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  1. never have seen the v1 in person, maybe i'll have the chance to see the v2 this time. congrats to all who got one. thanks dark knight for surprising so many people. cheers from germany...
  2. not possible for me to get these coins... why is only credit card possible? would love to see a set in person...
  3. aaaaaaaaaah, why is it only possible to pay via credit card? only have paypal...so sad that i don't have the chance to see this wonderful coins in person....
  4. just for you sarah, here's my all time favorite pic of a crow. this pic was taken in germany. thanks!
  5. yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa today this wonderful geocoin arrived. thank you so much sarah, it's awesome! a new crow for my little collection...
  6. nice, love dragon related coins. this is a very beautiful one. congrats to all !
  7. whoooooow, amazing. congrats to all you lucky ones. the design is wow...
  8. me 2! nice coin, cant wait to see it in person... @daniel can you please contact me if the coins go online on earthcache.org often dont have the time to check all the pages i'm interested in... thanks for the info @ all
  9. awesome! crow and a triscele. hope to see this one in my collection someday. wonderful geocoin, thanks cf30!
  10. email sent. I have the NC micro in silver. Steve thank you so much steve!!!! hope that my package will arrive soon!!! cheers, nebukatneza
  11. germany as well...)) especially hesse...
  12. now i have been looking for years for a north carolina micro coin... maybe someone has one for me??? maybe we can then work out a deal...? thanks in advance and greets from germany nebukatneza
  13. my absolutely all time favorite song Nirvana - lithium (and then all the other nirvana stuff) other great ones for me are: otis redding - sitting on the dock of the bay norah jones - sunrise muse - new born dont know why, but most of them do i hear when i'm down. i often hear music when i'm down, when i'm happy i also hear music, but then i don't think about it, just hear it, like it. music is for me the best way to think of life, problems, good things etc, so thats my story... oh ok, only two, then: Nirvana - lithium Norah Jones - sunrise
  14. nice thread and some wonderful earthcaches posted. my favorite one is my new one: GC1Q1MB seems to be the first t5 earthcache in germany, like the combination between earthcaches and climbing. have found a wonderful outcrop where earthcachers can see opened diabases. and no, nature will not be hurt by climbing. the basalt is so hard and massive and there is a good way to enter the position to get down...
  15. btw which one was number 5000???
  16. YEEEEEHAAAAAAAA! and a big THANK YOU from me to the EarthCache team and all the other earthcacher with their wonderful earthcache locations out there!
  17. does this mean that it would be possible that some earthcachers like me or danieloliveira etc. could be recruited?
  18. @ fairyhoney pm me your email addy... after invitation you'll have to use the google account!
  19. great...this coin is awesome. would love to see this one in person someday. thank you for the information!
  20. wow, what a wonderful coin, love it! i have placed some earthcaches and on earthday i go out with some geocaching friends and other interested cachers and visit some of these locations. i tell them something about the geology of the places, our earth. how wonderful it is and the fascination of the origination. thanks and greets from germany - nebukatneza
  21. can someone please invite me!? thanks in advance and greets from germany.
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