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  1. the idea at this point is downsizing stuff in my house. as much as i think sig items are cool, i don't really want to collect more since i am not caching any longer. neat idea, but not for me. thanks! :-)
  2. hi! i would love to arrange something where i can give these to someone from the area who will appreciate them. just drop me a PM. best news all day!
  3. ok, let's try this again. you didn't express an interest in paying for shipping for the signature items, instead told me "you thought wrong." ... so, would you like the whole box of sig items? if so, drop me a PM. they will all fit into one of the small priority shipping boxes.
  4. gosh, thanks. i needed you to explain that to me in such a friendly tone.
  5. cool. PM me for details - you pay for shipping, they're all yours!
  6. so i am understanding, no one else really wants these signature items either. :-) they could be fun to leave in caches you find!
  7. when i was caching i made and distributed hundreds of sig items, everything from custom key-fobs - somebody stole all of those i left in a trackable hotel once — to small first aid kits and other handmade trinkets. over the years i also collected a bunch of stuff. some from caches, some in trades with other cachers who liked sig items. i don't cache any longer nor do i know folks who do. and i can't find the old forum about sig items here. So i have this container of sig items! some very cool handmade things and of course wooden nickels. i hate the idea of throwing them all away but it's deep cleaning time at my house and these are just collecting dust. i would love to give the whole lot to someone who is interested, maybe in geocaching history? i don't even know if some of these old-time cachers are still in the game. if someone would pay for a small priority box for shipping, i would love to send these on their way. most are signed on the back or with a tag. thoughts? RSG
  8. I found the tags on ebay. They're a little pricey, but the best deal I could find for copper tags. Except I see some gardening tags that might do. I have thought of acid etch, that would be great! And I might have access to a laser engraver at times. Don't tell anybody , but I have it on good authority that one or two of the completed "Admiral Horace Birdwhistle-Dankworth's Gibecrakes" are in caches in the wilds, info label and all. the aged lobster clasps are awesome! did you find those on ebay too? the only ones i ever found with just ugly stainless steel.
  9. auntinae said 125 of copper and 125 of nickel.
  10. sometimes against the odds and dark forces lined up against you, one of your most wanted coins comes sailing in. anyone know which metals and how many of each were minted?
  11. i am signing up now for next year since i missed my chance this year. had a strange dream last night, i dreamt someone wanted all the cool sig items i have in a tupperware box. how strange is that. all are oldies but goodies, from cachers who no longer cache. a couple made special for me. real treasures. Neat! We got abouts 11 months to go! . I love my digs too. I have a few personalized digs aswell. I remember your little gems were the first I saw of that type i made a bunch of different ones. little first aid kits, magnets with kokopelli pins. and ordered some very cool fob-thingies that had my logo on them. there was a cache where people could specifically trade sig items. i took a metal ring and put several of the fobs on there, letting people know to take one. somebody took ALL of them at once. one lady went around to all the caches i left the magnets with kokopelli pins, and picked them all up. where is the logic in that? :-)
  12. turtles swimming in! i bought the last two of each of these colours. addiction is a horrible thing. :-) the good thing is now i have an extra of each one. this orange and red is spectacular.
  13. the coin that arrived looks as if it has never been out of its flip. an impulse buy i'll admit so will probably sell down the road in a little bit.
  14. had a lovely buffalo come roaring in today. the shiny gold buffalo wings with the red eyes. i just love these guys.
  15. i am signing up now for next year since i missed my chance this year. had a strange dream last night, i dreamt someone wanted all the cool sig items i have in a tupperware box. how strange is that. all are oldies but goodies, from cachers who no longer cache. a couple made special for me. real treasures.
  16. And don't forget, we're about an hour from the Rockies with tons of hiking, national parks and well, just the best looking mountains around. How far down the mountains is the snow level in October ?? i wish there was a like button on geocoin forum. "LIKE" or maybe a button that said "LOL"
  17. yep, that's what i had to do. just watch tv and delete logs. a fun time was had by all. :-)
  18. i have a coin i had marked missing a couple of years ago. it never went traveling. i simply lost it somewhere in the house. a few months after i posted it was missing a geocacher noted he had picked it up at a cache but he didn't actually log the coin. there was no cache number. i never even noticed until a few months ago a new cacher "had" the coin and was traveling around with it. i wrote him and asked for proof he had the actual physical coin and without some sort of proof i would delete his logs. never heard from him so i deleted his logs. that's when i discovered like two years worth of logs before. is there a way i can mass delete the logs or do i have to go through and do them one at a time? thanks muchly, rsg
  19. this looks SO familiar - but not familiar enough.
  20. the coin has found a new home. :-)
  21. i have an activated coin i don't want. i hate putting coins in caches supposedly to travel since they never seem to go anywhere. so it i thought i would give this one away. it is a mini-doubloom - suzyfishn'. the only condition is the receiver can only have been collecting for less than a year but more than six months. so a 6 month window. first person who fits the criteria, who emails me via the forum can have it. if no one contacts me by monday or maybe tuesday i'll figure something else out. i thought maybe a newbie would like this coin. it is really pretty.
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