Blue Magic Geocoin (TB1B56Y) 2/06/07 1252.3 miles chaosmanor's Dorkfish 2007 #2 (2-II-2007): 1045.5 miles PSU Fan's Racing Braving the Briars Geocoin (9/26/07) 1075 miles PSU Grad's Racing Braving the Briars Geocoin (09/26/2007) 763 miles TokyoBlossom - The Aloha Traveler 04/02/2007 712.2 miles OshnDoc's Motogrrl Memorial Geocoin #2, May 19, 2007, 478.5 miles Tw3nty3ight- Tw3nty3ight's Generic 2007 Geocoin (June 28, 2007) 414 miles chaosmanor's Feng Shui Compass #2 (5-III-2007): 302.1 miles Wyohunters 2nd Generic Geocoin 1/06/07 156.2 miles Wyohunter - motogrrl Memorial Geocoin 5/19/07 79.1 miles Tw3nty3ight- Tw3nty3ight's Homeland Red Handed Geocoin (July 29, 2007) 76 miles bugsmasher69's The Herd Geocoin (4/13/07) 0 miles bugsmasher69's Fall Caching Geocoin (4/13/07) 0 miles
  16. And that's it, folks! Stick a fork in PGR VI. So....who won?! More importantly, when does PGRVII begin?!?!?!
  17. THREE DAYS LEFT!!! I'm not in the running for either mileage or number of geocachers, but I know someone who is! At least, they were the last time the standings were updated. Fingers crossed for some last-minute movement! An early "Happy New Year," everyone!
  18. Hello, geocoiners! I had a strange "discovery" on one of my geocoins a while back: TB3ZCP1 The geocacher who discovered the coin said they saw it on Instagram. I don't have an account with Instagram, although I do like the photo effects on my friends' pictures who use it. Very creative! At any rate, I had time on my hands this morning (read: I was looking for some nearby caches to find) and decided to surf Instagram to see if I could find my geocoin. I found it: Instagram pic of my geocoin Now, you can't see the tracking code on the coin itself, but I always include additional paper with my geocoins that list the tracking code written BIG and BOLD, so anyone can read it. On the instagram photo, you can see most of the tracking code, or get pretty darn close to it. A couple of questions: 1) Has this happened to anyone else's traveling coins? (If yes, how did you feel about it?) 2) Why would the finder of a geocoin post a photo of the coin on another website but NOT post one on www.geocaching.com ? The mission of my coin is vague enough to allow for fun, but I do ask that geocachers post pictures of the coin if they can. What gives?! This isn't a rant, I promise. Just a question to the group of people most likely to have traveling coins, and maybe a heads-up as another way discoveries might occur without someone actually seeing/holding the coin. Thanks for reading, and happy caching everyone!
  19. Three months left!!! I think only a couple of my racers are still active, but none of those are in the running for anything. However, it's just nice to see them MOVE. And move again. This might be a little early, but are there any thoughts/plans for a Geocoin Race VII? I haven't been in the forums much lately, and maybe I've missed a thread announcing it? As always, THANK YOU, SHILO for updating our mileage and geocacher standings. I love the geocoin race.
  20. Kudos for not giving up! I'll hope for some sort of resolution on this. Even if it means the mission is over, I think loose ends and hanging obligations are worse, for everyone. Fingers crossed!
  21. One of my racers might have a shot at mileage, but it hasn't moved in a bit. Hope it's just a pre-summer lull! As for the number of geocachers, it's a tight race with a several-way-tie for 3rd - WOWSERS! I'm glad to see geocoins moving, wherever they go. I don't always like the 0.xx moves that have become commonplace since the "visited it" option. Oh well, at least it's a move, right? And those little jaunts can add up. Too bad there's not the same increase in the number of photos posted. Yeah, I'm demanding this morning. Thanks, Shilo, for keep your head above water enough to get these standings updated! Thanks to all the racers for participating. This IS one of the coolest things about trackables.
  22. Well, being in the lead was nice while it lasted! I just checked the standings today and noticed the "Mileage" standings are the same as the "Geocachers" standings. This isn't really a BIG deal because the information is the same on both, but maybe it will be an easy fix when the standings are updated again? Nice to see these racers move when they do. Happy racing, everyone!
  23. I guess I'm a bit late to this, but: 1) I'm in, and 2) everything is current in the address book for me! Hopeful this continues...
  24. The mileage for visited logs will be counted. Groundspeak doesn't send out e-mail notifications for those log types so I have to wait until the racer is placed to get a e-mail notification. Unless someone(like yourself) tells me I won't know until the next placement. I will go to your racer you specified and update it when I do the standings. That makes sense, I suppose. I don't receive emails when a coin "visits" or is picked up - ONLY when placed. How annoying! Why bother sending owners alerts at all, if the alerts only cover two-thirds of the activity possibilities? I know this has been brought up before, so I guess I'm just joining the frustrated choir. Don't worry, Shilo. I won't email you the status of my racers every week. Perhaps this is just something we need to worry about as the race gets closer to the end? Thanks for the answer and the updates. Hope your 2012 has more "FOUND" geocaches than race updates!
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