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  1. Who decides where geocoinfest europe 2015 will be? And when does the decision happend? How can we make a bid? (If not for 2015, maybe for 2016)
  2. What's the name of the Viking ship coin and where does it come from?
  3. I'm so sorry to hear this - I hope you will get better soon Mike!
  4. This coin? CF30 I found this link that lists at least 8 of the editions. I don't know if this is a full list. You can also look through this old forum thread. I own 26 versions of this coin. But I don´t know if there are still some unknown editions. Unfortunately Castle Man doesn´t have any information about it. You can find my Cacher Geocoins at my GC profile with pictures. I also have some to sell at mygeodb.de. There is an English translation available. If someone has a new edition I am willing to trade something special or pay! I also have the 26 first versions, but I think there were made more versions later that I did not buy - see pictures of mine with the original names here: http://geocaching.stigroar.net/geocoins
  5. I have also recieved the turtles - great looking as always
  6. I have also recieved a "shipped" notice
  7. Now I know what your up to!!! and not if I get there first and place one with THIS COIN! :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: ......... Just kiddin, I dont even have one...BUT I MOVED ONE ONCE! This is a very nice coin! I got one
  8. I have not read all the pages of this tread, but here are my thoughts: I don't like the idea of separating the icon and log from the coin page - I have several times deleted logs on my coins where the discovery of my coin has been done on an event somewhere in the world and I know I have the coin in a binder at home. I don't think the icon should remain on the cacher's profile then... (I always send a mail to the cacher explaining why I have deleted the log) I like the idea of a "second tab" with old logs when the coin changes owner. And for the record - I have not deleted and logs off any coins I have adopted.
  9. Recieved mine today - I don't regret buying them!
  10. Are you thinking about the Geocaching Skill coins? (Pictures borrowed from geocoincollection.com)
  11. I can release in Norway if you want me too...
  12. Good idea - can't wait to see the finished coin
  13. Recieved mine today My first coin in this series - to bad I did not get any of the previous ones...
  14. HoosierGal picked 24 but on the list HoosierGal is placed at #25 - If HoosierGal still wants 24 I'll have 25 please (Or 24 if it's free)
  15. I hope there is a coin going to Norway also - at least I have recived an invoice and payed for one... Did not get the last mail though...
  16. Nice Can't wait to see the finished coins...
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